Brighton KONP made a scroll of their petition when it was handed in to Brighton and Hove CCG.

The petition, with 4000 Brighton and Hove residents' signatures, was handed in at a public meeting of the Brighton and Hove CCG at Hove Town Hall. The petition wording was in response to the H&SC Act requesting that the CCG stand up against AQP and take great care when considering engaging with alternative providers. To their credit they said that they put services out to tender only "as a last resort", were welcoming of our campaigning and also took the copy of the petition which we made a scroll out of, as a staff training aid! We will have to watch very carefully if they live up to their word.

Marchers arriving in London on 6th September
photo: Gilda Peterson, Leeds KONP

A letter from Lord David Owen to all MPs

Commonwealth Fund Executive Summary

Campaign group banners

Thursday 26th March 2015

Supporting the NHS Bill

The NHS Bill was presented in Parliament on 11 March by Green MP Caroline Lucas, supported by a number of MPs and campaign groups.

The Bill itself has been published on the parliament website

See also the Campaign for the NHS Reinstatement Bill 2015 website

Read this book

NHS for Sale
Myths, Lies and Deception

by Jacky Davis, John Lister and David Wrigley

In 2010 David Cameron's coalition government discarded pre-election promises about the NHS. Instead they imposed savage spending cuts and pushed through 'reforms' which put at risk the health and lives of all of us. As a result the NHS is now in crisis.

NHS for Sale challenges their myths and lies:

  • The NHS is efficient and affordable and didn't need radical reform.
  • The private sector is not cheaper or more efficient than the public sector.
  • The government is privatising the NHS.
  • The NHS market is wasting billions of pounds while harming the service.
  • The coalition's Health and Social Care Act:

    Has not put GPs in the driving seat
    Has reduced patient choice
    Has reduced community control over healthcare priorities
    Has increased bureacracy and waste
"NHS for Sale: Myths, Lies and Deception is a brilliant account of the shocking story of the Health and Social Care Act: how its true purpose was concealed from the electorate (with the assistance of the media asleep on the job), how it was sold to Parliament, and its appalling consequences ..."   Reviewed in The Lancet

Further details here

Available at a special price directly from bookshelf

TTIP: Stop multinationals getting their claws into our NHS

KONP is seriously concerned that the EU-US negotiations of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) would lead to health and social services being permanently provided on a market basis across the EU, including in the UK. Read more ...

Too often, private sector contractors' ethical standards found wanting -
Margaret Hodge

A culture of revenue and profit-driven performance incentives has too often been misaligned with the needs of the public who fund and depend on these services. Margaret Hodge MP writes on the Public Accounts Committee's new report on the contracting out of public services.

Read more

Tameside KONP campaigns against hospital closure

Tameside Hospital has been failed by hospital management and Labour politicians. Tameside KONP is the only organisation in the borough that has gone out and spoken to people about their concerns over local healthcare.

Essential reading

Published by the New Economics Foundation, this is a readable and thorough account of the privatisation that is happening to the NHS and the lack of evidence to justify this policy.

How the U.S. health care system compares internationally

The United States health care system is the most expensive in the world, but a report from the Commonwealth Fund and prior editions consistently show the U.S. underperforms relative to other countries on most dimensions of performance. In this edition of Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, the United Kingdom ranks first, followed closely by Switzerland (Exhibit ES-1). Click the image to enlarge it

NHS Reinstatement Bill team ask MPs to vote for the Efford Bill on 21 November

A letter from Lord David Owen to all MPs

Click the image of the letter to enlarge it.

Paper on the Efford Bill by Allyson Pollock, Peter Roderick and David Price

Proposed NHS Reinstatement Bill

A campaign was launched on Saturday 4 October to reverse the failings of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and fully restore the NHS in England as an accountable public service. It encourages voters to ask candidates in the general election to support including a Bill that would do just that, in the first Queen's Speech after the election.

The launch is being carried out by Prof. Allyson Pollock at a special meeting at the Liberal Democrat Annual Conference in Glasgow, and by Peter Roderick at the annual general meeting of the NHS Consultants' Association in London.

Underpinning the campaign is a proposed NHS Reinstatement Bill 2015, co-authored by Pollock and Roderick, which would abolish competition and the purchaser-provider split, re-establish public bodies and public accountability, and restrict the role of commercial companies. It draws on some of the best examples of NHS administration over its history, retains some features of the reforms laid out in the Health and Social Care Act 2012, and would be implemented on a timescale determined by the secretary of state.

The Bill will both restore the NHS in England and reverse more than two decades of policies which have been intent upon privatising NHS services and funding, ultimately to its demise.

The proposed NHS Reinstatement Bill is a vital public health measure, and necessary legally to prevent the NHS in England becoming simply a memory, something that we had once upon a time. Pressure must be put on those standing in the general election to restore its founding vision.

Lord David Owen CH FRCP comments that "as the failures of the 2012 Act become daily evermore obvious, this Bill provides a template for very necessary reinstatement and reform. The secretary of state will decide the manner and the pace of implementation - except for section 1, which would restore his or her legal duty to provide the NHS with immediate effect."

Comments on the Bill are sought from those who share the concern and commitment to reinstating fully the NHS as an accountable public service as smoothly as possible and with only a minimal and exceptional role for commercial companies. Responses to the Bill can be sent by email to

For other queries please contact Alex Agombar

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Why Privatisation is Killing the NHS

Shocking blog by a doctor forced to spend months tendering for his own service.

"... the reason that I have been away from my post for a quarter of the year is that I have been part of a tender team which is desperately trying to keep our sexual health and HIV service from being sold off and pulled apart ..."

Read the blog

KONP Position Statement

The principal objective of Keep Our NHS Public is to campaign to resist and reverse the privatisation and commercialisation of the National Health Service by restoring it to full public ownership and control, and to promote its future development as a truly public service - publicly funded, publicly provided, publicly accountable and available to all.

Proud of the NHS Pin

A small pin to wear with pride whether you work for or use our NHS

Yours for £3 (including p&p)
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See our campaign resources page for ordering details.

Clause 119

A spectacularly wrong response to a very real problem

Campaigners worked very hard to stop clause 119 but the coalition government managed to get its controversial hospital closure clause through on the back of a spectacular U-turn by Lib Dem MPs.

Read an analysis from Matt Dykes here

Interview with the artist taxi driver

Brighton KONP made a scroll of their petition when it was handed in to
Brighton and Hove CCG

Campaigners are getting organised to fight and actively challenge the Act, and in defence of local hospitals, beds, services and health service jobs.


  • Make sure you tell us about any forthcoming events!

  • Find out what's happening, and tell us about your activities.

    Contact us for a list of possible speakers for a campaign meeting

    Recently published

    KONP Introduction for Campaigners

    A guide aimed both at those who are new to Keep our NHS Public and NHS campaigning, and those who have more experience. It aims to cover the main issues facing the NHS - how we got here, where we are now, and where we might be going - and to give you confidence to talk to local health decision makers, the media, fellow campaigners, patients and the general public about what is going on.

    Click here for more details

    Also see CCG Campaign Guide - Resisting Privatisation, written for Keep Our NHS Public by Caroline Molloy.

    Campaigners in Brixton protest
    outside a Virgin shop

    Food for thought for a Virgin campaign in your area?

    Watch the video

    Tory £5.6bn NHS sell off

    Since Jeremy Hunt has been Health Secretary, over 84 lucrative NHS contracts have been put out to tender, amounting to more than £5.6 billion pounds

    Read more

    The People's Inquiry +1

    The People's Inquiry into London's NHS, which published a substantial report London's NHS at the Crossroads in March of this year, after gathering written submissions and holding a series of well-attended public sessions, is back again to follow up.

    For the first Inquiry seven public hearings and one closed session for staff were held during the autumn and early winter of 2013-14, and heard contributions from 95 people, including NHS commissioners, providers, hospital and primary care doctors and other NHS staff and their representative organisations, local politicians, academics, pensioners groups, campaigners and patients.

    Further details here

    KONP protests at BBC coverage of the NHS

    Some of our members demonstrated in Portland Place against the poor performance of the BBC in covering the fundamental changes which are currently happening in the Health Service. A letter was delivered to Tony Hall, Director General of the BBC.

    Click the image to read the letter

    Briefings for KONP groups

    It is important that local action is taken to ensure we keep pressure on local authorities and through them on CCGs. These briefings are for local KONP groups to circulate to their members to then decide what actions they will take.

    Lords vote to accept Government's privatisation regulations

    Lord Hunt, Labour's lead on Health in the House of Lords, proposed a motion on 24 April to annul the regulations under Section 75 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012. The vote was won by the government by a majority of 254 to 146, so these regulations will govern how commissioning in the health service operates until they are changed.

    We had been expecting a vote which was much closer than that, although few of us thought there was a real chance of winning. There seem to be two main reasons for this big majority:

    • Despite this being a three line whip, only 51% of Labour Lords voted, compared with 70% for the Conservatives and 77% for the LibDems. One Labour peer voted with the government. No Conservatives or LibDems voted against.

    • The Government is in charge of the timetable for debates, and introduced some lengthy new items, including a debate which took more than an hour about the choice between two different systems for choosing the topics of backbench-led debates. The estimated time for the start of the privatisation annulment debate was 5 pm, and it actually started three and a half hours later, with the vote taking place after 10.30. There was sparse voting from both Cross-bench peers and bishops, although both groups favoured Lord Hunt's motion.

    What can we learn from this?

    There is a very large section of public opinion which is against the privatisation of the NHS. Many of the speakers in the debate spoke about the deluge of letters, emails and phone calls they had received from people opposed to it. The campaign did well, but we lost the battle.

    We need to pressure the Labour Party to strengthen its position on NHS privatisation. Lord Hunt's side was hampered by not having an adequate answer to the jibe that the government is only carrying through what had been put in place by Labour governments before them. While dissenting Labour peer Lord Warner made a speech that was helpful to Lord Hunt - making it clear that despite what the government were saying, this measure was about privatisation, and he was glad about that - you were still left wondering how a person with such views could have been a Labour health minister. KONP will be writing to Labour front-benchers who did not vote with Lord Hunt to find out why and we will publish their responses on this website.

    The government repeated the statements made during the passage of the Act that CCGs would still have choices about whether or not to put services out to tender. This provides important campaigning material for local groups, and suggests that the next phase of the campaign should focus on influencing CCGs to keep as much of their commissioning budget as possible outside the market.

    We need to be extremely vigilant about how the new market is working. We need to press for greater transparency in the operation of the market and not be content to be told that commercial confidentiality is in place. The more we can make it difficult for private firms to get away with profit-taking which reduces quality and safety, the more we can keep the privatisation alive - and live to fight another day.

    We will be taking stock of the situation and preparing new plans for ensuring that we do in the end Keep Our NHS Public.

    Haringey CCG Acts to Keep Private Companies out of the NHS

    In a surprising but very welcome move Haringey Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has set out rules that can stop private companies taking over health services in Haringey. Now Haringey and Bristol CCGs lead the way in helping local people to defend the NHS!

    The CCG are a group of mainly local GPs who from April 2013 will decide on and "buy in" most of the health care in Haringey. This includes emergency health (at hospitals like the Whittington) and community health (like physiotherapy and diabetes treatment).

    38 degrees members campaigned since November 2012 to persuade the CCG to adopt amendments to their set of rules (the CCGs constitution) to make the CCG more accountable, transparent and help keep big business like Virgin and Care UK out of the NHS locally.

    Under the Health and Social Care Act most health services contracts go through a competition process (partly under EU regulations) to decide who runs them. This allows big companies to bid for and take over our health services.

    But the CCG by agreeing to adopt the 38 degree amendments state now they will only invite competition to buy services where "necessary or appropriate". They have adopted amendments stating contractors/providers must be "good employers" i.e. be reputable, meet tax and NI obligations and keep to EO legislation. Other amendments exclude companies convicted of offences, and prohibit companies that use improper tax avoidance and offshore schemes.

    These all help protect the NHS locally from corporate involvement.

    They have published a public engagement strategy and want the public to consult on this. I will circulate this later.

    This victory shows that the persistence of campaigning works and what local residents joining together can do!

    Rod Wells 38 Degrees Haringey

    The Spirit of '45

    Look out for Ken Loach's new film,
    The Spirit of '45

    KONP activists and groups very welcome to attend screenings.

    More information here

    The great NHS robbery

    Award winning author, Marcus Chown, summarises the reality of what has happened to the NHS, the quality of press coverage and why it is so important the public understand the truth beneath the packaging.

    Read his article in OurNHS

    "No decision about me without me"

    Working with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) to keep contracts in the NHS

    See our CCG Campaign Guide - Resisting Privatisation, written for Keep Our NHS Public by Caroline Molloy.

    KONP groups have joined with 38 Degrees, who have a petition through their network to ask CCGs to modify their constitutions. This has generated a lot of grassroots activity:


    See the 38 Degrees guide: Clinical Commissioning Groups: Protecting our NHS together and Avoiding privatisation in the NHS – a possible way out by Mike Squires.

    Western Cheshire CCG voted unanimously on 18 July not to put community services, including the district nursing and community therapy services, out to tender. Details here

    City and Hackney CCG have submitted their constitution which is part of the authorisation process to enable shadow CCGs to become statutory bodies in April 2013. They will become responsible for spending £60 billion of NHS funds on commissioning services in their local areas.

    Monitor is to investigate a complaint that referrals to a private hospital dropped after two clinical commissioning groups entered into a block contract with a local NHS hospital. Read more

    The KONP steering group wrote to all CCG chairs on 3.12.12 pointing out the risks of becoming authorized (see letter and summary and press release). What this did not address was the problem with AQP which may be addressed later.

    You may like to follow this up locally (the list we have used seems somewhat out of date) and let us have feedback via the website.

    See also Dr. Coral Jones' CCG Constitution Group blog. The aim of this blog is to be a resource for 38 Degrees and KONP groups taking action on the constitutions of CCGs.

    CCG Teach-in

    Click here to listen to an audio recording of a recent teach-in about CCGs and the NHS privatisation for Hackney GPs and CCG members. The teach-in is presented by Lucy Reynolds, health policy analyst at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
    The recording lasts for just under 2 hours.

    Monitoring Privatisation

    Please follow the link to NHS Support Federation who are setting up a database to monitor privatisation. Send them any examples you have.

    The NHS Support Federation are currently working on a project to collect information on the privatisation of NHS services across the country. They are aiming to provide a central database for that information and a clear overview of the impact of the government's Health and Social Care Act.

    If you know of any NHS services in your area being handed over to private and 'social enterprise' providers, then let them know by filling in the form found here.

    If you know of more than one service being outsourced, then fill the form for each service that you know about.

    Also let them know if a service previously run by a private provide or social enterprise is being (or has been) awarded again to a non-NHS provider.

    KONP Balloon at Anti-Cuts Demo

    The Coalition Against Cuts march in Manchester was well supported and featured the KONP/RMT balloon. Watch a video report here

    The battle to save our NHS continues

    The Health and Social Care Act became law on 27.3.12 despite public protests and latterly, strong professional opposition.

    Changes to implement Clinical Commissioning Groups from April 2013 and Foundation Trusts by 2014 are already taking place. Check your shadow CCG or cluster PCT website weekly to find out what is going on and apply for lay positions on the CCGs, find out about your Council Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee and Health and Wellbeing Board.

    The current outsourcing of services to Serco and Virgin are taking place under the previous government's 'Transforming Community Services Programme' but as the Stroud legal case shows, these do not have to be put out to tender and can be kept within the NHS.

    Look at the False Economy website for ideas for campaigning and what is happening round the country as well as the news roundup on this site.

    What the NHS provides is shrinking so you must watch out for this and fight it.

    Evidence is mounting that the NHS is providing less care for us as the £20bn 'efficiencies' - which have already saved £7bn according to Cameron but have not been ploughed back into the NHS to provide care in the community - and the latest 'redisorganistion' following the NHS Act begin to bite. Already hospitals are offering 'top-up' payments for procedures and facilities not available on the NHS. At least one insurance company is suggesting a policy to cover these top-up payments. Some PCTs are continuing to restrict patients having hip and knee replacements and cataract operations. Meanwhile more private companies are taking over our NHS and turning NHS money into profits rather than care.

    Use our postcard to tell you GP you do not want private care or tests if NHS is available and uphold Lansley's mantra "No decision about me without me".

    The fight to protect our NHS from marketisation and fragmentation will continue, with activists working to limit the damage and involve the public and politicians so that the Act can be repealed when a new government comes into power. We aim to start a KONP group in every large town - so join us now!

    Support your local Keep Our NHS Public Group, start a KONP group or any campaign to resist cuts and closures in your area!

    Further information ...

    Background to the passing of the Act

    Urgent appeal to support KONP

    We need your support! Please consider a donation to Keep Our NHS Public to help us expand our campaign. The Health & Social Care Act has been passed and this new phase of our campaign seeks to monitor and, in time, reverse this coalition government's legislation, which as you know, paves the way for further privatisation and marketisation of the NHS. This is a major long-term battle.

    KONP has campaigned against this legislation since July 2010 when the Bill was first published. We may have lost the vote but we still intend to fight the implementation of this Act. To do this we need your help.

    Read more ...

    Audio recording

    Listen to a recording of the panel-led discussion and question time, chaired by Dr Ron Singer of MPU and KONP. This will interest you because of its excellence, the amount of information therein and the quality of the ideas expressed.

    Full details here

    Please consult the NHS Support Federation's website to find lots of post-conference information.

    An end to Bevan's dream of free healthcare for all Britons?

    Read this article by Allyson Pollock

    See also

    The Plot Against the NHS

    This lecture, given by Colin Leys at Goldsmiths College, is based on the book The Plot Against the NHS by Colin Leys and Stewart Player, published on 14 April 2011.

    Wake Up Call DVD

    Now available - three important films on DVD

    "This film should be seen by all who care about their NHS." - Allyson Pollock (Professor of Health Policy and Author of NHS PLC)

    Previews (each runs for 15-20 min)
    Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3

    Show this DVD at meetings!

    Further details here

    Only £10 including postage. Order online via PayPal:

    The Health Industry Lobbying Tour

    Watch this short film about how the private health care industry has its tentacles in the heart of government. Be inspired. Take action!

    Make your opinion known!

    • Write to your MP/local Council/mayor/ the minister for health (Find out who your MP is and how to contact them)
    • Use our Letter templates
    • Contact your local paper/radio/TV, etc.
    • Attend your local PCT/Health Scrutiny Committee public meeting (Find out when they meet on your local PCT or council website)
    • Disturb the peace of those who refuse to believe a government would ever do anything so scandalous as privatise the NHS

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    Review: The Price of Experience

    In The Price of Experience: Writings on Living with Cancer, Mike Marqusee calls for an urgent elimination of inequalities in health care and challenges the British governments neo liberal ideology which blames the individual for their ill health.

    Read a review of this book by Sarbjit Johal

    "This book should be in every GP surgery and hospital waiting room around the country" - Wendy Savage

    Details in Bookshelf

    Books from KONP founders

    In Global Health vs. Private Profit, John Lister asks if the 'reforms' which are being introduced are driven by health needs or by financial and political concerns of governments and global institutions ...

    Details & special offer in Bookshelf

    by Jacky Davis and Raymond Tallis

    The effect of the devastating reforms by the Coalition Government are beginning to be felt by patients – but we can still save our country’s most valued institution if we take lessons from this terrible betrayal and act on them ...

    Details, review & special offer in Bookshelf

    History of the NHS, with a critique of the current government reforms

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    Cuts Map

    NHS Cuts Route Finder - UK map showing growing privatisation in the NHS



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