Item 1: Postcard to give to your GP

Item 6: General leaflet

Item 2: Leaflet (tri-fold, side one of two)

Item 12: Car Sticker

Item 11: KONP Kitty Bag

Item 13: Postcard





Publicity resources you can order from KONP:

You can now order campaign resources online via PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account - credit and debit cards are accepted for secure payment.

It is still possible to pay by cheque or other methods by completing the order form at the bottom of this page. If you wish to call in to our offices you can collect your goods in person.

  1. Postcard to give to your GP requesting No Private Providers (where possible) for your
    future treatment or referrals:

    100 postcards would be: £4.50 (if collected); £7.50 if posted
    200 postcards would be: £8.50 (collected); £14.50 if posted
    1000 postcards £40.00 (collected); £61.90 if posted
    Box of 1375 postcards £50.00 (collected); £71.90 if posted

  2. Leaflet - Disappearing NHS:

  3. New re-designed leaflet. Free to local groups - please contact us to order copies.

  4. Campaign badges: £6 for 10 or £21 for 50

  5. Keep Our NHS Public T-shirt: 100% cotton, available X-large, large, medium for adults; large, medium, small for children. £11 including p&p

  6. What kind of health service do we want?
    Discussion document by Sally Ruane £3.00 (inc. postage & packing)

  7. General leaflet

    This excellent leaflet, created by KONP activists, has been fully updated with a new space on the first page for local groups and activists to add contact details. It can be downloaded and printed locally in two formats:
    (We do not have any of these leaflets in the KONP national office)

  8. KONP leaflet - Hands off, Mr Cameron

    You can download a copy here.

  9. Proud of the NHS Pin
    A small pin to wear with pride whether you work for or use our NHS

    Yours for £3 (inc p&p)
    10 pins for £25 (inc p&p)
    Special offer: 100 pins for £100 (inc p&p)

  10. Window card - For People, Not For Profit

    Display this card in a window in your home. By doing this you will be taking part in a collective action to say NO to the privatisation of the NHS.
    Download the card and its message
    Download in leaflet form
    Letter, and ordering details to buy copies of the window card (order directly from the printer)

  11. KONP Newspaper
    Latest edition, Spring 2015
    Download a copy here

    200 copies for £4 (inc p&p)

  12. KONP Kitty Bag
    produced by Wendy Horler (Lambeth KONP)

    £2.50 plus £2.00 p&p

  13. Car Sticker - "Not His to Sell"

    1 sticker for £3 (inc p&p) or 10 for £18 (inc p&p)

  14. Postcard

    10 cards for £2.50 (inc p&p)

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You do not need to have a PayPal account - credit and debit cards are accepted for secure payment.

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Things you can do:

  • Join Keep Our NHS Public
  • Get your friends, work colleagues, trade union branch, pensioners group, community organisation or hospital campaign to join up, too, and make a donation to kick off a local campaign.
  • Set up a local meeting to bring together campaigners to defend your local services.
  • Set up a local branch of Keep Our NHS Public, or campaign alongside other community groups and campaigners under this banner
  • Lobby local MPs, councillors and NHS organisations demanding a halt to cuts, privatisation and commercialisation of health care
  • Build a public event - contact us for a list of possible speakers.
  • Help us build a movement big enough to force a change. See our campaign checklist for more information and ideas.

For further details about joining Keep Our NHS Public and how you can be involved,
download our flyer.