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NB the articles and information gathered in this section represent the views of the authors, but may not necessarily represent the views of all supporters and signatories of the Keep Our NHS Public campaign.

KONP Introduction for Campaigners

A guide aimed both at those who are new to Keep our NHS Public and NHS campaigning, and those who have more experience. It aims to cover the main issues facing the NHS - how we got here, where we are now, and where we might be going - and to give you confidence to talk to local health decision makers, the media, fellow campaigners, patients and the general public about what is going on.

KONP Group Briefings

For KONP groups to circulate to their members to then decide what actions they will take

How does the NHS compare?

Ten Tips

Public Consultation

Personal Health Budgets

Market Failure

IAHPE conference 2009


Centre for International Public Health Policy

NHS Top-ups


These powerpoint slide presentations can be used to construct your own talks and updated to include the latest information. These are from lectures given by Wendy Savage and others on the dates cited.

Primary Care


UNISON Policy Briefing

Responses to Labour's Crisis on Health


The Case Against Independent Sector Treatment Centres

Fighting Cuts and Closures

Press Releases

National Campaigners' Conference

On 20 January 2007 the NHS Support Federation organised a national campaigners' conference for the Keep Our NHS Public campaign. See the conference report and the conference speeches given by Jacky Davis and Sally Ruane.


Guardian Comment articles:


Our response to misleading alternatives publicised recently.

Articles from Red Pepper Health Special

Articles reproduced from Red Pepper magazine, with thanks.

American Health Care Model




Autumn 2005 Reorganisation: 'Commissioning a Patient-led NHS'

Our Principles

Two UNISON pamphlets explore the experiences of first wave PFI hospitals in practice:

Public Opinion Hardens Against Privatisation

    (21/06/05) An overwhelming 89% of the public agree that "public services should be run by the government or local authorities, rather than by private companies", according to a YouGov poll released by UNISON at the start of its annual conference.

  • Download full YouGov survey results (Excel spreadsheet)

Foundation Trusts

In Place of Bevan?
Briefing on the Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Bill 2003

Allyson Pollock and David Price
Public Health Policy Unit, University College London

Published in association with The Society for Social Medicine and the NHS Consultations Association

A Catalyst Briefing Paper. Published: July 2003