Please note that we are only including those people who have given permission to publish their names. We also check submissions before publishing, so if you have signed up online there may be a delay before your name appears.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, all signatories are expressing support in a personal capacity only.

The following people have indicated their support for the Keep Our NHS Public statement. The list is updated regularly.

Battersea & Wandsworth TUC

38 Degrees coastal West Sussex Health Action Group - Ms Jan Birtwell, Founder Member

38 Degrees North Cornwall - Ellen Hawley

Mr Saleh Aarash

Miss Noemi Abasolo - Staff Nurse, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

Cllr. James Abbott - District Councillor, Braintee District Councillor

Mr John R Abbott

Dr Hooda Abdullah

Mr A Abel - healthworker in community drugs team, & student psychiatric nurse, Bristol Specialist Drug Service

Miss Rosie Abercrombie

Mildred Aberdeen

K Abernethy

Miss Tolu Abifarin - Medical Student

Abington & Kingsley Pensioners' Voice - Joyce Smith, Hon Secretary

Miss R Abraham

Ruth Abraham - Joint branch chair & international officer, Unison

Ms Debbie Abrahams - Chair, Rochdale PCT

Ms E Abrahams - waltham forest KONP

Berenice Abrams (Kreel) - BMA

Ms Carol Ackroyd - Delegate to steering group, Hackney KONP

Ms Carole Acroyd

ACTS 1/372 Unison Staffs Branch - Andrew Jack, Branch Treasurer

ACTS 1/524 - Mary O'Brien, Branch secretary

Mrs D Adams - Clinical Nurse Specialist, Hospice

Mr David Adams - Sound Engineer, ACM

Mrs S Adewoye

Ms S Adkins

Mr Bill Adnams

Dr DW Adshead - GP, recently retired, Leeds

Mr Akacan Agir - Estates & Facilities Administration, NHS

Mr Jeff Aherne - Self Employed

Desiree Ahkine-Winters - Consultant Ophthalmologist

Dr Mahbubl Ahmed - Doctor, NHS

Mr Mubashar Ahmed

Dr E Aidoo - Paediatric Registrar, Croydon University Hospital

Dr S Aigrain - Lecturer, University of Oxford

AIMS (Association of Improvements in the Maternity Services) - Debbie Chippington Derrick, Committee Member

Carol Ainley - Retired Specialist Community Public Health Nurse

Prof Patrick Ainley - Professor of Training and Education, School of Education and Training University of Greenwich

Miss Liz Ainsworth

Mr Gordon Airs - Journalist

Mr John Airs

Mr Andrew Aitken

Ms Jennifer Akdemir - Former patient

Dr R Al-Shahi Salman

Dr K Alagesan - Clinical Director & Consultant, Critical Care Directorate

Dr U Z Alam - Academic researcher

Dr Hugh Alberti - GP

Dr Jonathan Alcock

Mr Kevin Alderson - Lecturer, Newcastle College

Professor P Alderson - Professor of Childhood Studies, Institute of Education University of London

Mr Ben Aldous

Diccon Alexander

Mr K Alexander - Estates Health & Safety Officer, Southampton City PCT

M Alexander

Mags Alexander - Branch Secretary Figges Marsh and Graveney Wards, Mitcham and Morder CLP

Nick Alexander

Lucy Algeo - GP trainee, Central Middlesex Hospital

Dr Lucy Algeo - Junior Doctor, Central Middlesex Hospital

Mr Bilal Ali

Ms Filsan Ali

Mr Matthew Ali - Capital Accountant

Mr Peter Aliferis

Malcolm Allan - Scottish Health Campaigns Network

Mr Stephen Allan

Brian Allbutt

Dr Jonathan Allcock - GP, The Park Medical Centre

Mrs Deborah Alldread

Dr B Allen

Mr C Allen

Dr John Allen

Mr Michael Allen

Ms Rachel Allen

Roger Allen - Retired ex-UNISON local gov't

Ms SH Allen - PM, GP Practice

Mrs Susan Allen

Mrs Theresa Allen - Administration, Gloucestershire PCT

Mr Jared Allerton

Mr P Alleway - Senior Designer/Studio Manager, Positive Image Limed

Miss Stacey Allington - Student mental health nurse, NHS

Dr LJ Allman - SPR Anaesthetics, NHS

Judy Allsopp

Mr D Alsaffar - IT Professional

Ms Jane Ambrose

Mr J Amendt

Amicus - Will Smith, Branch secretary

Amicus (Bristol Health Service) - SP Buckingham, Treasurer

AMICUS Bamber Branch - PA Coyne, Secretary

Amicus Cambridge Medical Branch - Christine Berry, Treasurer

Amicus Chorley Branch - Steven Turner, Branch Secretary

Amicus Clerkenwell Branch - D C Lucken, Treasurer

Amicus Greater Manchester Community Branch - Tony O'Mahony, Branch Treasurer

Amicus Manchester and Salford Branch - Janet De-Gay, Branch Secretary

Amicus North London Health Branch - Peter Boulton, Secretary

Amicus Norwich Medical Branch - Ms Johanna Waters, Treasurer

AMICUS Preston Branch 0754 - Mr Derek Eastham, Branch Secretary & Treasurer

Amicus Preston on Ribble Branch - R F Gornall

Amicus South East Thames Health Service Branch 0067 - Bill Penn, Branch secretary

Amicus Swindon 4015 - Brian Tildesley

Amicus the Union - Derek Simpson, General Secretary

Amicus Tyneside Engineering Branch - Bob Murdoch, Hon. Branch Secretary

Amicus West London General Branch - Stan Bishop, Branch secretary

Amicus West London Medical Branch - Judith Atkinson

Amicus West London medical branch - Judy Atkinson, Secretary

Amicus-MSF North West London Health - Tim Sandle, Branch secretary

Amicus-Unite SE London Medical Branch - Mr Dave Eastham

Ms Helen Amos - Administration Role, NHS Lothian

Phil Amos - stockbroker

Mother Jocelyn Ampadu - Trustee, Ghana Union

Dr S Amroliwala

Dr A R Anderson - General Practitioner, Bassetlaw PCT

Gabriel Anderson

Dr Karen Anderson

Mr Lee Anderson

Mr Luke Anderson - Crew Member, McDonalds

Miss Nuala Anderson

Dr SR Anderson - Specialist Registrar Public Health, NHS London

Dr V Anderson

Mr & Mrs LW & PD Anderton - Patients

Dr J Andrade - senior lecturer, University of Sheffield

Dr Kerry Andrew - Musician, Freelance

Mr Neil Andrew

Helen Andrewes - GP, Greyswood Practice, SW16 (NHS)

Mrs A Andrews

Mr Peter AF Andrews

Ms Ruth Andrews - Public Health Administrator, Cambridge City PCT

Ms C Ang - Student Nurse, Thames Valley University

Daniel Angell

Dr Tom Angier - Lecturer, Kent University

Mr Paul David Ankerson

Dr Valerie Anness

Dr SE Annetts - GP, Buckinghamshire

Sarah Ansell - Secretary, Northampton TUC

L Anstee - Forensic Secretary

Mr B Anthony - Art Therapist, North Somerset, AWP

Dr Karen Anthony - Consultant Physician

Mr Mairie Antoine - conseiller clients

H Anwar

Ms C Anyanwu

Dr Jackie Applebee - Chair, Tower Hamlets BMA

Mr Alan Appleby - Gardener, Leeds Mental Health

Mrs Jacqueline Arbabzadah

Professor Sara Arber - Department of Sociology, University of Surrey

Lorna Arblaster

Alan Archer - Consultant in acute medicine

Miss V Archer

Matthew Archibald

Mr Craig Arden - Local Organiser, UNISON

Dr Mac Ardle

Mr Richard Arkell - QA manager, Shell Global Solutions

Brenda Armitage - SOSNHS Derby

Brenda Armitage - SOSNHS Derby

Ms Brenda M Armitage - NHS SOS Derry

Ms Monica Armitage-Smith

Mr M P Armon - Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital

Miss Alice Armstrong

Miss Emily Armstrong

Ms KM Armstrong

Miss laura Armstrong

Dr Mac Armstrong - ex-chief medical officer, Scotland

Professor Peter Armstrong - Emeritus Professor of Diagnostic Radiology

Miss Rachel Armstrong - Chef, Comeback Centre

Dr Natasha Arnold - consultant physician, St Pancras Hospital/BMA Islington

Dr Sadasivam Arun - SpR in Paediatrics, NHS

Mrs Janet Ash

Miss Helen Ashby

Miss Katharine Ashby

Dr P A Ashby

Mr MC Ashman - Service Development Worker, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Trust

Mr George Ashton

Noreen Ashton - Advanced nurse practitioner

Ms SJ Ashton

Miss C Askins

Mrs Jill Askins - Retired Admin

Dr Michaela Askins

Dr EJ Aspinall - Doctor, NHS

Dr Esther J Aspinall - Public Health Registrar, NHS Ayrshire and Arran

J Assheton

Janet Assheton

Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services - Debbie Chippington-Derrick, Committee Member

Association of Clinical Pathologists -

Nick Astbury - personal capacity - president of the College of Ophthalmologists

Averil Astin

Mrs P A Astle - Physiotherapist, Oxford Radcliffe NHS Trust

Patricia Astle

Miss Marina Asvachin - Clinical Technologist (Medical Physics), RD&E Wonford NHS Foundation Trust

Ms Cerelia Athanasiou - Student, University of Bristol

Mrs Liz Atherton - Dietitian, Pennine Acute NHS Trust

Anna Athow

Margaret Atim - Doctor - Core Medical Trainee 1, NHS - East Yorkshire deanery

Dr M Atim-Oluk - Doctor, BMA

Margaret Atim-Oluk - Core medical trainee, NHS Humberside & East Yorks

Dr Simon Atkins - GP

Dr JA Atkinson - G.P., Hammersmith & Fulham PCT

John Atkinson - Actor

Judith Atkinson - Secretary, Brentford & Isleworth Constituency Labour Party

Ms Judith Atkinson

Ms May Atkinson

Michael Murray Atkinson

Mr AP Aubrey - Sales Manager, Misterclippigcom

Ms Rosamund Aubrey

Mrs Christina Aubury

Sally Austen

Miss A R Austin - Clerical, L&D Hospital

Ms C Austin - Photographer

David Austin

Jane Austin

Mr Kieran Austin - Editor, Inside Brighton & Hove Magazine

Ms Mary Austin - Accountant

Dr Thomas Austin - Senior Lecturer, University of Sussex

Miriam Avery - Student mental health nurse, University of Manchester

Mrs Nicola Avery - Learning Technologist, National Institute of Health Research

Miss J Avo - HR Administrator, Retail

Monica Axson

Mrs E Ayers

Mr Bennett Ayling - ski instructor

Mrs LM Aylward

Dr Richard Ayres - GP, PEC clinical leasd, Plymouth PCT

Dr N Azar

Mr B Aziz - Senior Lecturer, University of Wolverhampton

Mr Philip Baber

Mrs Julie Babey

Ms Heidi Bachram

Miss Donna M Back - Social Worker, Brighton & Hove CC

D Backwith - Senior Lecturer, APU

Mr Christopher Bacon

Mr Thomas Bacon - Trainee Clinical Psychologist, Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Trust

Mr Paul Baggaley

Mr Ian Baguley

Ms Carole Bahou

Mr Andrew Bailey

Ms Jennie Bailey - Privatisation Researcher, Corporate Watch

Mr John Bailey

Miss Lucy Bailey

Paul Bailey

Mr Steven Bailey

Mrs Kath A Bainbridge - Contraceptive Nurse & Local Teenage Pregnancy Coordinator, Morecambe Bay PCT

PRA Baird

Mrs Suzanne Baird - Nurse Clinician, Birkenhead and Wallasey PCT

Ms Tessa Baird

Dr A C Baker

Ms Avril Baker

Dr D Baker - GP Principal, Canford Heath group Practice

D G Baker

D L Baker

Gladys Baker

Jean & John Baker

Peter Baker - FY2 Doctor, Royal London Hospital

Prof SJ Baker

Sylvia Baker

Mr WP Baker

Miss Emily Bakowski - Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner

Ms Susan Balbuena

Christopher Balchin

Dr Torsten Baldeweg

Mrs Elaine Baldwin

Mr Jonathan Baldwin

Mr JA Balecke

Dr Peter Balfour

Mrs Maren Balkow - Retired teacher

Bob Ball

Dr Harriet Ball - Scientist/ medical student, Oxford University

Mr James Ball

Ms Joanne Ball

Ms Josephine Ball

Miss S Ball

M Ballantyne - Milton Keynes Pensioner Association

Kay Ballard

Dr B D Balmer - Chief Executive, Essex LMCs

Mr Will Bamber

J Bambrook

Gillian Banks

Helen Banks

Dr Ian Banks - A&E doctor; GP; medical journalist

Pauline Banks

Richard Banks

Ms Lakshmi Banner - Librarian, Bradford

Mr David Bannister - Trainer-Clinical Information Systems, Merseycare NHS Trust

Mr DR Bannister

Charles Banson - Health and safety rep, South West Trains

Geoff Bantock

Dr GD Banyard - Cartoonist, self-employed

Dr P Baraitser - SpR Public Health, London Deanery

Mr Nicholas Bardsley - Unemployed

Miss JA Bardwell

Dr D Bareford - Consultant Haematologist, Dudley Group of Hospitals NHS Trust

Lucy Barford

Ms Patricia Bargh - Carer

Mr Gavin Barker

Mr Gerry Barker - Director, BarkerIT Ltd

Philippa Barker

Ms Rosie Barker

Mr S Barker

Ms Val Barker

Barking Against the Cuts - George Barratt, Councillor

Ms Alison Barkshire - retired senior NHS manager, n/a

Mr David Barlow

Stefi Barna - Lecturer in Public Health, University of East Anglia

Dr Julian Barnbrook - SpR Anaesthetics, Whittington Hospital

Julian Barnes

Miss Rachel Barnes - Assistant warden

Ms CE Barnett

Ms Tricia Barnett - Islington KONP

Dr O Barney - SpR O&G, Peterborough DGH

Mr. S Barnshaw - Battersea and Wandsworth TUC

Geoff Barr

Mr Kenneth DM Barr - Chair, Cowal Against The Cuts In Health Services

Mr Peter Barram - Patient

George Barratt - Ward chairman, Barking Labour Party

Mr Roy Barratt - Retired nurse

Angela Barrett - NHS Manager

Dr Elizabeth Barrett - GP

Dr Frank Barrett - KONP Robin Hood

Mrs G Barrett

Mr Nicholas Barrett - Council worker

Mrs Iris Barron

Ms A H J Barrow - Trainee Clinical Psychologist

Mr CJ Barrow

Mrs Jennifer Barrow - Staff nurse, Morecambe Bay Trust

Mrs Anne Barry

Simon Barry - Consultant respiratory medicine, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Mr Nik Barstow

Mrs Marie Bartle

Richard Bartlett - Lay member, Greenwich Pensioners' Forum

Mr R Bartley

Dr Thomas David Barton - Head of Nursing, Swansea University

Mr John Barugh - Researcher, Active Research

MR John Basey

Mr John Bash OBE

Adam Basil

Mr Peter Basma-Lord - Student, PETKID

Hannah Basson - Stroud Against the Cuts

Abdul-Nasser J G Baston

Nasser JG Baston - Tower Hamlets KONP

Dr David James Alexander Bateman - Retired GP

Ms A Bates - student

Jackie Bather - RGN/RMN

Battersea & Wandsworth TUC - Imogen Hamilton, Organising assistant

Battersea & Wandsworth TUC - Julia Brandreth, Organising Centre Manager

Battersea and Wandworth TUC - Stephen Bradshaw, Stephen Bradshaw

Mrs JK Baxendale - PhD student, CRESR, Sheffield Hallam

E Baxter - Nurse, Manchester

Mr & Mrs John and Monica Baxter

Mrs T Baxter

Miss Kate Bayley - Supt CT Radiographer, Whittington Hospital

Mrs Patience Bayley

Dr Helen Bayliss - GP

Mr Paul Bazely

Mr C J Bazley - Software Engineer

Dr Robert Beadel - Educational and Child Psychologist

Mr Andrew Beames

Miss Sally Beardon - Deputy ward manager, NHS

Mrs R Bearton - Care manager, social and health care

Mr SP Beasley

William Beaton

Miss A Beattie

Mr Ben Beattie

Mr David Beattie - Engineer, Lakeview

Mrs K Beattie

Ms D Beaumont

Mrs Dilys Beaumont

Miss Lucy Beck - Digital fundraising and communications, UNHCR

Mr John Beckett

Dr Jane Beckley - GP, Waterloo Health Centre

Caroline Bedale - Joint branch secretary, Unison M/c Comm & MH

Caroline Bedall - Editor, "Health Worker"

Mrs G Beddow - Ex Post Mistress, Post Office Counters

Mr H D Beddow - Retired NHS Administrator, NHS North West

Bedfordshire Association NASUWT - Wathien, Secretary

Mary Bedforth - ex Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford

Wendy Beech-Ward - Founding Member of Campaign Group,

Mr Mitch Beedi

David Beeken

Mr David Beeken

Mrs KM Beeken

Jane Beenstock

Mr Austin Begbey - Medical student, NHS

Dr AD Beggs - SHO Surgery, St Georges Hospital

Miss Subera Begum

Mr N Behan - branch sec, UNISON, Somerset County

Ms Tulta Behm

Ms Marg Behrman

Mr Tom Beirne

Mr Alexander Beisser - IT Support Technician, Newham PCT

Robert Belcher - Chartered Surveyor

Rosemary Belcher - NHS employee

Ms C Bell - Visiting Tutor, Goldsmiths College

Ms Carol Bell - member of Lambeth KONP

Mr David Bell

Mrs E Bell - CPN, Sussex partnership

Mr Greg Bell - Engineering Team Manager

Henry Bell - Student, Glasgow University

Jos Bell - Independent Patient Advocate

Dr M D Bell

Mr Paul Bell

Mr Roger Bell

Dr Ruth Bell

Mr Steve Bell - Cartoonist, The Guardian

Mr Tobyn Bell - Primary Care Therapist/nurse, NHS Primary Care Trust

Miss J Bellair - Speech and Languge Therapist, NHS

Richard Bellamy - Consultant physician

Miss Emily Bello

Mr Neil Belshaw-Fox

Mr Jesús Vicente Ben Andrés - Adminstrative Assistant, Junta de Andalucía (Spain)

Dr A Benghiat

Mr A P R Bennett

Alison Bennett

Angela Bennett

Miss Hero Bennett - Fuel cell scientist

Mr ML Bennett

Ms Natalie Bennett - Green Party candidate, Holborn and St Pancras, Green Party

Ms Penny Bennett - WISH

Mr Reg Bennett

Mrs Suzanne Bennett

Amy Benson

Brgid Benson

Mrs Eve Benson

Mrs Fiona Benson

Mr Matthew John Benson - Market Manager, Camden Lock

Mr Jack Bentall - Medical Student

Richard Bentley - Retired parish priest

Mr ZF Bentley - Director

Dr Amelia Bercusson - SHO in General Medicine

Miss Julie Berentsen - Teacher

Revd Mark Beresford-Peirse

Miriam Bergmann

Miss Daisy Bergonzi

Dr Michael Berks - Research associate, University of Manchester

Mr & Mrs TP and WP Bermingham

Dr J Bernal - Cornwall KONP

Peter Bernard

Mr Bezz Berry - Teacher, Merrill College

Eileen Berry

Mr J H L Berry

Mr Joe Berry

Mrs L H Berry - supervisor, Care Organisation

Mr Paul Berry

Dr Crispin Best - Consultant, RHSC Glasgow

Mr. Nicholas Best - Trainee Occupational Therapist

RS Best

Better Local Healthcare Campaign (Haringey) - Janet Shapiro

Betterworld -

Mr DJ Betts

Helen Betts - Pensioner

Mr Martin Betts - PCS and Labour Party Member

Mrs Julie Beverly

S Bewley

Dr Beulah Bewley DBE - retired public health doctor and ex-President of the Medical Womens' Federation

Mr Raoul Bhambral - Activism Coordinator

Dr Tehmina Bharucha - Core Medical Trainee, NHS

Zarina Bhatia

Ms Zarina Bhatia - Individual Member

Mr Vipul Bhatti

Professor R Bhopal - University of Edinburgh

Dr Debra Bick - Professor of Midwifery

Ms Jane Bickerton - Lecturer, City University

Mr John Biggs

Ms L Biggs

Mr Alex Biglands

Mr Chris Billing

Mr Chris Billing

Mr & Mrs Michael T & Pamela J Binder

George Binette - Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public

Mr Ron Bingham

Mr Lewis Bingle

Mrs Tracey Binns

Mr AD Birch - RMT

Mr Geoff Birch

Marion Birch - Director, MEDACT

Dr Stephen Birch - Consultant Radiologist, Southampton University Hospitals

Mr Thomas Birch

Mr Aaron Bird

John Bird - comedian

Julia Bird

Mr F Birkett

Dr J L T Birley - Distinguished Fellow, American Psychiatric Association; Dean, Institute of Psychiatry 1970-1982; President, Royal College of Psychiatrists 1987-1990; President, BMA 1993-1994

Birmingham NHS Concern - Gordon Will, Chair

Birmingham Trades Union Council - Mr Patrick Highton, Secretary

Martin Birnstingl - retired Consultant Surgeon, St Bartholomews Hospital

Mrs J M Birtwell - Staff Nurse, Mental Health

Mrs Jan Birtwell - 38degrees Coastal West Sussex Health Action Group

Mrs Jan Birtwell - Founder member, CWS38degreesHealthActionGroup

Dr DH Bisdee - University Lecturer, University of Surrey

Ms Annie Bishop

Mr Jonathan Bishop

Mr Luke Bishop - Student

Mrs Mamie Bishopp-Schyberg - RGN

Ms M D Bisset - GE Candidate in Wokingham, The Green Party

Mr Leigh R Bissett - Medical Student

Mrs Lyn Bizley - Pharmacist

Mrs Jo Blach

Mr D R Black

Mr G Black

Mr Gary Black - Carpet Fitter, London Flooring

Mr PJ Black

Dr S M Black - G.P.

Mr Stephen Black

Mr Steve Black

Dr Teresa Black - Consultant Psychotherapist

Mr Jack Blackbourn - Student

Miss Hilary Blackburn

Valerie Blackett

Miss R C Blackman - Media Relations Manager, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

Ms Frances Blackwell

Mr J Blair - Engineer

Chris Blake - Individual Member, Unite the Union

Dr Sean Blake - Consultant Radiologist

Cllr Jim Blakely - Labour Councillor, Lancaster City Council

Ms Emma Blakey

Mrs Sharon Bland - KONP Robin Hood

Dr David Blane - Professor of Medical Sociology, Imperial College London

Mrs Lindsay Blaxland - Speech and Language Therapist, Somerset Coast PCT

Ms Rose-Anna Bleasdale

Mr Scott Lynden Bleasdale - Holiday advisor

Mr C.J Blenkarn

Mr David Blesovsky - Lecturer in Nursing Studies, School of Health Science, University of Swansea

Miss Jacqueline Bletcher

Rosemary Blomfield

Dr JF Bloomfield - freelance researcher, ill health retirement

Miss Emma Blount - Self-Employed, Blount Stained Glass

Miss Lyndsay Blue

Raoul Blumberg - Paediatrician

BMA Islington Division -

Dr Lynda Bobrow - Consultant Histopathologist, Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust

G Boden

Dr WAH Bodger

Miss Constance Boggis-Rolfe - Manager, CAMHS

Mr JA Bogie - Retired teacher

Dr Ian Bogle - ex-chairman, British Medical Association

Michele Bohan

Ms Merce Boixet - Clinical Neuropsychologist, Watford 3 Rivers PCT NHS

Mrs V L Boland

Ms Caroline Boles

Miss Sarah Bolton - Admin, New College Durham

Ms Steph Bolton - Blood-Borne Virus Project officer and Registered Nurse, Non-government organisation in Australia

Bolton & District United Trades Council - Martin Challender, Secretary

Bolton Trades Union Council - Martin Challender, Secretary

Bolton, Salford & Trafford Mental Health Unison - Stuart Carter, Branch chairperson

Elena Bond

Dr Helen Bond - Consultant psychiatrist

Mrs Sheila Bond - Physiotherapy Out-Patient Team Leader, Berkshire West PCT

Margaret Bone

Dr NJ Boniface

Miss Sadie Boniface - Research Assistant, UCL

Ms Elena Bonsignore

Mrs Barbara Booker

Martyn Booker

Dr Kambiz Boomla - GP, Chair City & East London Local Medical Committee (personal capacity)

Mr Steven Bootes

G Booth

Dr Helen J Booth - Clinical Psychologist, Nottingham City PCT

Mr M Booth

Mrs Amanda Boothby - RGN

Mr Mark Boothroyd - Organiser, 4:1 Campaign

Mr Mark Boothroyd - UNITE

Ms Stacia Borenstein - I work in SWL&St George's Mental Health Trust but joining as individual

Ms Joanna Bornat - UCU Member

Cllr. Mischa Borris - Councillor, Hackney LBC

J S Borthwick

Ms Priya Bose

Mr Mark Bosma - Owner, Private Business

Dr Berenice Boss - Stroud Against the Cuts

Dr JMN Boss - Registered Medical Practitioner - Physiologist, Retired from Bristol University

D Bossano

David Bossano - GP, St Leonard's Practice

A Boston

Mr J Boston - Piano Teacher, self employed

Mr Jonathan Boswell

Ms Suzanne Bosworth - Coming back to theatre nursing, NHS

Frances Boucher

Mr Jeremy Boucher

Fatiha Bouchiba - Not a public figure, Not rich or famous, just a human being!

Joseph Boughey - Lecturer, Liverpool JMu

Mr and Mrs Peter and Irene Bound

Mrs LA Bourn

Mr C L Bourne - Senior Representative, Royal College of Nursing

Mr G Bourne - 30 yrs as an NHS employee

Natasha Bourne

Miss BE Boustead

Mr and Mrs Bove

Cllr Geoffrey Bowden - Chair Economic Development & Culture Committee, Brighton & Hove City Council

Mr R Bowen - Social worker

Mr Raymond Bowen

C Bower - Muswell Hill and Highgate PAG

Mrs Mary Bowers - Labour Party

Chris Bowker - Member, PPG - Fender Way Health Centre, Wirral

Dr. L Bowler - University Lecturer, University of Sussex

Maxine Bowler

Dr T M Bowles - Anaesthetic SHO

Martin Bowley

Mr Gary Bowman

Ms Julie M Bowman - Self-employed Therapist

Dr S Boyce - SpR Palliative Medicine

Mrs Anne Boyd

Ms C Boyer

Ms Carole Boyer - Writer

Dr J. Boyle - Consultant

Mr Thomas Boyle - Medical Student, Barts and The London

Joseph J. Boyle Ph.D., M.R.C.Path. - Consultant and Senior Lecturer in Cardiovascular Pathology, Hammersmith Hospital

Linda Boyles

Ms Lisa Brackenridge - student nurse, NHS

Miss Esme Bradbury

Dr J Bradbury

Miss Samantha Braddy

Bradford Respect - Ms C Conway, Secretary

M Bradshaw - Amicus Member, SLT Manager

Mr Joe Brady

Mr Nigel Brady

Fiona Bragg

Sara Bragg

Angela Braley - NHS Worker, NUH NHS Trust

Dr David John Bramble - Consultant Psychiatrist, Telford & Wrekin PCT

Ms Jane Bramley

Stephanie Brammar

Martin Brampton - Founder member, Ryedale Keep Our NHS Public

Maureen Brampton

Ms Karen Brand - Midwife, UNISON/NHS

Ms Nell Brand

Mrs Pat Brand - Former Beauty Therapist, Royal Society of Beauty Therapists

Mr Phil Brand - Union workplace Rep., UNISON

Mr Ray Brand - NHS Contracts Manager, UCATT

Dr Kerensa Branfoot - GP

Mr Robert Brannan - Householder

Joti Brar

Mr James Bray

Mrs Mary Bray

Carol Brayne

Mrs M Brazier - Auxiliary nurse

Steve Brazier - Head of Health, Unison SE Region Health Care Committee

Christopher Breen

Mr & Mrs Judy & Arthur Breens

Dr Gillian Breese - GP

Miss Cherry Blossom Brenchley - Learning and Development Advisor, NHS

Dr James Brennan - Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre

Ms Joady Brennan - Psychotherapist CAMHS, NHS (retired)

Valerie Brennan

Mrs Victoria Brennan

Brentford & Isleworth - Judith Atkinson

Mrs Elizabeth Brereton

Harry Brett - Treasurer, Manchester Civil Service Pensioners' Alliance

Ms Jackie Brett

Mr C M Brewer - Enforcement Officer, Trading Standards

Mrs Corinne Brewer

Mr David Frederick Brewer

Ms Rose Brewer

Phil Brewin - Clinical Psychologist, Nottingham City Hospital

Mr WJ Bridge

Miss Sarah Bridger

Mr Paul Bridle

Bridlington and District Hospital - Mr Franco Villani, Senior AMICUS Representative

Ms RSJ Briggs - Branch Representative, National Union of Teachers

Brighton District Health Unison - Sean Weston, Outgoing Secretary

Mrs Csilla Brimer - Director Of Talent Acquisition, Global Jobs Worldwide

Mr Geoff Brindle - BMS3, Basildon and Thurrock Foundation Hospital

Mr WM Brindle

Bristol City UNISON - Steve Mills, Branch Chair

Bristol Green Parties - Geoff Collard, Campaign Co-ordinator

Bristol Health Workers - Mr B D Harder, Treasurer

Bristol KONP - Fran Gourlay

Mrs G E Bristow

N Britten

Mr Olwen Britton

Ingrid Broad

Ms Ingrid Broad

Mr R F Broadbent

Mr Alex Broadhead - student, University of Liverpool

Miss Sarah Broadley

Mr Andrew Brockbank

Mr J Brocklehurst - Product Manager, Universal Music

Ms C Brodribb

Ms Bonnie Brofos - Trainee occupational therapist

Mr David Brogan

Mr E Bromilow

Fiona Bromley

Liam Bromley

Bromley BPTUAA - Joyce Earl, Secretary

Ms J Bromwich - Basic Skills Teacher, Educomm

Ms Anna Brook

Mr TGK Brook - Receptionist, Tameside General Hospital

Mr Daniel Brookbank - Business Manager, GP Surgery Eastbourne

John Brooke

Mr Tim Brooke

Janet Brooker

Mrs Janice Brooker - Donor Carer, National Blood Servoce

Dr R Brookes - Director, Brookes Consulting Ltd

Mrs Yan Brookes-Wang - Senior Engineer, Arup

Mr Stephen John Brooking

Miss Jo Brookman

Ms Christine Brooks

Mrs Poppy Brooks - Nurse

S & CA Brooks

Mr William Brooks

Mrs Brenda Brooks-Morgan

Mrs Angela H Broome

Mr JA Broomfield

Sandra Broomsgrove

Julian Brotherton

Mr Michael Broussine

Mrs A Brown

Cllr Adam G Brown - Councillor for Broadfield North, Crawley Borough Council

Mr Alan Brown

Mr Alex Brown - Student, Birmingham University

Ms Angela Brown

Ms Barbara Brown

Barrie Brown

Becky Brown

Brenda & Paul Brown

Miss CN Brown

D Brown

Mr David Brown

Mrs DM Brown - Associate Assistant Head

Donald Brown

Eleanor Brown

Dr Graham Brown - SpR Public Health, NHS Tees

Mr Hamish Brown - Consultant Surgeon, SWBH NHS trust

Ms J Brown - Medical Student, St Georges University of London

Mrs Jen Brown

Lisa Brown - Biomedical Scientist

Cllr Matthew Brown

Dr Neil Brown

Mr Paul Brown

Dr R J Brown - Clinical Psychologist and Lecturer

Mr Richard Brown

Mr Robert Brown

Stephen Brown

Mr Stephen Brown

Mr Thomas Brown

Mr V Brown

Vivienne Brown - Acupuncturist

Mrs Janine Brown Jones - Children's Commissioner, PCT/LA

Mr Simon Browning

Ms T Browning - Clinical Support Worker, NHS

Ian Bruce

Maggie Bruce

Professor KR Bruckdorfer - Professor of Biochemistry, University College London

Ms E Brumini

Miss Gasse Brunelle - French General Practionner

Miss C Brunton - Speech & Language Therapist, North Tyneside PCT

Scott Bryant - activebryantsystems

Ms M Brynford-Jones

Ms Rebecca Bryson

Mr James Buchanan

Mr JLJ Buckingham - Student

Mr Stephen Buckingham

Mr Robin Buckland

Mr C Buckley

Mr Tim Buckley

R B Buckman

Mrs Dorthe Bucknell

Richard Buckwell

Dr Graham Buddle - IT Director

Mr Laurence Budge

Lesley Buell

Mr Robert Bulford - Civil Servant, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

Mr Carl Bullen - Sole Trader, Unity Web Services

Ms Tomasa Bullen

Mrs Joanna Bullivant

Mr Steven Burak - Occupy

Mr Len Burch - Retired Education Officer

Dr Judith Burchardt - GP Partner, Parkside Family Practice, Reading

Mr Marc Burford - Musician

Mrs P Burge - Dietitian, Kingston Hospital

Mrs Eileen Burgess - speech and language therapist, primary care trust

Miss JL Burgess - HCA (and future medical student)

Mr John Burgess

Mr Paul Burgess

Mrs Rosie Burgess - reflexology practitioner

Mrs Sally Burgess - N/A, N/A

Miss SR Burgess - student, napier university

Jilla Burgess-Allen

Mr Rick Burin

Helen Burke

Dr Helen Burke - GP, Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public

Mr N Burke

Mr Peter Burles

Mrs S Burnage - Assistant Secretary, Leicester Pensioners Rights campaign

Mr D P Burnett

Ms M Burnett

Ms Pauline Burney - Triple-duty Nurse, Highland Health Board

Mr A Burns

Mr. J. Burns - Youth Officer, Glasgow Central CLP

Nick Burns-Cox

Ms Jean Burrell

Mr Stephen Burrell - Housekeeper, NHS

Mr Andrew P Burrells - Pharmacist, RPSGB

Dr Joel Burton - CT3 Doctor, Emergency Medicine, Addenbrooke's Hospital

Ms Karen Burton

Veronica Burton

Gladys Bury

Mr Jonathan Butcher

Mr Matthew Butcher - NUS, UNISON, Green Party

Ms Patricia Butler - Team Manager, 2gether Mental Health Trust

Miss Amy Butterworth

Ms T L Butterworth - ex hcv patient

Mr George Buttery

Helen Buttivant

Mr Paul Buxton - RGN, UHB

Ms T Byars - Advice & Representation Manager, Anglia Ruskin Students' Union

Mr Roger Byatt

Val Bynner

Ms Amanda Byrne - Secretary, Solicitors

Prof David Byrne - Professor

Johnnie Byrne

Ms Kate Byrne

Lucy Byrne

Mr R Byrne

David Byrom - Unison Steward, Mid Yorkshire Health Branch

Mr Marcus TC Byron

Naomi Byron - Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public

Miss Stephanie Bysouth

Dr C Bywaters

Jenny Bywaters - Retired Consultant in Public Health

Professor P Bywaters - Director, Centre for Social Justice, Coventry University

Prof Paul Bywaters - Profressor of Social Work, Coventry University

Prof. Woody Caan - Professor of public health, Anglia Ruskin University

Laura Caberry - Medical student

Lilian Cadoux

Helen Cagnoni

Rosa Cagnoni

Stefano Cagnoni

Tom Cagnoni

Ms Lynnette M Caicco

Dr ML Cain - Researcher, University of Cambridge

Dr Sharon Cain - Consultant, Kings College Hospital

Mr Shaun Cairns - Care Assistant, Council Employee

Mr Jonny Calder

Dr Sheila Calder - Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Michael Calderbank - NUJ

Dr Bill Calthorpe - Consultant Psychiatrist

Jane Calveley - Support Worker

Mr Mike Calvert - Assistant Branch Secretary, Islington UNISON

Cambridge & District TUC - Stan Crooke, Secretary

Cambridge and district trades council - Ian Beeby, Treasurer

Cambridge City Unison Branch - Liz Brennan

Cambridge Health Unison - Ms Heather Jones

Camden Pensioners' Action Group - Phyl Eyres, Secretary

Camden Respect - Cathy Pound

Mr Alisdair Cameron - Team leader, Launchpad, Launchpad-mental health service user involvement

Ms Carol Cameron

Dr Iain Cameron - Consultant psychiatrist, Cherry Knowle Hospital

J Cameron - Disabled People Against Cuts

Julia Cameron - Disabled People Against the Cuts

Ms Margot Cameron

Professor Stewart Cameron - retired Prof of Nephrology, Guy's Hospital

Corinne Camilleri-Ferrante - Consultant in Public Health Medicine

Dr Corinne Camilleri-Ferrante - Consultant in Public Health Medicine

Mr Daniel Camp - Porter, NHS

Campaign For Public Ownership - Mr Neil Clark, Journalist/public ownership campaigner

Campaign to Save Finsbury Health Centre - Ms Barb Jacobson, Chair

Mr Daniel Campbell

Dr Fiona F Campbell - Self-employed public health policy consultant, Policy and Practice

Dr JR Campbell - Consultant Anaesthetist, Harrogate Health Care NHSFT

Mike Campbell - Protect Bristol and North Somerset NHS campaign group (inc. 38 Degrees)

Ms Pauline Campbell

Peter Campbell - Parking attendant

Mr R A Campbell - Director, Artmedia Productions

Ms Rosie Campbell - Researcher

Dr D Campion

Daniel Campion

Ms Olivia Canham

Ms Chris Cann

Peter Cann - Oxfordshire Keep Our NHS Public

Ms Rebecca Cant - Editor, Neungyule Education, Ltd.

Dr Edward Cantrell - Retired, ex NHS

Mrs A Capewell

D Caplan

Miss Maureen Carey - Retired Concerned Patient of NHS, Haringey Forum for Older People

Mrs Andrea Carey Fuller

Mrs JA Carley

Dr Ffion Carlin - Doctor, NHS

Ms Ffion Carlin - Medical student, University of Leeds

Ms EM Carmichael

Dr Daniel Carney

Liz Carney - Employment rights advisor, Leicester city council

Mr Neil Carpenter

Mrs J A Carr

John Carr - Member, Merseyside Pensioners' Liaison Group

Miss Victoria A Carr - Student Nurse, University of Paisley

Emma Carragher

Mr Patrick Carragher - BACM-TEAM

Ms Shanna Carrell

Jane Carroll

Miss Lauren Carroll

Miss P C Carroll - Student nurse, University of Paisley

Mr Paul Francis Carroll - Logistics Director

Miss Sophie Carroll

Miss Amy Alice Carson - Medical student, Medsin

Miss J Carson

Miss A Carter - Travel consultant

Alex Carter

Ms Barbara Carter

Mr & Mrs Brian and Susan Carter

Miss Christina Carter - Nurse

Mrs Jean Carter - Retired nurse

Mrs Joanne Carter - Practice Manager

Mr M.R. Carter - Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon, Frenchay Hospital

Dr Peter Carter - Consultant psychiatrisit, nelmht

Dr Richard Carter - Research consultant, Independent

Mr SP Carter - English Subtitler, ECI

Mr Tim Carter - We are Waltham Forest: Saving the NHS

Mr TJ Carter - Medically Retired

Ann Cartwright

Ms Marian Carty

Ms Marian Carty

Thomas Casey - Medical Student

Mr A Cash - Nurse, Norfolk PCT

Ms Amanda Cass - Unite the Union

Dr Mike Casselden - Town Planner, Chair PPI (PCT) Forum Newcastle

Mr Mark Cassidy - Senior Lecturer in Radiography, University of Portsmouth

Huw Casson - GP Partner, Hedges Medical Centre

Dr Huw Casson - NP GP, NHS!

Miss AS Caswell

Mr Peter Caswell

Ms GA Catherall - Pensioner

Miss Jenny Catherall

Miss T Caton - Social worker, Islington LA

Ruth Caudwell

Ms Anna Caute - Speech and Language Therapist, Waltham Forest PCT

Mrs JA Cayley

Central Shop Stewards Committee (Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust) - Peter Hinchliffe, Staff Side Secretary

Cereal Partner's SW8005 - Mr Jason Takle, Secretary

Miss Mandeep Chahal

Mrs Elizabeth Chalk

Tina Challacombe - freelance GP

Val Challen

Miss Nicola Challinger

Sir Iain Chalmers - James Lind Library, Oxford

G Chamberlain - Professor

Mr Ian Chamberlain

Miss Sarah Anne Chamberlain

Bernice Chambers

Miss Cherie Chambers - Senior Project Manager, Cancer Research uk

Dr AF Champion - Retired General Practitioner

Mrs Sharon Champion - Retired Registered Nurse

Mrs Vicki Champion - Counsellor NHS, GP Surgery

Dr Melanie Chan - ST1, Lewisham NHS Trust

Dr Timothy Chan - SHO, Swansea NHS trust

Mrs Bonnie Chandler - Senior Social Worker CAMHS, Oxleas NHS Trust

Dr D Chandler

Mrs Irene Chandler

Dr S Chandler

Dr Sylvia Chandler

Ms P Chanse - pharmacist (non practising)

Mr Chris LN Chant - Final year medical student, Royal free and UCL medical school

Jill Chanter - Occupational Therapist, NHS

Dr Carey Chapman - Publisher

Miss Georgina Chapman

Mr Percy Chapman

Mr Peter Chapman

R Chapman

Ms Ruth Chapman

Mr Theo Chapman

Miss V J Chapman

Mr WE (Ted) Chapman - signing as individual, Cornish Green Party

Mr D Chappell

Mr D J Chappell - H&S Coordinator, Fire Brigades Union Devon

Ms Clair Chapwell - Music Director, Bolder Voices

Miss Natalie Chard - student

Chard, Ilminster & Crewkerne Pensioners Forum - Mr Chris Plaster, Secretary

Mr J N Charles

Dr N Charles

Robert Charleson

J Charlton

Dr M Charlton

Brad Charteris - Counsellor

Dr Nicola Chaston - SHO Histopathology, MTW NHS Trust

Suresh Chauhan

Ms Jane Cheadle

Mrs P Cheesley-Hollinshead - Programme Action Officer, Soroptimist International

Chelmsford TUC - Mr M Wallace, Secretary

Mrs Sandra Chenore

Mr Todd Chenore - Information analyst, NHS Devon

Mr Richard Chere

Mark Cherry - Member, Labour Party

Mrs Mary Chesney

Mrs Adele Chester-Black

Susan Chew - Teacher

Michael Chewter

Sally Chiddick - Staff Nurse

Mr F C Chiles - Managing Director, Positive Image Ltd.

Mr JDD Chiles - Student, University of Cambridge

Mrs JH Chiles - Full time mother of 3

Mr Theo Chiles

Mr Robin Chilton

Mr Laurence Chilvers - chef

Ms Simone Chimowitz

Mr Carlo Chinca - Photographer

Debbie Chippington-Derrick - Committee member, Association of Improvements in the Maternity Services

Piers Chivers

Rebecca Chivers - Steward, Unison

Miss Charlotte Chompff - co-ordinator, medact

Ms WH Choo

Prof Imti Choonara - Professor in Child Health, Univ of Nottingham

Mr K Chopping

Ms Amanda Chorley - Student

Chorley & District Trades Council - Mr Steven Turner, Secretary

Mr David Chowcat

Mrs Erika Jayne Christensen

Dr RP Christian - Academic, Manchester University

Mr L Christodoulou - News editor/researcher, Corporate Watch

Dr Thomas Chu

Deborah Chubb

Sally Chubb

Civil Service Pensioners Alliance (Cumbria North Group) - Irene M Whitfield

Civil Service Pensioners Alliance Norfolk Group - Don Johnson, Secretary

Civil Service Pensioners' Alliance - John Amos, Deputy General Secretary

Miss Siobhan Clancy

Ms Jenni Clapham - Supervisor, Aberdeen Riding Club

Mr D Clare

Mr K Clare

Mr Leigh Clare - Computer programmer, Self employed

Maria Clare - Assistant Psychologist, Bristol South Community Learning Difficulties Team

Mrs Sally Clare - Health Visitor, Leicester City West PCT

Mr Abelardo Clariana-Piga

Mr Abelardo Clariana-Piga - Committee member, Southampton KONP

Mr Karl J Claridge

Mrs Ann Clark

Christine Clark

Mrs Julia Diane Clark

Louise Clark

M Clark

Peter Clark

Mr Peter Clark

Ms Petronella Clark

Mr Si Clark - Illustrator/Animator, Freelance

Ms Stephanie Clark - Tower Hamlets KONP

Mr Stevie-lee Clark

Aileen Clarke - Prof. of Public Health & Health Services Research, Warwick Medical School University

Dr Charles Clarke - Consultant neurologist

Mr Christopher Clarke

Professor Dame June Clarke - Professor Emeritus University of Wales, Member of the Royal Commission into long term care of the elderly

Miss Elizabeth Anna May Clarke

Ms I Clarke

J Clarke

Dr J Clarke - P.E.C. chair and medical director

James Clarke - Chairman, Westborough surgery patient forum

Mr Jim Clarke - Southend KONP member, Southend KONP

Mr Joseph Clarke

Prof M Clarke

Mr Patrick Clarke

Mr Stephen Clarke - Undergraduate, Oxford University

Mr Benjamin Clarkson - Auditor

Mrs Emma Patricia Clarkson - Newly Qualified Nurse, NHS

June Clarkson

Mr Michael Clarkson - Undergraduate Student, University of Birmingham

Mrs Olive Classe - retired academic

Mr John Clayden

Mr Ian Clayton

Mr Marc Clayton

Miss Selina Clayton - PhD Student, University of Nottingham

Mrs Tina Clayton - Cardiac Physiologist, NHS

Mr Patrick Cleary

Ms Debbie Cleaveley

Mrs Marie Clegg

Ben Clements - Secretary, Nottingham KONP

J Clews

Mr Paul Clifford

Miss Victoria Cloke - Clinical Scientist, Royal Marsden

Mr L J Close - Superintendent Pharmacist, Burrows Close Pharmacies

Mrs Isla Clough - Health Visitor, Medical Foundation

Brian Clover

Ms D Clow

Cllr Dilys Cluer - Parliamentary Candidate, Scarborough and Whitby, Green Party

Cllr Chris Coates - Green Group Leader, Lancaster & District Green Party

David Coates - Chairman, Wakefield KONP

Mr J Coates - Medical Student, Newcastle University

Mr Julian Coates

Mrs M Coates - District Nurse, Newark & Sherwood PCT

Ms Janet Cobb

Ms Janet Cobb - Learning Disability Nurse

Mr JH Cobb

AA Coburn - Chairperson, Chelmsford TUC

Jill Cochrane - Senior lecturer, Edge Hill University

Dr J J Cockburn

Ms TM Cockett - OAP & patient, associate member NHAP; soon to be full member

Philippa Cockman - GP (currently on Sabbatical-studying for MSc in Public Health at LSHTM), NHS Tower Hamlets

Miss Laura Cockram

Mr Nigel Coe

R J Cogan

Dr Eleanor Coghill

Mr Samuel Cogings

Mr Joseph R Cohen - General Dental Practitioner

Mr N A Cohen - Journalist, The Observer

Ms Ruth Cohen

Mrs Sylvia Cohen

Mr Mark Colbran

Colchester & District Trades Union Council - Chris Burrow, Secretary

Dr CJ Cole - GP

Dr DR Cole - GP Principal, Cardigan Health Centre

Dr H Cole - GP Registrar

LJ Cole

Dr R Cole - SpR Clinical Genetics, Central Manchester and Manchester Children's Hospitals

Mrs R J Cole

Mrs S Cole - RMN Band 5, Leicester Partnership NHS Trust

Mr Stephen Cole - Staff Nurse, Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals

Mr Jonathan Coleman - Director, Cavendish Studios Ltd

Michel Coleman

Mr A J Coles - Save the Horton Hospital Campaign

Andy Coles - Respect

Mrs Diane Coles - Support officer, Cancer Information & Support Centre

Miss Michelle Coles - Student

Mr Oliver Coles - Student, UCL

Dr S Coles - Clinical Psychologist

Dr Steven Coles - Clinical Psychologist

Mr Thomas Coles - Tutor, University of Glasgow

Ms EJ Collar - Primary and special needs teacher, Northamptonshire County Council

Mr Adam Colley - Programmer / Webdesigner, Self-employed

Elsie Collier

Penny Collier - Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public

Mr James Collin

Andy Collings - Call handler

Angela Collins

Dr Angela Collins

Ms Elsa Collins - Teacher

Miss Emma Collins

Mrs Judith Collins

Martha Collins

Ms Ann Collins-Ackroyd

Ms Debra Collis

Brian Colman

Colne Valley Green Party - Ms Lesley Hedges, Treasurer

Mr Max Colwell

Mr Coinneach Combe

Ms C Comer

Communication Workers Union - Mr Paul Moffat, Eastern Region Secretary

Communication Workers Union - Mr Paul Garraway, Political Officer

Communication Workers' Union South West No. 1 Branch - Phil Chadwick, Branch secretary

Communist Party of Britain, SW London branch - Jean Turner, Branch chair, SW London

Ms Christine Compagnoni

Mrs Jenny Compton-Bishop

Mrs LJ Condon - senior research nurse, University of the West of England

Miss SM Condrad

Miss S Confrey

Dr Hazel Conley - Lecturer, University of the West of England

Mr M Conley - Software Engineer

Mr JJ Conlon

Miss Zosia Connaughton

Mr John Connett

Alex Connolly

Miss Alix Connolly - Mother

Mrs Claire Connolly

Mr James Connolly

Mr Jim Connolly - Consultant

Miss J Considine

Ms Claire Constable - Self-employed musician and music teacher

Miss H M Constance - Public sector employee

Dr Jim Conway

Sophia Conway Allen - Student Nurse, King's College London/Imperial Healthcare Trust

Martin Conybeare - Retired orthopaedic consultant

Mrs A Cook - Admin and clerical, Bristol South & West PCT

Mr Adam Cook

Alan & June Cook

Bridget Cook - Technical officer, Dundee University

Ms Deb Cook - Lecturer, Royal College of Art

Ms E Cook

Ms Eluned Cook

G Cook - Hammersmith and Fulham TUC

Prof John H Cook

Dr Judith Cook - GP

Mrs Julie Anne Cook

Miss Lauren Cook

Margaret Cook

Miss Sarah Cook - Student Nurse, Teesside University

Mrs Sue Cook - Retired Administration Hospital Worrker

Tammie Cook

Miss TJ Cook - Assistant unit manager, Bradford District Care Trust

Ms Bryony M Cooke

Chrissie Cooke

I Cooke - Senior Lecturer

Mr Luke Cooke

Mrs M Cooke - Principal, Margaret Beaufort Institute

Dr KB Coope - Retired GP

Dr & Mrs B Cooper - Retired doctor / university teacher

Mr Benedict Cooper - Journalist

Miss Carina Cooper

Frank Cooper - President, National Pensioners' Convention

Dr Gilly Cooper - GP Partner and medical educator

Mr JD Cooper

Miss Jemima Cooper - Physiotherapist, NHS

Mr John Cooper - Student, Liverpool University

Mr John Cooper

Mr & Mrs Les & Pat Cooper - Members, Wolverhampton & North Staffs Pensions Conventions

Miss LJ Cooper

MR Cooper

Mrs PM Cooper

Dr RM Cooper - Dept Anaesthesia, Hope Hospital

Dr T Cooper

Mr Trevor Cooper

Miss Stacey Copeland - Teaching assistant, School

Dr Susan Copley - Radiology Dept

Denise Copp - Retired teacher

Gerald Copp

Mr Dave Coppack - Retired Lecturer

Dr Anne Coppola - GP, NHS

Dr William Coppola - Clinical Lecturer and Part-time GP, University College London

Ms Laura Corballis

Teddy Corbett

WE Corbett

Rita Corbidge

Jeremy Corbyn MP - MP - Islington North, Labour

Gary Cordon - Carpenter

Mr Martin Corey - teacher, Swarthmore Education Centre

Dr JA Corless - Consultant Physician, Wirral Hospitals NHS Trust

Miss Kristina Corless - Dental Student

Frances Cornford

Ms Frances Cornford

Patrick Cornwell

Mrs Anne Corr

Mr E Corrigan

Mrs NJ Corrigan - Teenage Pregnancy Advisor, Airedale PCT

Miss Pauline Corten

Mr Jose Cortes - Bus driver, Oxford bus company

Dr Steve Cottam - GP, GP trainer and GP tutor, Great Eccleston Health Centre

Mr Samuel Cotterall

Sandra Cotterell

Mr JP Cotterill

WR Cottingham

Mr Paul Coughlan - CPN, CNWL

Prof Nick Couldry - Professor of media and communications, Goldsmiths, University of London

Dr R Coull

Mr Michael Coulston

Mr Michael Coulston - (on behalf of Helmut Heib, Secretary), Lewisham Keep Our NHS Public

C Courtauld

Mr Jon Courthold - Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Nicky Cowan - Consultant psychiatrist

Stephen Cowden - South Warks Keep Our NHS Public

Mrs E Cowell

Liz Cowell - Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public

Mrs S.A. Cowle - retired SRN

Dr Glenice Cox - Consultant Psychiatrist, Somerset Partnership Mental Health NHS Trust

James Cox - Healthcare assistant

Mr James Cox

Ms L J Cox - Senior Physiotherapist, Pennine Acute NHS Trust

Lorna Cox - Clerical officer

Mr Mike Cox

Ms Sarah Cox

Ms C Coyne

Ms Trudi Coyne - Team Leader/ Senior Nurse, Belfast Health And Social Care Trust

Paul Coysh

Susanne Coysh

Mrs Sadie Robson Crabtree

C N Craig

Mr James Craigie

Mr James Craigie

Dr A Craik - Doctor, NHD

Mrs MN Cram

E Cramer

Dr Emma Crampin - Consultant psychiatrist, NHS

Ms J Crang - public health development manager, south hams west devon pct

Ms Nancy Cranham

Dr J Cranston - GP

Mr Joseph Cranston-Turner - Postgraduate Economics Student, University of East Anglia

Miss Cheryl Craven

Mr John Crayton

Ms Sarah Creagh - student nurse, university of the west of england

Mr Roger Creagh-Osborne

Mr S L Creed - Facilities Manager, NHS Wirral

Mr Jack Cregan

Miss Megan Elizabeth Crews

Mr Robert Crick

Mr D Crimes - Researcher for David Taylor MP, Labour Party

Dr M Critchfield - FY2, University Hospitals Leicester

Ms Anne Critchley

Mrs Leonora Critchlow

Doug Crix - Clinical Psychologist, Devon Partnership Trust

B Crompton

Mr RA Crook

Ms Viv Croot

Mrs A M Crosby

Ms Cathy Cross

Mrs Elaine Cross - Specialist health visitor, Morecambe Bay pct

Mrs Elaine Cross - Retired Teacher, NUT

Michael Crossland - Moorfields Eye Hospital

Mrs ME Crossley - Dietetic Lead, Bristol South and West PCT

Cllr Paul Crossley - Leader Bath & NE Somerset Lib Dems, Liberal Democrats

Mr Barry Crossman - clinical researcher

Professor Colin Crouch - Chair of the Institute of Governance and Public Management, Warwick University Business School

Mr David Crouch - Formerly asst features editor, Nursing Times magazine, National Union of Journalists

Mr A Crow - IT Developer

Mr David John Crowe

Mr Stephen Crowe - Student

Miss Sharon Crowells

Ms Gemma Crowley

Dr Martin Crowley - Reader, University of Cambridge

Ms CS Crowther

Mr Rob Crowther - Trade union organiser

Dr Simon Croxson

Mr Adrian Cruden - Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Dewsbury Green Party

Mr Richard Cruise

Mr GP Crump

Mrs HM Crump

Mr NG Crump

Tristan Crumpton - Paramedic, Scottish Ambulance Service

Mr G Cubbage

Cul-de-sac theatre - Dr Eric Northey, Director

Miss GC Culatto - Student

Miss Ilanit Culhane - Student

Miss Abbey Cullen

Dr L Cullen - consultant, Birmingham Childrens Hospital

Sheila Cullen - Lewes Stop the cuts

Mr Josh Cullimore - medical student

Mrs Lynn Cullimore - Partner, PinkDylan - Internet Solutions company

Denise Cullington

Mr John Cumberland - Patient

Ms VJ Cuming

M Cummins

Mr M Cummins - Amicus

Mr Paul Cunliffe

Mrs Deirdre Cunningham - Senior Donor Transplant Co-ordinator, Nottingham University Hospitals

Dr Richard Cunningham - Head of Department Microbiology, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth

Dr Thomas Curl-Roper - Doctor, NHS

MS Angela Curran

Ms AD Currie

Mr Alistair Curtis - Lab Technician, Biocity

Ms Rhiannon Curtis

Miss V Curtis

Ms C W Cuthbert

Ms Deborah E Cuthbertson - Senior Designer

Miss Sarah Cuthbertson

Mrs P P Cutress - Hinckley & Bosworth Pensioners' Action Group

CWU South Central Political fund - Paul Garroway, Political officer

CWU- South Central postal Branch - Mr Paul Garaway, Political Officer

Dr Jack Czaudema

Mr George Czernuszka - Patient

Mr Robert Daines - BME Committee Member, TGWU/UNITE

Dr Mary Dainton - Sessional GP

Mr Simon Mark Daley - Deputy Ward Charge Nurse, United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust

Miss Laura Daligan - Self Employed

Mrs Anna Dallimore - Pensioner, retired nurse

Mr Ben Dallimore

Miss Sylvie Dalton

Dr A J C Dalzell - Associate Specialist, Countess of Chester NHS Foundation Trust

Jeannette Damon

Mrs Kerry Danaher - Speech and Language Therapist, NHS

Miss Julia Dandy - Asst librarian NHS, Homerton Univ Hospital

Prof Andy Danford - Professor of Employment Relations, University of the West of England

Mrs E Danford - Community Learning Disability Nurse, Bristol South & West PCT

Mr Duncan Danger

Prof Peter Dangerfield - Orthopaedic surgeon, University of Stafford; Liverpool Medical School

Elaine Daniel - Unison branch secretary

Mrs Susan Daniel - Nurse NHS

Ms R Daniell - Equality and Diversity Manager, PCT

Dr Benjamin Daniels - salaried GP and author, NHS

Mr John Daniels - Retired member, AMICUS

Dr Roger Daniels

Mr Edmond Dantes - HOA, Surrey PCT

Kate Danvers

Mr GW Darcy - Contracts Officer, Essex DAAT

Mr Henry Dare

Dr Jonathan Dare - NHS consultant

Mr Warren Dare - Business Owner, Canterbury Crafts

Dr Richard Darling - GP and PEC Chair, North Somerset PCT

Dr Ann Daruvala - Associate Specialist, Psychiatry

Mrs Diana Davey

Dr John Davey - Biology Researcher, University of Edinburgh

Ms Susan Davey

Professor George Davey Smith - Professor of Epidemiology, Department of Social Medicine, Bristol University

Miss M David

Dr E Davidson

Mr Jonathan Davidson

Dr Mark Davidson

Ann Davies

Miss Bethan Davies - Graduate Mental Health Worker, Leeds North East Primary Care Trust

Ms C R Davies - Speech and Language Therapist, NHS

Miss Caroline Davies - Registered nurse

Dr Chris Davies - consultant physician and clinical services unit director, Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading

Dr Gillian Davies - Retd consultant, BRC refugee case worker, British Red Cross

Dr Iain Davies - SHO, Bay of Plenty District Health Board

Ms J Davies - Mental health practitioner, SLAM NHS

Ms J E Davies - Citizens Advice Bureau

Miss JA Davies

Mr JJ Davies

Mr Joe Davies

John Davies

Mr John Davies

Dr Melanie Davies

Mr Miles Trefan C Davies

MNZF Davies

Naomi Davies - healthy living coordinator

Dr Nicholas P Davies

Mrs Pamela Mary Davies

Dr Peter Davies - GP, Keighley Road Surgery

S Davies

Dr S M Davies

Sarah Davies - Midwifery Lecturer, University of Salford

Lord & Lady Davies of Coity

Mrs GM Davies-Nippel

Ms E Davies-Tsagkadakis

Dr Anna Davin

Mr Alan Davis

Mr Ben Davis - Architectural Assistant

Mr Charlie Davis

Mr Christopher Davis

Ms Clare Davis

David Davis

Dr Jacky Davis - consultant radiologist, NHS

Jean Davis

Mrs Margaret Davis

Mr Stephen Davis

Susan Davis - Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public

Ms Zoe Davis

Professor Ann Davisa - Professor of social work, University of Birmingham

Ms Angela Davy - Director

Graham Davy - Assistant Practice Manager, GP Surgery

Dr Jos Dawe - SpR Psychiatry

Dr Robert Dawe - Consultant Dermatologist

Mr D Dawes

Mr Mark Dawes

Mrs Doreen Dawson

Ms Valerie Elizabeth Dawson

Chris Day

Chris Day

Fiona Day - Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public


Mr Joe Day

Mr Michael Day - Director

Mr L Daymond

Ms Nahid De Belgeonne - Director, Good Vibes

Linda De Cossart - Consultant Surgeon

Miss Lia De Faveri - Research Assistant, Leeds University

Miss Z De Lacy - community nurse, Nottingham City PCT

Ms Marcela De Montes

Hilary De Reyes King

Roberta De Rossi - Clinical Psychologist, North Essex Mental Health Partnership NHS foundation Trust

Mrs ME De Soissons - Teaching Assistant, Witchford Village College

Mr Jean-Paul De Wet - student nurse

Dr Felicity De Zulueta - Consultant psychiatrist in psychotherapy

Dr Caroline Deacon - Consultant Radiologist, Royal Wolverhampton Hospitals Trust

Dave Deady - Lecturer, University of Paisley - School of Health, Nursing and Midwifery

Dr Benjamin Dean - SHO, NHS

Baroness Brenda Dean - Baroness, House of Lords

John Dean

Mr John Dean

Mr Michael Dean - Teacher

Mr Jeremy Dear - National Union of Journalists

Nick Dearden

Mrs B Dearle

Miss L E Dearnley

Sylvia Debreczeny

Grace Dedman

Miss Helen Deeming

Defend Haringay Health Service - Janet Shapiro

Defend our NHS York - Malcolm Law, Treasurer

Mr P L Degen

Thomas Dehn - consultant UGI / laparoscopic surgeon

R Delamont

Mrs C A Delaney - Senior Sister, Whittington Hospital NHS Trust

Joe Delaney

Mrs C Dell - Head housekeeper, Eshott hall

Ms S Dempsey - Teaching Assistant, Dorset County Council

Mr Harry Den

Ms Sian Denereaz

Mr RV Denne - Marketing Manager

Mr Francis Denning - Service Manager, Leeds Mental Health Teaching NHS Trust

Mr Geoff Dennis

Mr John Dennis

Mr Michael Dennis

Miss M Dennison - Care Technician, Shipley College

Mrs S Dennison

Ms Janis Denselow - Brent KONP

Mr A Dent - Teacher, NUT

Simon Dent

Mrs Patricia Derrick

Mr ML Derry

Miss Victoria Ann Desmond

Ms Lottie Devaney

S Deville - Secretary, Unison Voluntary Organisations Branch

Miss Deirdre Devine - Administrater, St Georges Hospital

Eamann Devlin

Mr Gerard Devlin - Staff Nurse, NHS LANARKSHIRE

Dr Elizabeth Devonald

Mr Roger Dewey

Mr P Dewhurst

Dr Rabhya Dewshi - Clinical Psychologist

Mr C Dexter

Carol Dezateux - Professor of epidemiology and hon consultant paediatrician

Professor Carol Dezateux - Professor of Paediatric Epidemiology

Mr Manni Dheensa

Mrs Heather Diamond - Theatre Sister/RCN Steward, Tameside & Glossop Acute Services NHS Trust

Mrs Pauline Dickie

Ms Jane Dickinson - Consultant Ophthalmologist, United Newcastle Hospitals

Ms Amanda Dilley

Ms Sarah Dillingham

Jill Dimmock

Ms E Dinsdale

Mrs P Divers

Anne M Dixon

Emma Dixon - Parliamentary Candidate, Islington North, Green Party

Mr G Dixon - Rehab Support, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Mrs Joan Dixon - Clinical Support Worker, Hull And East Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust

Dr Roz Dixon

Ms Sue Dixon

Ms L Dizon

Dr Y Djerbib - Senior Lecturer, Higher Education

Miss Caroline Dobbing

Mr Martin Dobson - PPC Liverpool Riverside, Liverpool Green Party

Mike Dobson

Miss Miriam Dobson - Student

Frank Dobson MP - MP - Holborn & St Pancras; ex Secretary of State for Health, Labour

Miss Rosemary Dodd

Mrs JL Dodds

Ms Zena Dodgson - Branch Secretary, UNISON

Mrs A Doherty

Miss CA Doherty - Union Rep, NAPO

Mr SJ Dolan - Consultant Surgeon, NHS

Prof Paola Domizio - Professor of Pathology Education, Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry

Ms J Donaghy - Consultant in Dental Public Health, Berkshire East PCT

Professor C Donaldson - Health Foundation Chair in Health Economics, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Miss Helen Donaldson - EFL Teacher

Mr Kevin Donnellon

Angela Donnelly - Public Health Trainee, Yorkshire PH Training Scheme

R Donnelly

Mr M Donoghue

Mr Matthew Donoghue

Jane Doolan - Branch Secretary, Unison Islington L.G Branch

Ms Heather Doole

Mr J Doran

Mr PJ Dore - student nurse, Cardiff University

Mr Rob Dorey

Ron Dorman

Dorset Fire and Rescue Service - Mrs K Adams, Firefighter

Mr James Dougan

Mrs Fiona Dougherty-Price

Dr M Douglas

Mr Murray Thomas Charles Douglas

Mr W Douglas

Dr Robert Dourmashrin

Dr Antony Dowd - GP

Ms Sue Dowd - Teaching assistant

Ms G Down - Consultant Family Therapist, Great Ormond St Hospital Trust

Dr Richard Downer

Ms Anita Downs

Mr GM Dowsett

Mr N Dowson

Clare Doyle

Brian Dr Robinson - Retired NHS psychiatrist

Margaret Drabble - Author

B. Drake - Joint Branch Secretary, York City Unison

John Drake - Regional Secretary, South West FBU

Mr P Drakes - Teacher, Bradford COuncil

Miss Emma Draper

Dr Peter Draper - NHSCA

Barbara Dresner - Social Worker (Non-statutory sector)

Mr C Drew

Dr Diana Drife

Ms Anne Drinkell - Save Our Hospitals (Charing Cross)

Mr John Drinkwater - Drug Worker, Turning Point

Sally Driver

Z Driver - Parent/Carer

Mr G Dropkin

Ms Claire Drury - Morecambe Bay PCT

Mrs Helen Fiona Drury - campaigner

Ms J Drury

Ms Amy Drysdale

Miss Sararin Duangkae - Student

Ms Emma Dubois - Freelance translator

David Dubost

Mrs V Duckett - Pensioner

Isobel Duckworth - Specialist Trainee in Public Health Y&H

Mr Stephen Duckworth

Mr Stephen Duckworth

Mrs Malgorzata Duda

Ms N C Dudley

Mr G Duff

Mr BF Duffy

Mr K Duffy

Dr Una Duffy - GP

Clare Duggan - OH Advisor, Leeds Met University

Dr D S Duggan - Research Scientist, University of Oxford

Mr James Duggan

Maria Duggan

Maria Duggan - Politics of Health Group

Mr Thomas Duggan

Dr Susan Dukes - Retired GP

Mr Ted Duley - Member, Labour Party

Dr NK Dulvy

Mr Geoff Dunbar

Mr M Dunbar

Isla Duncan - Research associate (Retired lecturer), University of Chichester

John Duncan - Branch secretary, NATFHE

Ms Kate Duncan - Archivist

Dr S Duncan - Consultant Neurologist, Hope Hospital Salford

W H Duncan - Chair of Public Health, University of Liverpool

Mr Tim Dunford

Ms Clare Dunkley

Dr Hester Dunlop

Paul Dunn

Mr Robin Dunn

Ms Tanya Dunne

Mary Dunnett - Waltham Forest KONP

Michael Dunning

Dunstable & District Association of Senior Citizens - D L Hicks

Mr Paul Durant

J B Durham

Ms Julie Durkin

Ms Sandra Durkin - LSC Group Assistant Secretary, PCS

Patricia Durrant - Retired (ex-clinical psychologist), NHS

Ms S Durrant - Managaing Director, Red Sage Condulting

Mr Sahil Dutta

Philip Duval

Dr F. Duxbury - GP Oxford City

Dr Beatrice Dyer - CT2 ACCS ('SHO')

Dr Robert Dyson - Retired industrial scientist

Barbara Dyssell - Waiting List Co-ordinator, UCH NHS

Mr J Eaden - Branch Chair NATFHE Chesterfield College, NATFHE

Mrs Sarah Eades - Senior Lecturer, UCE Birmingham

Mr Martin Eady

Ealing & Hounslow Labour - Mick Brooks, Governor

Mr Sam Earl

Mr Samuel Earl

Miss Johanna Early

Mr Richard Eason - Student, Doncaster College

Mrs Gillian East - Therapist

East Cheshire Green Party - Dr Brian Doherty, Secretary

East Coast Construction Branch - Mr Daniel Castletor, Officer

East Ham West Ham Pensioners' Association - Mrs P Maddams, Treasurer

East Quay Medical Centre -

East Quay Medical Centre - Diane Cairns

Mr Dave Eastham - Chair, NHS Support Federation

Ms Rachael Eastham

Ms Rachael Eastham

Ms Rachel Easthman

Eastleigh Constituency Labour Party - Mrs Christine Anne Hadley, Office manager

D Eastman

Ms Chris Easton - UNISON Rep, NHS Primary Care

Ms Georgina Eastwood

John Eastwood - Secretary, Manchester & District Group Civil Service Pensioners Alliance

Mr Colin Eatherton - Manager, Rbs

Miss Rachel Eborall - Coordinator, Unison voluntary organisations

Ms Joanna Eckersley

Hilary Eddy

Mr JA Eddy

Royston Eddy

Mr BH Edgar

Ms Sue Edgar

Dr D Edge - Research Fellow, The University of Manchester

Ms Katherine Edge

Miss Julie Edgecombe - Health promotion specialist, NHS Camden

Ms Julie Edgecombe - Assistant Public Health Strategist, NHS Camden

Dorothy Edginton

Mrs Dorothy Edginton

Diane Edmonds

Mr Peter Edmonds

Gill Edmondson - GP

Dr Gill Edmondson - GP Partner, 2 dr gp surgery

Dr S Edmunds - GP Principal, Pontesbury Medical Practice

Mr Danny Edon

Mr & Ms Brian and Jane Edwards

Christie Edwards

Ms Helen Edwards - Student, Brookes

Professor JCW Edwards - Professor of Medicine, UCL

Mr John Edwards - Registered Mental Health Nurse, Cardiff and the Vale University Health Board

K J Edwards

Miss Lynda Edwards

Mr Martin Edwards

Dr Robin Edwards - Junior Doctor, County Durham

Mrs Sandra D Edwards

Dr Sian Edwards - Retired Consultant

Mrs Sue Edwards - Staff Nurse, Shropshire County PCT

Miss Wendy Edwards

Michael Edwards MBE DPouM

Dr David Eedy - Consultant Dermatologist, Craigavon Area Hospital Group Trust

Mr Simon Egert

Mr J S Egginton - IT Support, The Haven

Jenni Eggleston - Medical student

Kay W Eilbert - Acting Director of Public Health, NHS Waltham Forest

Maggie Eisner

SJ Elahi

Nancy Elan

Mrs Geraldine Eld - Practice Manager, The Wedmore Practice, Bristol

Mr Ben Eldridge

Mr Yunus Elias

Prof R Elkeles

David Elliman

Amy Elliott - Shop steward

Miss CM Elliott

Dr Jennifer Elliott - Medical SHO, NHS

Ms EL Ellis - Carer

Mr Gary Ellis - Retired chartered accountant

Ms Judith Jude Ellis

Miss Rosemary Ellis

Dr CL Elmer - SpR Respiratory Medicine, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Trust

Ms L Elmer - Publicist

John Else

Dr H Elsey - Public health speciality registrar, University of Leeds

Mrs Charlotte Elizabeth Elsmere - Artist

Ms JA Emanuel - Health Promotion Development Manager, Stockport PCT

Mrs J Emerson - Speech and Language Therapist, BristolSW PCT

Dr T R Emerson

Dr Mary Eminson - Spokesperson, Salford:NHS SUpport Group

Mrs Mary Emison - Manchester KONP

Sarah Emmett

Mr Christopher Emms - Student, Young Communist League

Miss J Emsley - lead school nurse

Paul England - Trade union rep

Susan England

Reverend Margaret Engler - Priest, Church of England

Mrs KA English

Mr Michael English

Miss Sarah English

Mrs G Ensor

Epping forest Green Democratic Left - Mr. P Relph

Mrs EA Epsom

Ms GD Epstein

Ms Jane Erin

Mr Rob Errington - Development Worker, Healthworks Newcastle

Dr Chris Erswell - NUT

Dave Esbester

Julian Esposito - School teacher, shoeburyness high school

B. Essex - Medical Advisor North East London Strategic Health Authority

Mr Jonathan Essex - Parliamentary Candidate for Reigate, Green Party

N. Essex - Consultant Physician (retired 2004)

Mr D Etchells - Consultant Ophthalmologist, Bournemouth Eye Unit

European Left Network - Mr Andrew Stevens, Secretary

Mr Anthony Evans

Mrs Barbara Evans - community nursery nurse - health visiting, Hinckley and Bosworth Primary Care Trust

Dr CJ Evans

Mr Dominic Evans - Student, South Nottingham College

Mrs E H Evans - Psychologist, Durham University

John Evans - Retired clinical biochemist

Mr John Evans - Independent Social Worker

Mr John James Evans - Artist

Dr John. R Evans

Mrs Julie Evans

Mr K Evans

Ms L Evans

Miss Lisa Evans - Designer

Mr Mark Evans - Works Convener -Marshall Aerspace, Amicus

Mr Nathan Evans - Director, Nathan Evans

Mrs P Evans

Pat Evans - retired teacher

Paul Evans

Mr Peter Evans

Ms RA Evans

Mr Rick Evans

Mr S Evans - Radiographer

Sally Evans - psychologist

Mr Terry Evans - private

Thomas Evans - Project Manager, Leeds Mental Health Trust

Miss Eleanor Eveleigh

Dr Glyn Everett - University Researcher, University of Southampton

Ms Talitha Evers - Dietitian

Grace Everson

Evesham District Pensioner Association - Fred Kaler, Chairman

Mr Freddie Exall

Dr SM Exall - StR Public Health

Miss Marianne Exell

Mr John Eyers

Mr. Tom Eyers - PhD Student and undergraduate supervisor, University of Cambridge

Mr Robbie Eyles

Dr R Eyre

Richard Eyre - Consultant, NHS

Clarissa Fabre

Gus Fagan - member of local KONP committee, KONP Oxford

Mr Jim Fagan

Mr JH Fagg - PhD student, Queen Mary, University of London

Dr Olive Fairbairn - GP

Mr Barry John Fairbrother - Consultant Surgeon, King's Mill Hospital

Dawn Fairbrother

Mr Leslie Faizi

Mr Benjamin Fallon - Curator, freelance

Mr Tony Fallows - Care Worker, Social Care Apprentice for Oxfordshire County Council

Ms Maggie Falshaw

Mr Craig Farish

Mr J Farley

Mrs Jo Farley

Susanna Farley

C Farlow

Mr A R Farnaby

Miss VA Farnell

Mr L Farnum - Software Engineer, Nokia UK Ltd

Mrs Myra Farnworth - Senior Charity Sector Executive Consultant

Khalid Farooqui

Mrs Maureen Farrar

Dr Steve Farrar - GP

Miss E Farrington - NHs Wirral

Dr Jill Farrington - Consultant in Public Health Medicine, NHS Calderdale

Mrs Julia Farrington - Staff Nurse, Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust

Dr Rebecca Farrington - GP

Mrs Patricia Farrington MBE - Retired Senior Radiographer

Mr Philip Farrow - Engineer, National Grid

Mrs Sally Farrow - Speech and Language Therapist, PCT

T Farsky

Ms Sue Fasquelle

Ms & Dr Sue & Oliver Fasquelle/Darlington

Mr Jack Faulkner - Student

Dr Ron Faulkner - Retired GP

Ms Rosie Faulkner - Occupational Therapist, Unison rep, North Surrey PCT

Ms Samantha Faulkner

Ms Sarah Fawssett

Federación de Asociaciones para la Defensa de la Sanidad Pública, Spain - Marciano Sánchez-Bayle

Dr John Feehally

Dr Jane Feeland - Membership Secretary, Southampton KONP

Miss M Feeney

Ms Sam Feeney

Ms Pia Feig - Manchester KONP group

Mr Rayah Feldman

Mr Terry Felgate - UNISON - University of Essex

Mr Ian Fellows

Thomas Fellows - 01865 763164

Ms NJ Felthouse

Mr JG Felton

Ms K J Felton - Primary Care Commissioner, NHS Brighton and Hove

Mrs Muriel Fenner

A Fennerty - Consultant physician

Professor C S Fenton - Professor of Sociology, University of Bristol

Dr LM Fenton - PRHO, Argyll and Clyde Health Board, NHS

Dr Lynda Fenton - Doctor, NHS

Mr Mark Fenton - South Warwickshire Keep our NHS Public

Mr M E Fenwick - Ward manager, Bradford District Care Trust

Dr Jacqueline Ferguson

Jacqui Ferguson

Mr TMA Ferguson

MDC Fernandes

Mr William J Ferrari - MD, AFME

Mr Paulo Ferreira

Mr Bryan Ferriman

Margaret Ferriman - retired hospital pharmacist and County Councillor

Mr Malcolm Fewtrell

Ms Irena Fick

Mr Adrian Fielding

Mr Alex Fielding

Delia Fielding

Mr Tim Fielding - StR Public Health

Mrs Ilda Figueiredo - Membre, European Parliament

Ms Marsha Filion - Consultant, Self-employed

Mr Graham Finch

Mrs Jenni Finch

Dr James Fingleton - Medical SHO Southampton, Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust

Heather Finlay

Miss B Finlayson

Dr Lorna Finlayson

Ms E Finnigan - Publicity Manager

Dr Nick Firrell

Mr Anthony John Firth

Miss Candice Firth - Teacher

J A Firth

Mr John Firth - Team Leader

Dr Fleur Fished - formerly Head of Ethics, Science and Information for the BMA and ex-President of Medical Women's Federation

Mrs Fisher

Mr Aled Dilwyn Fisher

Dr Brian Fisher

Mrs Elizabeth Fisher

Jane Fisher - Director, ARC Antenatal Results & Choices

Dr Peter Fisher - President, NHS Consultants' Association

Mr Norman Fitt

Dr R FitzGerald - Consultant Radiologist

Dr Richard Fitzgerald - Consultant Radiologist

Ms Jean Fitzpatrick

Maggie Fitzpatrick - Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

Mrs May Fitzpatrick

Mr Paul Fitzpatrick

Mr John Fitzsimmons

Mr Les Flack

Mr Daniel Flanagan

Mr Stephen Flanagan - staff nurse, Allied healthcare

Ms Alison Flanders - craftsperson

Ms MLC Flandorfer

Mr Scott Flannigan - Civil servant, IPS

Mr Tom Flaws

Miss E Flaxman - Trainee Biomedical Scientist, NHS

Mr Nigel Fleeman - Researcher, Liverpool Public Health Observatory

Mrs GM Fleetwood

Ms J Fleetwood - Fundraiser

Ms Jennie Fleetwood - Speech and Language therapist, Trafford Provider services

Greg Fleming

Mr Greg Fleming

I Fleming - Consultant Clinical Psychologist, PennineCare NHS Trust

Dr M Fleming

Mrs Valerie Flessati

D Fletcher - Patient

Dr Edward Fletcher - SHO, Ceredigion and Mid Wales NHS Trust

Dr Kathryn Fletcher - GP, Cornbrook Medical Practice

Mark Fletcher

Mr Mark Fletcher - Teacher

Paul Fletcher - Fire fighter

Edith Flett

James Flett

Dr MJ Flett - Foundation Doctor, NHS Lothian

Mr Alfonso Arnaldo Florio

Mr David Flower

Dr K Flower

Mrs Krystyna Fogg - Health Visitor CPT

Mr Robert Fogg - Senior Cognitive Behaviour Therapist, NHD

Ms A M Folan - Unemployed Registered Nurse

Dr Jonathan Folb - Hospital Consultant, Mersey Deanery

Mr Mike Foley

Ms Jane Foot

Dr Lindsay Forbes - Consultant in Public Health Medicine, Wandsworth PCT

M Forbes

Dr Ford

Mr Aistair Ford - Research, Newcastle University

Ms. Alexandra M Ford - Research Associate, Washington State University

Dr Amy Ford

Dr Bill Ford - retired, state school teacher

Miss EA Ford - 5th Year Medical Student, University of Liverpool

Ms I Ford - ATM with Learning disability Adults

Mr S Ford

Mr W H Ford

Mr WH Ford

Dr William Ford

Kate Forde

Ms Lisa Forde

Mr Jim Foreman

Mr Jim Foreman

Dr Adam Forman - Hackney & City KONP

Mr Jim Forman

L Forrest - Self Employed, Rainbowradio

Alison Forrester

Mr Craig Forshaw - Trainee Teacher, N/A

Mr Daniel Forster - Senior Transport Planner, Plymouth City Council

Mr John Forster

John Fortune - comedian

Mrs E Foskew - Community Staff Nurse, East Suffolk PCT

Mr Neil Foss - Retired disabled

Mr Jonathan Foster

Miss Lauren Fothergill

Mr Robert Alexander Fotheringham - Customer Services, BT

Ms Clemence Fourton

Mrs Margaret Fowler - Pensioner

Miss Melanie Carol Fowler

Ms Teresa Fowler

Mr Walter Fowler - Home

Jane Fowler-Tutt

Jack Fowles

Ms Bridget Fox - Parliamentary Candidate, Islington South & Finsbury Liberal Democrats

Mr Christopher Fox - Engineer

John Fox

Julia Fox

Miss R Fox

Miss Sally Fox - Student

Dr Stephen Fox - GP & Wigan Local Medical Committee Chairman, Wigan Local Medical Committee (Chairman)

Professor David Foxcroft - Professor of Health Care, Oxford Brookes University

Mr Samuel Frain - Student

Mrs Helen France

Miss Anne-Marie Francis

Miss C Francis

Miss Karen Francis - Student

Mr & Mrs M & E Francis

Mr Robert Francis

Mr Ron Francis

Susan Francis - Campaigner

Miss Clementine Francklin - student

Jill Franklin - Art Historian

Mrs M Franklin - Midwife, NHS

Michael Franklin

Mr Michael Franklin

Mrs Penny Franklin - Senior lecturer/programme lead non medical prescribing, The University of Plymouth

Shirley Franklin - Chair, Defend the Whittington Hospital Coalition

Ms Shirley Franklin - Chair of Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition, Health Campaigner

Mrs Sophie Franklin - Principal, Parlons Français

Mrs Suzy Franklin - Branch Secretary, Plymouth NHS Trust Health Branch Unison

Mr Felix Franks

Ms Heda Franks

Dr W Franks

Iain Fraser - GP, West Gorton medical centre

Ms Jean Fraser - Artist, activist and patient,

P Fraser

Jane Fraser Esson - Muswell Hill & Highgate Pensioners' Action Group

Mrs KA Frazer

Mrs P Frederick

Mr Joseph Freean

Dr Alice Freebairn - consultant clinical oncologist, Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading

Mr D & EJ Freeland

Jane Freeland

Prof Freeman

Miss CM Freeman - Student, Bristol University

Gary Freeman - Treasurer designate, Nottingham KONP

Mr Graham Freeman

Mr L Freeman - Research student

Mrs Marilyn Freeman

Miss Rebecca Freeman - Senior Nurse, NHS Foundation Trust

Mr. Eric Fretz - Public Health Librarian, Barnet PCT

Christopher Freudenberg

Mr Christopher D Freudenberg -

Mr P. D. Frew - Ex-teacher. Unemployed due to ill health

Mr J Frewer - Consultant ENT Surgeon, Mid Yorks NHS Trust

S M Friedlander

Miss Rose Friel

Miss Jennifer Frost - Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Michelle Frost - NUT member

Paul Frost - Unison Rep, Green Party TU Group activist

Mr & Mrs S & D Frost

Stephen Fry - actor, writer

Miss Louise Fryer

Dr Tom Fryers

Dr A Fuat - GP and GPSi in cardiology, Carmel Medical Practice

Dr Ahmet Fuat - GP, Carmel Medical Practice

Mrs IB Fudge - Retired Nurse

Ms Nina Fudge - Researcher

Mr SRJ Fudge

Ms Margaret Fuguet Debarr - Retired Civil Servant, Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Ms M Fuirer

Mr I Fuller

Mr RM Fulton

Mr James Furlong

Miss Robyn Furtado

Miss Grace Dominique Fysh

J Gabbay

Mr George Gabriel

Mr W Gage - Senior Charge Nurse, Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust

Ms Olivia Gainham

Ms Kim Gainsborough

Rebecca Galbraith

Christine Gale - Founder, saveournhswilts Yahoo group

Mr Daniel Gallacher - Student

Dr Natalie Gallacher

Ms Annmarie Gallagher

Ms Jackie Gallagher

Mrs Jane Gallagher

Miss L Gallagher - Practice nurse

Mrs R Gallagher

Mrs Viviana Gallegos

Ms M Gallie - Events Co-ordinator, Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy

Susan Galloway - university researcher

Mr J Galvin

Jocelyn Gamble

Professor Mark Gamsu - Visiting Professor, Leeds Metropolitan University

Mr P Gannon - Head, Silverdale School

Nigel Gansell - Secretary, Islington Pensioners Forum

Ms Susan Ganter

Dr David Ganz

Mrs Ruth Ganz

Mr S Z Ganz

Mr Robert Gardiner

Chrissie Gardner

Mrs CL Gardner

Jon Gardner - Student Nurse, University of Manchester

Dr K Gardner - GP

Ms Karen Gardner - Team Administrator, Milton Keynes Primary Care Trust

Mr Mark Gardner - Student, Manchester University

Mr Thomas James Gardner

Mrs Katie Garland - Student Nurse

Moira Garland

Mrs Katie Garlick

Mr Stuart Garman - MA student, HCRI Manchester University

Carl Garner

William Garrard

Myra Garrett

Dr. Liz Garthwaite - Staff grade Anaesthetist, Scarborough Hospital

Dorothea Gartland

Mr Roger Gartland

Mr Bill Garvin - branch sec., Surrey Oaklands UNISON

Miss Pamela Gascoigne - retired nurse midwife, sheffield health services

Dr V Gash

Mrs Christine Gaskill

Mr Brian Gate

Mr Mark Gatehouse - Lecturer

Mrs Katharine Gatensbury - Nurse Practitioner

Elizabeth Gatliff

Mr J Gatten

Mr E Gault - Staff Nurse, Birmingham and Solihull NHS Trust

Miss Pauline Gaunt - Stage Manager, F/Lance

Mr Peter Gauvain

M Gavan

Mrs Alison Gaywood

Dr S Gazeley - GP, Springfield Surgery

Mr Gus Gazzard - CCST certified Ophthalmologist in NHS, NHS

Ms D Gearing

Mr Sean Geddes

Ms J Gedge

Dr Abigail Gee

Miss L J Gegg

Miss Lucie Gegg

Ms Victoria C R Gemmill

Karen Gentleman

Miss S Gentleman

Mrs Louise Geoghegan

Gill George - Amicus NEC

Ms Gill George - Unite

Ms Hala George - Retired Nursing Sister

Mrs J George

Mrs Jill George

Ms Julie George

Mr Robert George - Lecturer in Law, Jesus College, Oxford

Mr Roy George

Dr Clare Gerada - GP, Lambeth

Mr Peter Germain - Solicitor

Ms Carole Germaine - Senior lecturer, Birmingham city university

Ghadar International - Mr Salvinder Dhillon, Chair

Dr Santosh Gholkar - General Practioner, Salaried GP Salford

Mrs E M Gibb - Speech & Language Therapist

Mr Evan Gibbons

Paul Robin Gibbons - Governor, Derby Hospitals Foundation Trust

John Gibbs

Ms Shirley Gibbs

Miss C Gibson

Mr Darren Gibson

Mr David Gibson

Dothory Gibson

Miss Helen Gibson

Ian Gibson - MP

Mr Ian Gibson

Prof John Gibson

Mrs June Gibson

Mr KP Gibson - research student, Manchester metropolitan university

Mr Laurence A S Gibson

Mr George Gifford

Vivien Giladi

Miss Zoe Gilbert - nurse advisor., nhs walk in centre.

Dr E Gilby

Mrs Susan Gilchrist - self-employed musician

Miss Charlotte Gilhooly - Web Designer, Stonecot Web Design

Mr Jonathan Gilhooly - Lecturer, University of Brighton

Dr Alison Gill

Mr Colin Gill - Unite

Miss Eve Chantal Gill

Dr G. Gill - Reader in medicine, consultant physician

Geoff Gill

Dr GS Gill - General Practitioner

Mrs Jackie Gill

Dr Paul Gill - Consultant in Liaison Psychiatry, Sheffield Health and Social Care NHSFT

Mr Raj Gill

Prof Robin Gill - Professor of Theology, University of Kent

Mr Sandeep Gill - Student, UCL

Mr Tom Gill

Mr Peter Gillard - National Disabled Members Committee, Unite

Mr PG Gillard - Chair, London Region, Amicus

Mr Tom Gillespie

Rev'd Dr. John Gillibrand - Parish Priest and University Lecturer, Church in Wales

Prof Anna Gilmore - Professor of Public Health, University of Bath

Mrs H Gilmore

Margaret Gilmore

Professor Philip Gishen - Director of Imaging, Hammersmith Hospital NHS Trust

Dr Gerald Gittens - Retired Pro Vice Chancellor, Staffordshire University

Mr Sodiq Giwa Salvador

Mr R Glaister

Mr Paul Glanvill

Glasgow Health Service Forum South East - Robert Shaw, Treasurer

Mr SIG Glass

Dr SK Glass - Doctor, NHS Hospital

Chris Gleave

Ms Heather Glenn

Mark Glisson - Unison branch treasurer

Nicholas Glover - Keep Our NHS Public North Kirklees

Mr Tony Glover

Mr Kevin Glyde

GMB, Southern Region - Mark Turner

GMB, Swindon - Mr Kevin Brandstatter, Full time organiser

GMB, Wiltshire and Swindon Branch - M Gorde

Dr S Gnani - GP

Ms J L Goble

Mr Joseph Goddard - Health Care Assistant, Basingfield Court (Residential Home)

Miss Nikola Goddard

Miss Phoebe Goddard

Miss Harriet Godden

Ms Claire Godfrey

Dr H Godfrey - GP

Mrs Jacqueline Godfrey

Ms Kate Godfrey - Labour PPC Stafford, Labour Party

Miss Kayleigh Godfrey

Miss Margaret Godsland

Rosalind Godson

Sara Godward

Dr SK Godward - Trainee in Public health, Norfolk Suffolk and Cambridgeshire SHA

Mr Michael Richard Godwin - Honorary Visiting Fellow, Dept of Economics & International Development, University of Bath

Leonora Goergen

Miss Leonora Goergen

Katy Gold

Mr Lee Goldfarb

Ms Rosa Goldwater - Southend KONP member, Southend KONP

Mrs Jennifer Golland - Yoga teacher, carer concerned about my elderly parents

Mr Benjamin Gomersall

Mr W Gondal - Clinical Effectivenes & Audit Facilitator, Ashford & St Peter's Hospitals NHS Trust

Laurence Good

Mrs Zoe Goodacre

Ms Anna Goodall

Dr Brian Goodall - Retired GP

Mrs Jacqui Goodall

Mr M C Goodall

Tim Goodall

Gabrielle Goodchild - North Cornwall 38 Degrees

Nicola Goodchild

Maria Goodden

Miss Christine Joan Gooddy

Dr Peter Gooderham - Retired GP

Mr Chris Goodman - Consultant Urologist, Tayside Health, Scotland

J D S Goodman

Mrs Valerie Goodman

W Goodman - Forensic senior nurse

Mr C Goodsell

Mr HD Goodwin

Dr Eric Goodyer - Labour PPC for Charnwood, The Labour Party

Mrs M E Goold

Michael Goold - Secretary, Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers

Mr Marc Goozee - Commissioning Editor, Macmillan Education

Miss Anya Gopfert - Medical Student

Alastair Gordon - Consultant physician

Alex Gordon - Secretary, South Wales and West of England Regional Council,National Union of Rail,Maritime & Transport Workers RMT

Barbara Gordon

Mrs Barbara Gordon

Mr DA Gordon - Business Analyst, SMT Consulting

Professor David Gordon - Director of the Townsend Centre for International Poverty Research, University of Bristol

Isky Gordon - Emeritus professor, UCL ICH

Miss Mary Ellen Gordon - Sister

Mr Nik Gordon - IT Technical Support Manager, NHS

Dr Robert Gordon - Lecturer, University of Cambridge

Dr (PhD) GR Gore - Retired professor

Mr J Gorman

Dave Gorton - Branch Officer (BES), TGWU 1/372 Branch

Mr Richard Gorton

Miss JE Gosling - Manager, Practice Support Unit, Newham PCT

Mr RJ Gosling

Mr William Goude - Spr Orthopaedics

Mrs JM Gough

Mr Richard Gough - IWW

Dr DA Gould

Mr RE Gould - firefighter, west midlands fire service

Mr Sam Gould - Student

Miss Bethan Goulden - Medical Student, UCL

Dr P Goulden

Ms F Gourlay - nurse, bristol south and west pct

Dr Yannis Gourtsoyannis - Tropical Medicine SHO, LSHTM

Mrs Alison Gove-Humphries

Mrs Heather Govier - education

Dr Alexander Graf - Lecturer, University of Wales, Newport

Mr David Graham

Helen Graham

Mr J Graham - Lecturer, F.E.College

Ms Katie Graham - Student, University of York

Mrs SD Graham - Retired university lecturer

Ms Yvette Graham

Judy Graham MSc BA

Susanna Graham-Jones

Helene Grahame

Mrs Ann Grande - Staff Nurse, NHS

Mary Granger - Press Officer, Save Huddersfield NHS

Mr Derek Grant - Independent counsellor, Self employed

Dr Kathryn Grant - GP locum, West Sussex PCT

Dr Kathryn Grant - GP locum & family planning doctor, CWS CCG

Dr HD Grant-Peterkin - ST3 Psychiatry, South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Ellen Graubart - Coalition of Resistance

Ms Ellen Graubart

Mrs Hannah Graveney

Dr HJ Graver - Retired GP

Mr Tom Graver - student, UCL

Miss Afsaneh Gray - medical student

Ms Anne Gray - Research Fellow, London South Bank University

Miss Ashleigh Gray - Student

Ms C. A. Gray

Christopher Gray

Mrs CL Gray

Mr Dommie Gray

Ms H Gray

Ms K Gray

Sam Gray - Psychiatric Liaison Nurse, SLaM NHS Foundation Trust

Mr Sean Gray

Professor Selena Gray - Professor of Public Health, Past President Medical Women's Federation

N Gray-Lyons

Scott & Pat Gray-Williams

Mrs Jo Grayer - Research Sister, UHB NHS Foundation Trust

Ms CA Grayson - Independent researcher global health/human rights

Mr Sian Grbin

Mr James Grealy - Retired teacher, Save Our Hospitals

Mr SJ Greasley

Greater London Pensioners' Association - Ken Savage, General secretary

Greater Manchester & Beyond Coalition of PLW HIV & AIDS - Mr Michael Anthony Snaith, Volunteer Advocate and Campaigner

Paul Greaves

Miss Claire Greeb - Student in Genetic Counselling, NHS

Brian Green - GP

Mr David Green

Mr David Green - Treasurer, Huddersfield Keep Our NHS Public

Dr Elizabeth Green - GP Principal, Beaconsfield Medical Practice, Brighton

Ms Gillian Green - Student

Irmgard Green

Mr J Green - Project Manager and RGN

Mrs Janet Green - Seniour Therapy Assistant, Community Stroke Team

Mr John Green

Judith Green

Mrs K Green - Staff nurse, Salisbury foundation trust

Miss Lizzie Green - medical student, Newcastle Medical School

Malcolm Green

Mr Marc Green - Organisor, Save Heatherwood Hospital

Mr Michael Green

Trish Green - Research Associate, Hull York Medical School, University of Hull

Green Party - Mr Adam Twine, Parliamentary Candidate for Wantage

Green Party - Mr Charles Graham, Candidate

Green Party - Mr Danny Bates, Council candidate

Green Party - Mr Ian Wright, Parliamentary Candidate-Truro and Falmouth

Green Party - Ms Maya De Souza

Green Party - Steve Whiffen, PPC Daventry

Green Party (North West) - Cllr Emily Heath, Co-ordinator

Green Party of England and Wales - Miss Sian Berry, Campaigns Co-ordinator

Mr Anthony Greene - Chartered Surveyor, Self employed

Miss J Greenway

Mr J Greenway

Greenwich Green Party - Dave Sharman, Co-ordinator

Greenwich KONP -

Greenwich Pensioners' Forum - Mr Harbhajan Singh, Secretary

Greenwich Unison - Onay Lasab, Branch secretary

Mr Thomas Greenwood - Campaigns and External Links Officer, Oxford University Labour Club

Ms SM Gregor - Designer

Miss C Gregory - Student

Ms Hazel Gregory - Care Officer (mental health), Leeds Social Services

Miss Stacey Gregson

Mr Jack Grenville - Medical Student, SGUL

Miss Cosima Gretton - Student, Kings College London

Dr Chris Grey

Ms EM Griffin - journalist

Mr James Griffin - Manager, Brooks Brothers

Mr Peter Griffin - registered nurse, Royal Free Hospital

Ms Charlene Griffith

Dr David Griffith - retired physician

Miss Louise Griffith - Biomedical Support Worker, HNS

Ben Griffiths

Mr Brian Griffiths

Ms Carol Griffiths

Mr EA Griffiths - Surgical Research Fellow, South Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust

Mr G Griffiths

Ms Helen Griffiths - Huddersfield KONP

Melanie Griffiths

Mr Orion Griffiths

Miss S Griffiths - Medical Secretary, NHS

Mr Tom Griffiths

Mr C Grijalva

Mr Robert Grimason

Ms Janet Grimes - Senior Psychiatric Nurse, UNISON

Phil Grimes - District nurse

Richard Grimes

Mr Mark Grimshaw - Mental health nurse, 5 boroughs partnership

Meirion Grimshaw

Miss D Grismond - Creative Director

Mr Mark Grogan - Project Manager, PCT

Dave Groom

Helen Groom - member, Keep our NHS public North East

Mrs Susan Groom

Professor Ashley Grossman - Professor of Neuroendocrinology, Queen Mary University of London

Mr Dave Grover - Physiotherapist, University of Teesside

Dr K Gruboeck - Salaried GP, Sutton Valence Surgery

Oren Gruenbaum

Mrs June Grun

Mr Dean Adam Grysiuk

Miss C Gubby - Healthcare Assistant, Royal Berkshire NHS

Mrs N Guerri - Secretary

Mr TH Guerrier - Retired ENT Surgeon

Dr Nicola Guess

Dr Jonathan Guest - General Practitioner

Mr E Guffick

Ms D Guilfoyle

Ms Laurence Guillez - Lecturer, City & Islington College

Mr J Paul Guimaraes - press officer, virgin records

Dr Luke Guiot - Doctor, NHS Ayrshire and Arran

Miss Georgina Gullick - Medical Student, UCL

Denis Gullis

Mr Phil Gunn

Miss Jessica Gunning

C M Gunstone

Richard Gunstone - Retired consultant physician

Mrs Joy Gunter - Retired NHS, now Cornwall Advocacy

Ms Ramyani Gupta

Ms Trudi Gurling - Retired lecturer, Cornwall Anti-Cuts Alliance

Mr Marc Gurney - Support Worker, Autism Sussex

Mr & Mrs Eric John & Mary Guy - Patients

Mr G Guy

Mrs G Guy

Mrs Hannah Guymer

Dr G Gyorffy - Paediatric registrar, Whittington hospital

Ms Carolyn Gyseman

Mr Adam Gyulai-Lancaster - Medical Student, Barts and The London SMD

Ms Liz H - HR practicioner, NHS

Mr Christopher Hab - nurse, south essex trust

Dr L Habgood - Specialty Doctor, NHS York

Miss Elaine Hackett

Mr PJ Hackett - Civil Servant

Ann Hackney

Hackney North & Stoke Newington -

Hackney Pensioners' Convention - Ms Lin Lahm, Secretary

Ms MM Haddad

Mark Haddon

Mr Stuart Haddow - BN1 6RF

Mr E Richard Hadfield - Student

George Hadjipateras - TGWU

Sue Hadley - Community staff nurse

Dr Aziz Hafiz - GP, Bradford City PCT

Dr N Hagdrup - General Practitioner, JS practice

Mrs Jamilia Haidar-Al-Amin

Ms R Haigh

Professor Sir Andy Haines - personal capacity Professor of Public Health and Primary Care

Mr D Haire - Medical Equipment Engineer

Haldane Soc. Lawyers -

Mr Chris Hale - Staff nurse, NHS

Mr Tom Hale - Student

Stewart Halforty

Mrs Glenda Hall - Project Accountant

Miss Hannah Hall - Student, Medical School, University of Birmingham

Dr Julian Hall - General Practitioner, NHS

Mr Kyle Reece Hall

Mr Martin Hall

Miss Sharon Marie Hall - Sales Assistant, Primark

Mr Stuart Hall BSc - Actuary

Dr Alyson Hall Yandoli - Hon Consultant Child Psychiatrist, EastLondonNHS Foundation trust

Mr P Hall-Jones - Communications Officer, Public Services International

D Hall-Yandoli

Dr D Hallam - General Practitioner

Mr George Hallam - Save Lewisham Hospital

Mrs Debra Halliday

Mr Geoff Halliday

Hellin Halliday

Marianne Halliday

Mrs Marianne Halliday

Ms Arezoo Hallsberg - Occupational Therapy student

Mr Stephen Halpin - Medical student, Leeds Medical School

Eleanor Halsall - Strategic HR Consultant, Southwark PCT

Mr M Ham

Mr David Hamblin - Branch Youth Officer, GMB

Miss Jessica Hamer

Mr DW Hamilton - ST2, Durham and Darlington NHS Trust

John Hamilton - Campaign Officer, Lewisham People Before Profit

Ms Merril Hammer

Mrs Samantha Hammersley

Dr JBW Hammond - Freelance Life Sciences Writer

Mr Jonathan Hammond - Health inequalities researcher, University of Manchester

Robert Hammond

Ms Francesca Hamon

Ken Hampson - KONP - North Staffordshire

Mr Peter Hampson

Mr S P Hampson - self employed, Entertainment

Mrs Louise Hampton

Mrs Sharon Hamshere - Retired University Manager, University of Manchester

Alan Hancock

Mr Christopher David Hancock

Mrs Pamela Hancock - Hon. Sec., Thanet Senior Citizens' Forum

Miss Alicia Hand

Dr D M Hands - Health Authority Chief Executive (retired), North Wales Health Authority

Mr & Mrs H & W Hands

Mr R Hands - Architect, RIBA

Mrs A Handscomb - company director, European Nursing Leadership Foundation

Bronwen Handyside

Mrs T Hanks

Ms J Hanna - Former Non-Executive Director, South-West Oxfordshire PCT

Mr Alexander Hannah

Ms Jane Hannath - Principal, Jane Hannath Design

Hanover & Elm Grove Labour Party - Simon Elliot, Secretary

Dave Hansell

Mr Reg Hansell

Ms M Hansen

Dr S Hany

Mrs KathyHaq Haq - Registered Nurse

Mr Stefan Harakis

Ms Fiona Harcombe - Assistant Director for Communication, NHS Ealing

John Hardern

Cheryl Harding - Lead Nurse, Cardiac Services, Southampton City PCT

Mr D Harding

Mrs Jeannette Harding - Mental Health Trainer, Self Employed

Mark Harding - RMT Hammersmith & City Branch

Mr Alex Hardman

Mrs Anne Hardman

Dr Suzanna Hardman

Mrs C Hardy

Dr James Hardy - GP, Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public

Miss KA Hardy - Student

Mr PA Hardy - Professor of English, UPAEP

Mr Peter Hardy - Huddersfield KONP

Dr D.J. Hare - Clinical Psychologist, Univ.of Manchester / North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust

Mr Matt Hare - Graphic Designer, Newsquest

David Hargreaves

Peter Hargreaves

Mr Peter John Hargreaves

Dr R J Hargreaves

Ms Joanna Harma - Student, Sussex University

Mrs Rosemary Harma

Mr Patrick Harnett - Train driver, London Underground

Mr A K Harper

Professor Peter Harper - Professor, Dept of Medical Genetics, Institute of Medical Benefits, Cardiff

Mr Rowan Harper - Operations Manager, SEGRO

Tony Harper - Respect - Rusholme campaign

G Harries

Dr Josie Harries

Miss S M Harries

Ursula Harries

Ms D Harrington

Mrs Barbara Harris - Carer

Mr Bleddyn Harris

Ms C Harris

Dr David Lloyd Harris - Retired Dental Surgeon, BDA

Ms Del Harris - Student nurse

Ms EM Harris

Mr Evan Harris - MP

Miss Helen Harris - Occupational Therapy Student, Northampton University

Ms Isabel Harris

Ms K Harris - University of Sussex

Mr M Harris - Health Improvement Coord., SH&WD PCT

Mr MI Harris

Roy Harris - Principal Officer, Newcastle city counsellor

Ms Tess Harris

Ms Maggie Harris White

Anish & Marilyn Harrison - Student

Miss Cathy Harrison

Mr David Harrison

Mrs Jenny Harrison - psychotherapist, self employed

JM Harrison

John Harrison

Mrs L Harrison

Ms Rebecca Harrison

Ms Sarah Harrison

Mr Steven Harrison

Paul Harrop

Harrow Pensioners' Action Association - Alan Blann, Treasurer

Mr Harry - Y, Clarke

David Harry

Mrs Emma Hart

Julian Tudor Hart

Ms Madelaine Hart

Mr Michael Hart

Mr Stephen Hart - Treasurer, West Midlands County Association of Trade Unions

Mr Christopher Hartley

Mr David Hartley - West Oxfordshire 38 Degree organiser

Mr Matthew Hartley - Practice Development Nurse, trade union steward, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust

Mr Nick Hartley - Trainee Clinical Psychologist, NHS Leeds Teaching Hospitals

Mrs Alice Hartmann - Freelance Publicist, Freelance

Miss Vicky Hartwell - Student

A R Harvey

Ms Anna Harvey - Counsellor, Independent

Mr I Harvey

Dr J Harvey

Ms Judith Harvey

Ms Maria Harvey - Information Worker, Birmingham Women's Aid

Mr Richard Harvey

Mrs Sheila Harvey

Mrs SJ Harvey - Nurse

Miss Tasmin Harvey - Project mananager, NHS Wirral

Mr Andy Harwood

Dr Imran Hasan - Anaesthetist, NHS trust hospitals

Takehiko Hashimoto

Dr Simon Haskell - GP, NHS

Catherine Haskew

Revd David Haslam

Rev Luke L Haslam

Miss Yasmeen Hassan

Miss Kerry Hassell - Student, Durham University

Mr Sheron David Hassell

Mr F M Hastings - n/a, n/a

Hannah Hatchman - Bradford Peoples Coalition Against the cuts

Madeline Hatfield - Retired NHS

Mrs Madeline Hatfield - retired NHS

Miss Abigail Hatto

Peter Hatton - Unison Retired Members

Mr Peter Hatton

Mr & Mrs Roland & Lyn Hatton

Ms Christine Haughton

Dr Hazel Hawker - GP, Bradford city teaching PCT

Mr S J Hawker

Mr Shaun Hawkes - Director,

Prof CJ Hawkey - Consultant, NUH

Mr Shaun Hawkings - Teacher

Mr Gerald Hawkins

John Hawkins

Mr John Hawkins

Mr Jonathan Hawkins - Student

Gail Hawks - retired NHS

Mr David Hawksworth

Ms Ellen Hawley

Mr John Haworth

Mr Mark Haworth

Mr Dave Hayden

Mary Haydon

Mr David Hayes

Mrs Diana Hayes

Mr John Hayes - Medical Student

Dr Laura Hayes - Clinical Assistant, East Lancs NHS Trust

Ms Maria Hayes - Artist

Mrs YM Hayes

Dr A.W. Hayman

David Hayter

David Hayter

Mr J Hayton

Dr MI Hayton

Ms Martha Haywood

Dr Toni Hazell - GP, Somerset Gardens Health Centre

Cllr Brian Heading - City Cllr Lisburn City Council, SDLP

Gregory Healey

Health In Your Environment - Ian Hewitt, Chair

HealthDirect Ltd - Mr SWM Dye, Company Director

Dr Charlotte Heaps - SpR Psychiatry, Yorkshire Deanery

Elaine Heard - Retired teacher

Mrs Elaine E Heard - Retired teacher

Mr Nick Heard - Teacher, St Mary Redcliffe & Temple School

Ms Deborah Hearn

John Hearn

Dr Sarah Heasman - Academic Researcher

Mr Philip Heath

Mr S Heath - Journalist

Mr Thomas Heavey

Mr Tom Heavey

Mrs Yvonne Heavey

MS Lesley Hedges - Public Health Specialist, Green Party

Leonard Heed

Dr Colleen Heenan - Psychotherapist, Private practice

Mrs Kate Helmer

FA & G Hemingway

Ms AIP Hemming

Miss B Hemming

Ms Susan Hemmings

Mr David Hemsley - printer, private company

Dr Mike Henchy - GP Partner, Bretton Medical Practice

Mr John Henderson

Ms Pam Henderson

Mr Roy D Henderson - Software developer, CSL Ltd

Dr Sebastian Hendricks - Consultant, Hospital Trust in London / North London

Ms Kim Hendry - union official, PCS

Mr Dave Hendy

John Hendy QC

Mrs Dorothy Henley

Mr J A Henley

Mr Steven Henn

Mr Steven Henn

Mr Jeffrey Hennessey

Mr William Hennessey

Brian Hennessy

Mr D Hennessy

Mr David J Henry - Young Men's Health Development Worker, North, Central and South Manchester PCT

Mr John Henry - Business Analyst, Microsoft

Dr Mel Henry

Dr Elizabeth Hensel - Clinical psychologist, NHS

Karl Henshall - KONP North Staffordshire

Mr Darren T Henvey - Teaching Assistant, Birmingham City Council

Mr Nigel Heptinstall

Mrs Debbie Heptonstall - Administrator, CPFT

Ms Sarah Hermans - GP

Dr lindsay Herrington - Retired GP

Prof Peter Herriot - Professor of Psychology (retired)

Ms Sarah Herron

Mrs M D Heslegrave

Mr Patrick Hewins - retired university teacher, Universidad de Castilla-la Mancha

Mr Dave Hewitt - Paediatric staff nurse, neurosciences, Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham

Mr Ian Hewitt

Mr Thomas Hewkin

Steve Hewlett

Ms Janet Hewson

E Hey

Ian Heyes - Acting Secretary, Wigan & Leigh Save Our NHS/Keep Our NHS Public

Mr Richard Heyes

Mrs Biddy Hibbert - health visitor, morecambe bay pct

Margaret Hickman - Director of Engagement, Herts Urgent Care

Mr C Hicks

Mrs Lynn Hickson

Mr Paul Hickson - Community Learning Disabilty Nurse, Lancashire care NHS Trust

Julie Higgins

Mr Michael Higginson

Ms Eleanor Higgs

Mr Peter Higgs - Radiographer

Miss Karen Higley

Ms RR Higman

Ms Helen Hignell

Mary Hiles

Dr Antonia Hill - Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Aneurin Bevan Health Board

Mr David Hill - Locum Consultant (ENT), Antrim Hospital, N. Ireland

Miss EC Hill - Student

Eleanor Hill

Mrs Janet Hill - civil servant, dwp

Mr Justin Hill

Mrs K.P. Hill - Non-Executive Director, Central Derby PCT

Dr Karen Hill - GP, Almondsbury Surgery

Mr Michael Hill

Mr Rich Hill - Transport Co-ordination Officer, Local authority

Mr Simon Hill

Mr Stephen Hill - GMB Trade Union

Dr V HILL - Director

Mrs S Hillbeck

Dr Hilary Hillier

Hillingdon Forum for the Elderly - Ms S Underwood

Hillingdon Forum for the Elderly - Sally Underwood, Treasurer

Dr Denis D Hilton

Gary Hilton - Information Officer, ULHT

Ms Ruth Hilton

Dr M C Hime - GP, Clevedon Riverside Group

Miss Kayleigh M Hind - Student social worker/ learning disability nurse, Teesside University

Mrs Frances Hinde - Retired Deputy Head

Mr Adrian Hindle

Mrs Lenore M Hinds - Independent NHS Conciliator/Mediator

Margaret Hinds - Chairman, Health Forum Service S/E

Mr Simon Hinds

Mrs and Mr Elza and Mike Hingston

Ms Judith Hinman

Ms Judy Hinsliff

Mrs Aline Hinton

Dr James Hinton

Mr J Hiom - GMB Milton Keynes City Branch

Mr Nuruzzaman Hira - Exicutive Member, Camden Respect

Dr Caroline Hird - Specialist Registrar in Public Health

Maureen Hirsch - Warwick and Leamington new group

Ms J Hirst

Ms Julie Hirst

Julie & Richard Hirst - Campen

Sarah Hitchings - Lewes Stop The Cuts

Professor Graham Hitman - Professor of molecular medicine and diabetes, Royal London Hospital

Mr & Mrs Ken & Rosie Hoad

Mr David Hoadley - 38 degrees (southampton nhs group)

Mr David Hoadley - Southampton KONP

Mr David Hoadley - Southampton KONP

Dr Elizabeth Hobbs - Paediatric Doctor (ST3), Royal Free Hospital

Ms Margaret Hobbs - nurse therapist, CAMHS team

Ms Becky Hobbs Milne - Health care assistant, Royal Hampshire County Hospital

Ms F Hobbs Milne

Paul Hobday - GP, NHS

Ms Kathryn Hobson - Private individual, ex-NHS worker, recipient of many NHS services, supporter of non-profit health care

Mr D Hocking - Support Worker, Hampshire Partnership Mental Health

Miss KC Hocking - Medical Student, Cambridge University

Mr Peter Hockley

Elaine Hoctor

Ms Elaine Hoctor

Mrs Jessica Hodge - project manager, stroud valleys car club

Ms Siobhan Hodge

Dr Bob Hodges - GP

Tony Hodges - Co-Chair, Save Our Local Hospitals: South East London

Mr Jonathan Hodgkinson

Mr Bill Hodgson - Deputy Secretary, Civil Service Pensioners Alliance - Manchester & District Group

Dr Christopher Hodgson

Mr Gordon P Hodgson

Mr John Hodgson - Field service engineer

Stephen Hodgson - NHS Consultants' Association

Miss Zara Hodson

Dr. Andreas Hoeferl - Political advisor, SPOe Vienna

Dr David Hoffler

Mr K M Hogarth

Aison Hogg

Mr Ben Hogg - Student

Christine Hogg

Miss EJ Hogg

David Holdcroft

Mr B Holden

Ms C Holden

Nick Holden - Branch Chair, UNISON Leicestershire Health branch

Mr Mark Holder

Mr Mark Holder - Disability Campaigner for NHS

Ursula Holdsworth

Dr Ursula Holdsworth

Mr R Hole - Retired Consultant Urologist, NHSCA

Ms Maggie Hollan

Prof. David Holland

Mrs L Holland

Matthew James Holland - Managing Director, Scorpio Computer Supplies Ltd

Miss Michelle Holland

Miss Rebecca Holland

Ms Sadie Holland - Student Midwife, KCL

Ms Bella Hollinshead

Miss Lucy Hollis

Prof J H Holloway - Deputy Vice Chancellor of Leicester University, Professor of Chemistry

Ms KA Holloway - Speech and Language Therapist

Mr Daniel Holme - YHA assistant

Dr Claire Holmes

Miss Elizabeth Jane Holmes - Actress,Customer services

Ms Rachel E Holmes - Freelance legal researcher

Mr Richard T Holmes - Resident of the UK (England)

Mr Stewart Holmes

Mr Toby Holmes

Miss R A Holness - Student, London Metropolitan

A Holpin

Michael Holroyd - Author

Mr D Holt - NHS Bolton

Mr Simon Honey

Ms Naomi Honigsbaum

Mr A Hook

Ms Frances Hook - Greenwich KONP

Miss Danielle Hooker

Enid Hoole

Mr David Hooley

Mrs Linda Hooley

Ms J Hope

Ken Hope

Ken Hope - SW KONP

Kim Hope

Mr Mike Hope

Ms Tamara Hopewell

Alison Hopkins - Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public

Mrs Amanda Hopkins - Teacher

Ms Linda Hopkins

Marilyn Hopkins

Ms Miriam Hopkinson

Nicholas Hopkinson - Senior Lecturer & Hon. Consultant Chest Physician, Royal Brompton Hospital

P. Anthony Hopkinson

Dr EJ Horder

Mr David Horler

Bethanie Hornby - Student

Jayne Hornby - Neonatal Nurse, NHS

Mrs Jayne Hornby - Senior staff nurse, NHS

Nick Hornby - author

Mr P Hornby - Partner, Network Consultants

Clifford Horne

Mr Clifford Horne - Chairman, Suffolk Pensioners Association

Mr G Horne - Course Director, MA Journalism, London College of Communication, University of the Arts, London

Mr John Horne

Ms S Horne - Disability Rights Campaigner

Mr Gerry Horner

Miss S Horowitz

Miss Jennifer Hort - 3rd Year Medical Student, PCMD

Ms AK Horwood - Mental Health Worker, MIND

Dr Iain Hotchkies - GP

Dr Iain L M Hotchkies - General Practitioner, South Manchester

Dr K Houghton - Consultant Anaesthetist, South Devon Healthcare Trust

Nadine Houghton - Battersea & Wandsworth TUC

Miss S Houltby - Community Nurse, West Lincs PCT

Mr. G House - community learning disabilities nurse, Bristol South and West PCT

Mr Graham House

Dr William House - GP, Bath and North East Somerset PCT

Mr Graeme Houston

Mrs Julia Howard - Very grateful patient

Martin Howard

Mr Nicholas Howard-King - Graphic Designer, Freelance

Mrs Gillie Howarth

Miss J Howarth

Ms Meg Howarth

Miss S Howarth

Mr John Howe - consultant, health care/hospital

Mrs Jane Howell

Mrs Josie Howell

Mr Mark Howell

R Howell - Administration, Luther Street Medical centre, Oxford

Dr Andrea Howes - Consultant Radiologist, St Helens and Knowsley NHS Trust

Mr Jonathan Howie

Dr Neil Howie - Specialty Registrar, Emergency Medicine

Elizabeth Howl

Anna Hoyles

Ms Charlotte Hubback - Editor, Freelance

Dr Gill Hubbard - Senior Research Fellow, Dept, Nursing and Midwifery, Stirling University

Lois Hubbard

Mr Christopher Huddart - Student

Huddersfield Save Our NHS Services - Roger Keely

Ms C Hudman

Edward Hudson

Mr G Huey

Mrs J Huff

Mr A Hughes

Mr A B C Hughes - Project Manager, Bristol North Primary Care Trust

Dr. A.M. Hughes - Inverclyde Royal Hospital

Alan Hughes

Mr Alan Hughes - Graphic designer, New Internationalist

Dr C Hughes - SpR Cardiology

Mr Dave Hughes

Mr David Hughes - Accessible Information Officer, NHS Highland

Dominic Hughes

Dr Elizabeth Hughes - Senior Lecturer in Mental Health, University of York

Mr J Hughes - student radiographer

Ms Jean Hughes

Miss Jocelyn Hughes

Mr John Hughes

Martin Hughes

Philip Hughes - Artist

Psiche Hughes - Lecturer

Mr Solomon Hughes - Journalist

Mr TJ Hughes - MLA

Tom Hughes - Consultant Psychiatrist, Leeds Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust

TT Hughes

Andy Hull - Islington North CLP

Mrs Sally Hull

Mr Patrick Hulme - Local activist

Mr Robert Hulme

Miss Jess Humphreys

Mr KA Humphreys

Mr John Humphries

Mr Dhanwant Hundal - sales assistant

Miss Raminder Hundal - Web designer

Ms Jeni Hunneyball

Mr Andrew Hunt - Dep Head of IST, Bath & North East Somerset PCT

Mr Brian Hunt - Management Committee member EDPA

Miss Frances Hunt - Student Nurse/HCA, University & NHS Hospitals

Miss Jacqueline Hunt - Community Heart Failure Specialist Nurse, Sussex Community

Luise Hunt - health visitor

Mrs BJ Hunter

Professor David Hunter - Professor of Health Policy and Management, Wolfson Research Institute, University of Durham

Mrs Elisabeth Hunter

Mr KR Hunter

Miss Natalie Hunter

Ms Rosanna Hunter

Huntingdon NUT Retired Section - Mrs PM Hoare, Treasurer

Mr John Hurd - retired teacher

D G Hurley - Branch Secretary, Amicus Vauxhall Factory Branch 9/0944

Mr Mark Hurn

G Husband

Mr Jack olav Husebo

Mr Shahid Hussain

Mrs Daphne Hussein - retired Health Visitor

Mr Michael Hussey - Senior Computing Officer, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Mr Gerald Hutchings

Mr C Hutchins - Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner - Trainee, Time to Talk - Sussex Community NHS TRUST

Dave Hutchinson - Branch secretary, Amicus

Mr Gerry Hutchinson

Mr Julian Hutter

Mr Alan Hutton - Senior Lecturer in Economics, Glasgow Caledonian University

Miss Jane Hutton

Miss SL Huxham

Ms SMS Hyams

Ms C Hyde

Miss H Hyde-Smith

Ms Bernadette Hyland - Tameside KONP Group

Mr J Hyland

Mrs J Hyland

Mrs JE Hynes

Hypoparathryoidism UK - Liz Glenister, Founder of patient support group

Alex Ibison - Diagnostic Radiographer, Aintree University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr M Iddon - Lecturer in Music, University of Leeds

David Idle

Ilford South Labour Party - Mr Chris Stone, Secretary

Mr C Illingworth - Intern, Bath Uni

Dr I Ilott - Researcher, University

Impact Integrated Medicine Project - Ms Fiona Robertson, Homeopath

Independents to Save Queen Mary's [Sidcup] - Mr John Hemming-Clark, Party Leader

Industrial Workers of the World - IWW, British Isles Regional Organising Committee

Oliver Ingham - General Secretary, University of Exeter and Falmouth Keep Our NHS Public Branch

Mr Oliver Ingham - Student, Exeter University

Chris and Jo Ingold

Mr Alan Ingram - Consultant, Fair Property Ownership

Mr Chris Ingram

Helen Ingram - Unison

Mr Joshua Injai

Mrs Helen Innes - wage slave

Ipswich & Dist TUC - Ms Teresa MacKay, Secretary

Ipswich & District Trades Council - Martin Hynes, Secretary

Ipswich and District TUC - Joanna Oldham, Treasurer

Mr Andrew Iredale

Miss L M Ireland - self employed, marketing

Dr Margaret Ireland

Mr Nicholas Ireland

Mr Richard Irish

Miss Lisa Irvine - Architectural Assistant, Private Company

Dr Louise Irvine

Mrs Lynn Irvine - Clerical Assistant, Aberdeenshire Council

Mr Wilson Irvine - Lecturer, University

Greg Irving

Jacqui Irving - Speech & language therapist

Mr Robert Irving

Ms D Isaac - Finance Admin, Burgoynes

Miss Gail Isaacs - Biomedical Scientist, Homerton FT NHS

Dr Alifa Isaacs-Itua

Islington North C. Labour Party - Tricia Clarke, Secretary

Islington North CLP - Tricia Clarke, Secretary

Islington Pensioners' Forum - Angela Sinclair, Secretary

Islington Pensioners' Forum - George Durack, Chairman

Mr Sacha Ismail - Unite

Ms Sacha Ismail

Elaine Israel-Samuels

Diana Isserlis

Mr RC Isted

Ms L Ivers - Active Case Manager, Central Manchester PCT

Mr Harry Ives

Mr JH Ives

Andrew Izard - Branch Secretary, RMT EAST HAM BRANCH

Mr David Richard Jackson - Group member and activist(retired), Notts Men's Health Group

Mrs E Jackson - Physiotherapist, Eden Valley Primary Care Trust

Miss Fiona Jackson - Project Manager

Dr J M Jackson - Retired Public Health Physician

Mr John Jackson

Mr Julian Jackson

Mr Matt Jackson

Mr Matthew Jackson - customer service adviser

Mo Jackson

Mr Neil Jackson - community psychiatric nurse, NHS Borders

Dr P M Jackson

Philip Jackson - Medical student, University of Aberdeen

Mrs Rebecca Jackson - Freelance

Mr Robert Jackson - IFA

Dr Barbara Jacobs

Dr BR Jacobs

Mr Edward Jacobs - Member, Broxtowe Labour Party

Frank Jacobs

J Jacobs

Mr Asher Jacobsberg

Mrs Barbara Jacobson - Press liaison, Barnet Alliance for Public Services

Mrs D Jacomb

Mr John James

Mrs Liz James - SOS NHS Derby

Mr Marcus James

Mr Michael James

Dr Philippa James - GP

Miss PJ James

R K James

Miss Rebecca Catherine Veronica James

Mr Roy James - Retired Member, UNISON

Ruth James

Mr S James

Ms Sophie James

Mrs Térri James

Mrs Margaret James-Barber - Lancashire North 38degrees NHS campaign group

Mrs Margaret James-Barber - Nlancs 38degrees NHS campaign group

Dr B Jameson

Catherine Jamieson - Teacher

Dr Monica Jamieson - GP

Miss Emma Claire Jamison

Ms Audrey Jancovich

JFM Janes

Professor Brian Jarman - ex BMA President, Emeritus Professor, Imperial College

Dr Matt Jarrett - Consultant, NHS

Dr Penelope Jarrett - GP, Lewisham

Prof RJ Jarrett - Retired Consultant

Mr Andy Jarvie

Mr J Jarvill

Mr James Jarvill

Dr R Jarvis - Consultant in Public health

Ms Christine Jay - Teacher

A Jayes

Mr Paul Jebb - Senior Nurse Manager, Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre Hospitals NHS trust

Marie Jedla

Dr CM Jeffcoate - GP, Crystal Peaks Medical Centre

Ms Emily Jefferson - Trainee art psychotherapist

Daniel Jeffery

Mr Daniel John Jeffery - Student, Southampton University Students Union

Mr PM Jeffery

Stuart Jeffery

Mrs B Jeffrey - waltham forest KONP

Mr P Jeffrey - Waltham Forest KONP

Miss S Jeffrey - speech and language therapist, nhs

Stuart Jeffrey

Mr Kevin N Jelf

Ms Helena Jenkins - Speech and Language Therapist, Newham PCT

Mr Jeff Jenkins - Director, YWGAV Ltd

Miss Jennifer Jenkins

Ms Karen Louise Jenkins - Kitchen Supervisor, Fern Street Settlement

Ms Milly Jenkins - Trainee child psychotherapist, Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust

ML Jenkins - Political Education Officer, Ellesmere Port & Neston CLP

Mr Paul Jenkins

Mr Phil Jenkins

Mr RP Jenkins

Ms Taylor Jenkins Jenkins - Student

Timothy Jenkinson - Consultant Rheumatologist Medical Director, Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases Bath

Ms Melanie Jenner - Secretary, Croydon Trades Union Council

Mr Peter Jenner

Mr Leslie Jennings

Mrs M Jenvey

Miss Vanessa Jessop - Medical Student - Edinburgh

Dr Mandip Jheeta - Doctor (SHO), Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust

Dr B K Jindal

Ms Ann John

Mr C John - Supervisor, Medical Research Council

Ms A Johnson

Ailsa Johnson

Dave Johnson - NHS User, The working class

Mr David Johnson

Mr Edward Johnson - Site Manager, Primary School

Miss Emily Johnson - Musician

Mrs Hayley Johnson - Medical Secretary, St Cross Hospital, Rugby

Mrs Kathryn Johnson

Ms Marie Johnson - Family Therapist

Ms Maz Johnson - Company Director

Mrs Melanie Johnson - Personal Assistant to Director of Services for Children & Young People, Telford & Wrekin Primary Care Trust

Paul Johnson - Lambeth SOS / Lambeth KONP

Dr Richard Johnson - GP Principal, Drs Johnson & Modi

Ms Sarah Johnson

Mr SR Johnson

Mrs Tara Johnson

Ms Judith Johnston

Mr David Johnstone

Mr Nairn Johnstone - Database Adminastrator, Cancer Research UK

Aiden Jolly

Mr Andrew Jolly - Social Worker, Worcestershire County Council

Liz Jolly

Mr Paul Jolly

Mr A Jones

Dr A C Jones - Specialist registrar in public health, Adur, Arun and Worthing PCT

Mr Andrew Jones

Mr B A Jones - Technical Clerk, Swindon Borough Council/ UNISON

C Jones

Mr C Jones - Company Director

Camilla Jones

Mrs Carole Jones

Miss Catherine Jones - Head of Mathematics Faculty, Birmingham City Council

Mr Clifford Jones

Mr Colin Jones - Nurse, Oxleas NHS Trust

Mr Colin Jones

Ms Coral Jones

Mr Daniel Ian Jones

Mr Daniel Mark Jones - Medical Student, UCL

David Jones

DE Jones

Mr DG Jones

Diane Jones

Mr DJ Jones

Dr E Jones - Clinical Psychologist

Miss Emily Jones

Mr Graham Jones - Staff Nurse, NHS

Ms H Jones - Teacher, Nottingham City Council

Mr Huw Jones - Emergency Medical Technician, West Midlands Ambuolance Service NHS Trust

Mrs Jo Jones - Registered Nurse, Charity

Jolyon Jones - UNISON member

Mr JVS Jones

Dr Karl Jones

Mrs Lesley P Jones - Carer

Linda Jones

Dr Lynne Jones - MP for Birmingham Selly Oak

Mr M Jones

Mr Mark Jones

Dr Melanie J T Jones - Consultant Anaesthetist, BroMorgannwg NHS Trust

Ms Natalie Jones - Senior Staff Nurse in Medical Admission Unit, George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust

Mr Neil Jones - Graduate mental health worker, Heart of Birmingham tPCT

Mrs Phyl Jones

Ms Rachel Jones

Reginald Jones - Wolverhampton Pensions Convention

Ms Sarah Jones - Emd, Swast

Simon Jones

Mr Simon Jones - Firefighter, Fire And Rescue Service

Mr Simon Jones - Children's Nurse, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Stanley Jones

Dr Sue Jones - Research Associate

Mrs Tracy Jones

Mr Trevor Jones - Socialist Workers Party Member

Ms W Jones - podiatrist, Havering pct

Dr Andy Jordan - General Practitioner, The terminally ill National Health Service

Stuart Jordan

Dr Tim Jordan - Retired Ophthalmologist

Ms Laura Jose

Miss Emily Josland - Student Midwife, Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust

Judith Joy - Airedale Wharfedale and Craven CITIZENS Clinical Commissioning Group

Mr V Joya - Public Health Practitioner, NHS Tees

Jan Jude - Practice Manager

Mrs J Juliff - Workforce Development Service Lead, Dacorum PCT

Mr Saif Jung Khan

Mr Robin Junga - Lecturer, De Montfort University

Junior Doctors' Committee of the British Medical Association - Dr Jo Hilborne, Chairman

Mrs Hilary Justice

Stephen Kaar - FY2 Doctor, Pennine Acute Rochdale

Ms Tanja Kadlez - clinical pharmacist and Amicus rep

Mr Aeltaf Kahn

Ms Marilyn Kahn

Miss P Kahn

Mr Siamak Kaikavoosi

Mike Kalaher

Mr S Kallides-Ford - Physiotherapist

Mr Michael Kalmus Eliasz - Medical Student and part time Healthcare Assistant

B Kambiz

Max Kammerling

Miss Abla Kandalaft - Student

Ms Caroline Kane - Medical student, University of Leeds

Mr Yash Kansal

Miss T Karimova - Student

Miss May Kaspar

Cllr. Andy Kay - Executive Member for Regeneration, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

D & P Kay

Mrs Jane Kaye

Miss Ashling Keane - Video Producer

Mrs Sue Keaney - Health Visitor, Easington PCT

Jane Kearley

Mr Chris Kearton

Mr Christopher Keary - Staff Nurse

Mr Colin Keatley

Dr B. R. Keeble

Mr John Keefe

Mr Terry Keefe - National Secretary, Amicus

Mrs Linda Keegan

Mr Shaun Keeling

Professor Ann Lloyd Keen

Professor Harry Keen - President, NHS Support Federation

Mr Luke Keen - Blankety Quiz

Ms Nan Keen

Mrs A Keenan

Mr R Keenan

Christopher Keene

Christopher Keene - Campaigns Committee Member, Green Party

Ms Rose Keeping

Mrs Ruth Keil - Retired Registered General Nurse/Registered Midwife, RCN

Miss A E Kellaway

Mrs D A Kellaway

Mr J Kellaway

Mr Ben Kelly - Musician, Cook and the Case

Mrs Celia Kelly - Retired teacher

Frances Kelly

Mr Graham Kelly

Miss J Kelly - Student Nurse, Kings College London

Mrs JA Kelly

Dr John Kelly - Consultant Clinical Psychologist, North Yorkshire PCT

Mr John FS Kelly - retired teacher

Mr M Kelly

Moira Kelly

Mrs Pauline MA Kelly

Dr S P Kelly - Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Bolton Hospitals NHS Trust

Mr Tony Kelly - Secretary Ryde Trades Council, AMICUS

Jordan Kelly-Tams

Mr Jordan Kelly-Tams - Student

David Kelshaw

Graeme Kemp

Ms Penny Kemp - National spokesperson, Green Party

Mrs Tina Marie Kemp - Customer Service Assistant., London Underground

Mr Mark Kendall

Mrs Liz Kendall-Tobias - Quality Assurance Manager, Voca Ltd

Dr Mary Keniger

David Kennedy

Mr David Kennedy

Ms Jean Kennedy

Ms Jean Kennedy

Joan Kennedy

John Kennedy

Mr Patrick Kennedy - Illustrator, Anglia Ruskin University

Mr Patrick Kennedy - Security Agent, Uni of Derby

Miss Victoria Kennedy

Helena Kennedy QC - human rights advocate and author

Jacqueline Kennett - Retired lecturer and former NHS Non-executive director, Chichester

Ms Elizabeth Kenny - Student

Miss T Kensett - student, University of Birmingham

Ms Amanda Kent

Mr Bruce Kent

Kent Green Party - Mr S Jeffery, Officer

Kent KONP - Chas Berry, Treasurer

Amy Kenyon - Member, Save Barnet NHS

Ms Amy Kenyon

Frank Keogh - Convenor, Unite the Union Branch George Eliot Hospital Branch

Mr Frank Keogh - Trade Union Convenor T&G, George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust

Mr David Kerley

MR Geoff Kerr-Morgan - Residential Care Officer Mental Health, Stockton Social Services

Dr Diarmuid Patrick Kerrin - Consultant Paediatrician, Barnsley Hospital

Dave Kershaw

Dave Kershaw

Ms Helen Ketchell - NHS Counsellor, Foundation Trust

Simon Kewin

Elizabeth Keyse

Roger Keyse - Unison

Ms EA Keywood

Mr F Khair

Ray Khan

Mr U Khan

Ms Jellila Khatib

Mrs R Khatri - Senior Lecturer in Public Health, Liverpool JMU

Giulia Khawaja

Mrs TE Khorshid

DR P Kiehlmann - GP Principal

Peter Kilfoyle MP

Ms Veronica Killen - senior lecturer, northumbria university

Mr Clark Killick - Technician

Mr Tom Killick

Dr Michael Kilshaw - Junior Doctor, NHS

Mr P Kimpton

Mr A King

Dr D King

Dr David King - Consultant anaesthetics/intensive care, Southend Hospital

Miss E King

Mrs H King

Mrs J King - Paediatric Surgery Registrar, Greater Glasgow NHS

Ms Janet King - Artist carer, Self employed

Mr John King - Carer

Mick King

Ms Rachael King - Senior case Worker, CRI

Mr Roger King

Stuart King - member of Lambeth KONP

Mr Tom King - Student

Ms Charlotte Heloise Kingsbury

Ms Susannah Kingsbury - Database Executive, Breast Cancer Campaign

Ms ES Kingston

Nicola Kingston - Co-Chair, Lambeth LINK, Health Improvement Manager, NHS Hammersmith & Fulham

Patrick Kinnersly

Mr Patrick Kinnersly

Mr Donald Kinnibrugh

Mrs S Kinsella - NHS Wirral

Mr Andrew Kinsey - Designer, Manchester Labour Party

Dr Hilary Kinsler - Consultant psychiatrist, NELFT

Ron Kipps

Mr Alex Kirby - Freelance journalist

Mr Dave Kirby - Hackney & City KONP

Vanessa Kirby

Mr & Mrs L&J Kirbyshire - Support worker

Mr C J Kirk

Dr HE Kirk

Mrs Jennifer A Kirk

Mr K Kirk

C L Kirkby

Dr J M Kirker

Professor Mavis Kirkham - Emeritus Professor of Midwifery, Sheffield Hallam University

Becca Kirkpatrick - Chair / steward, UNISON West Midlands Blood Transfusion branch

Mrs AJ Kirwan

Jane Kirwan

Ms Jane Kirwan

Mr John Kirwan

Dr Simon Kirwin - SpR Psychiatry, NELFT

Mr Joseph Kisolo-Ssonko - Mental health support worker, YASP

Ms Amy Kitcher

Mr S A Kitzinger

Mrs Patricia Kleinman

Ms Adrianna Klesmotowska

Mr David Kline - former registered nurse

Dr M Kliner - Doctor, NHS

Miss Merav Kliner - Medical Student, University of Leeds

Mr A Knapp - nurse, Banes pct

Mr David Knibb - Deputy Convenor Shop Stewards Committee, Amicus

Mrs Helena Knight

Mr JCJ Knight

Ms Lisa Knight

Mr Samuel Knight

Cllr Sheila Knight - Vice Chair, Merton Health Scrutiny Panel

Miss S Knighton - senior internal auditor, suffolk audit services

Mrs D Knock - Nurse

Dr C Knott - PRHO (FY1), Whittington Hospital NHS Trust

Joan Knott

Miss Melanie Knott - Production Assistant

Miss Georgina Knowles

Mrs HJE Knowles

Miss Katalin Koblos - Admissions Support Assistant, Anglia Rsukin Univeristy

Mr & Mrs L Kochen - Southend KONP member, Southend KONP

Mr MA Koenders - Self employed

Ms Margaret Koller - Health Visitor, NHS Manchester

Dr Serguei Komissarov - Lecturer, University of Leeds

Miss Alexandra Komissarova - Student, University of Aberdeen

KONP - North Staffordshire - Mr Kenneth Lownds, Coordinator

KONP Robin Hood - David McCann, Secretary

KONP Wakefield - David Coates, Chairman

Michael Kopelman

Prof Michael Kopelman - Professor of Neuropsychiatry, King's College London Institue of Psychiatry based at St Thomas's Hospital

Mrs Betty Kosky

Ms A Kot - speech & language therapist, West wilts PCT

Marko Kovacevic

Dr S Kraemer

Dr G Kranenburg

Monika Krause

Ms Nancy Krois - Teacher, Freelance

Mrs B Krywoszej

Miss K Krzyszkowski - Centre Nurse (mental health), Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health (NHS) Trust

Mr Brian Kuipers

Dr S Kula

Sonya Kunawicz

Mr Hari Kunzru

Dr Thomas Kus - Consultant Paediatrician, Gloucester Royal Hospital

Mr Stephen Kyberd - Student

Miss Jessica Kyle

Ms S L'Amie - Technician, University of Leeds

Maria La Rocca - Journalist/patient

Bunny La Roche - East Kent KONP

Ms Bunny La Roche - East Kent KONP

Labour Party - Ms Sandra Buck, Political Educational Officer

Labour Representation Committee - Graham Bash, Treasurer

Labour Representative Committee - Graham Bash, Graham Bash

Miss Hannah Lacey

Jeremy Lack

Mrs Charlie Lackin - Credit Manager

Mark Ladbrooke - Chair UNISON Oxfordshire Health, UNISON Health Group Executive

Mrs Julia Lafferty

Dr S Lahiri

Mr W Laing

Mrs Susan Laishley - RGN ARU, GRH Acute Trust

Miss A Laister

Neil Laister - Director, Analytic Art Limited

Mr Neil Laister

Ms Charlotte Lait - Video Editor, Yahoo! News

Mrs Gillian Laity

Mr John Laity

Dr Jeffrey Lake - Speciality Registrar in Public Health, London Deanery

Thomas Lake

Mrs Ros Lam

Dr Adrian Lamb - Locum GP

Ms Catherine Lamb

Mr J Lamb

Prof Joe Lamb - Emeritus Professor at St Andrews

Mr KDI Lamb

Miss Nicola Lamb - Student

Mrs Olivia Lamb - Retired Community Midwife, NHS

Ms Angela Lambert

Mrs Jean Lambert MEP (Green) - Member of European Parliament, Green Party

Lambeth & Southwark KONP - Dave Eastham, Treasurer

Lambeth KONP - Tony Anthrobus, Chair

J E J Lamond

Dr Irene Lampert

Mike Lamprey

Lancashire Association of Trade Union Councils - Peter Billington, Secretary

Dr TV Lancaster

Lancaster & Morecambe KONP - Dr DG Wrigley, Contact

Lancaster & Morecambe Trades Council - David Barnes, Secretary

MJ Lancaster Smith - Retired Physician

Ms Sarah Lancastle

Sylvia Landells

Ms Catherine Lander - Principal Speech and Language Therapist, Dudley South PCT

Nick Lander - food writer, restaurant consultant

Mr Brett Lane

Charlie Lane - student, school

Hannah Lane

Mr Howard Lane

Jo Lane - Amicus rep / named nurse safeguarding children, Eastern Leicester PCT

Mr Jonathan Lane

Ms S Lane - Speech and Language Therapist, Telford and Wrekin PCT

Miss Karin Lang

Dr Beki Langford - Research Associate, University of Bristol

Miss Hanah Langford - Student

Mrs Simon Langford - Electrician

Miss Tara Langford - Student

Mrs Tracy Langford - ex nurse

N G Langmaid

Ms Karen Langridge - student

Mrs Judith Lappin

Miss C Lapthorn - Research Associate, University of the West of England

Mr M Q Lapthorn - Lay member, Patient/Public Panel, Oxford Radcliffe NHS Trust

Mr S Large - Student

Mrs S LaRoche

Steve Lasenby

Miss Rosie Latchford - Student

G H Lathe

Mr D W Latimer - medically retired Civil Servant

Ms Lesley Latimer

Justine Lattimer

Miss Carly Lattimore - Biomedical Scientist, National Blood Service, Sheffield

Mrs J Laurie - Registered nurse, State Hospital, Carstairs, Scotland

Dr M Lavalette - Senior Lecturer in Social Policy, University of Liverpool

Mrs Anne Lavery

Mr Brian Lavery - Student

Mr M B Lavery - Medical Student

Ms Wendy Lavington

Mrs K A Law - Speech and language therapist, CECPCT

Mr Malcolm Law - Treasurer, Defend Our NHS York

Mrs Pat Law

Dr Roslyn Law - Consultant Clinical Psychologist, SWL&StG MH NHS Trust

Steve Lawless - Paramedic

Mr Tom Lawlor - Student mental health nurse

Mr A Lawn - Key Account Executive, Manfrotto UK

Ms Alison D Lawrence

Miss Stephanie Andrea Lawrence - Student, Goldsmiths University

Mr M Lawrenson - Public, Socialist Party

Mr A J Laws

Dr Arrianne Laws - Specialty Trainee Emergency Medicine (LAT), NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Henry Lawson

Mr K Lawson - War Veteran

Ms Michelle Lawson - unemployed gardener

Neal Lawson - Chair, Compass

Dr R H Lawson - GP

Dr Joel Lazarus - College Lecturer, University of Oxford

Mr JC Lazou

Dianne Le Fevre - NHS Consultants' Association

Peter H Le Mare

LE10 Unite Branch - Mr Andy Green, Secretary

Mr Jonathan Lea

Mrs S Lea - Health Visitor, Central London Community Healthcare

Mr Eric Leach

Mr Nathaniel Leah

Alice Leahy - Consultant Paediatrician, Southampton University Hospital Trust

Dr Alice Leahy - Consultant Paediatric Rheumatologist, Southampton University Hospital

Dr J. E Leahy

Mrs H Leake

Prof Carole Leathwood - Professor of Education, London Metropolitan University

Tony Leaver

Ms Ellen Lebethe - Lambeth Pensioners Action Group & Lambeth KONP

Mr Edward Lebon

Elizabeth Leckie

Ms T Leckie - student, Oxford University

Miss Emilie Lecocq - Waitress

Mr Gary Ledger

Mr Alex Lee

Dr Andrew Lee - GP and Clinical Lecturer in Public Health, University of Sheffield

Mr Christopher Lee

Ms Gay Lee - Palliaitive Care Nurse, Hospice-based

Ms Gay Lee - Secretary, Lambeth KONP (and RCN Member)

Helen Lee - NHS team co-ordinator

Mr MK Lee

Mr Nicholas Lee

Mrs Tammie Lee

Revd Dr Kenneth Leech

Ms Kay Leedham - Senior Lecturer Nursing, Oxford Brookes University

Leeds Hospital Alert - Mrs Beatrice Rogers

Leeds Primary Care Anti-Privatisation Campaign - Bethen Davies

Dr G Leefield - GP, Tower Hamlets

Mr Duncan Leeson - Tutor, Ruskin Mill College

Mr Peter Leeson - Physiotherapist Technical Instructor, Norfolk PCT

Liz Leffman - Director, Clothesource Management Services

Miss J Legerstee

Mr Robert Leggett

Mr Stephen John Leggett

Leicester & District TUC - Paul Henderson, Secretary

Leicester East Amicus Branch 0064 - Mike Thompson, Branch Chair

Leicester Pensioners' Rights Group - Mrs Sheila Burnage, Assistant Secretary

Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland KONP - Alan Stanley, Treasurer

Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland KONP - Sally Ruane

Leicestershire and Rutland KONP Group -

Dr FM Leigh

Mr Timothy Leigh - Teacher, EPIK

Mr Denis Lenihan - Union member, GMB

Mr Denis Lenihan - Union Rep, GMB

Ms Linda Lennard

Professor T W J Lennard - Head of School of Surgical and Reproductive Sciences, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Ms K Lennon

Mr James Lennox

Mr Jason Lenton - Childrens respiratory nurse specialist, Brighton University Hospitals Trust

Anne Leonard

Ms Irene Leonard - Specialist Occupational Therapist, NHS

Dr M Leonard - GP, Waltham Forest PCT

Mrs Jacqueline Leotardi

Mrs Elizabeth Lephard

Mr J Lepp

Ms M-P Leroux - Sales Manager, Self Employed

Ms C Leslie - community learning difficulties nurse, Bristol South and West PCT

Ms Emma Leslie

Mr Sam Lesniak - Revenue & Benefits Officer, Leicester City Council

Jane Lethbridge

J Letherbridge

Ms Hilary Levan - Health Visitor/Team Leader, Torbay Care Trust

Mr James Leven

Dr Billie Lever Taylor

Ginny Levett

Dr David Levy - Consultant Physician, Diabetes, Whipps Cross University Hospital

Robert Levy

Dr A R Lew

Anya Lewin

Mrs A Lewis

Ms Annie Lewis - Health Visitor, North Liverpool PCT

Mr Bill Lewis

Ms Bronwen Lewis

Clive Lewis - Prospective parliamentary Candidate, Labour Party

Dr David Lewis - General Practitioner, The Tudor Surgery

Dr Geoffrey Lewis - NHS consultant

HAE Lewis

Mr James Lewis - Principal, Datum International

Ms JM Lewis - Community Nurse Manager, Hammersmith & Fulham PCT

Miss Kim Lewis - Speech and language therapist, NHS

Miss Lesley Lewis - Project Manager

Ms Louise Lewis

Mrs M Lewis - RCN

Dr Malcolm Lewis - Senior Lecturer, School of Health and Postgraduate Medicine, University of Central Lancashire

Mr Mark Lewis - Lekis

Mr Paul J Lewis

R Lewis

Mrs Sarah A V Lewis - Retired NHS Art Psychotherapist (Mental Health)

Mr Thomas Lewis - Student

Lewisham and Greenwich Respect - Michael Coulston, Secretary

Lewisham KONP - Helmut Heib

Professor Colin Leys - Hon Professor, University of Edinburgh

Leyton and Wanstead CPL - Mr Andrew Lock, Secretary

Mrs ME Liddell

Lifeline Project Ltd - Mr Ian Wardle, Chief Executive

Ms C Lightfoot

Sylvia Limebear

A Lincoln - Industrial Workers of the World

Mr K W Linday-Cameron

Ms Nancy Lindisfarne

Jem Lindon

Dr MEV Lindsay - Retired RGN, UCL Associate Staff

Mrs Carol Lindsay Smith - Retired Social Worker, member of the tower hamlets konp group

Mrs Carol S Lindsay-Smith - Retired Social Worker, Tower Hamlet KONP

Mrs J Line

Dr Christina Link - Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Pembs & Derwen NHS Trust

Kevin Lint

Bill Linton - Green Party candidate, Enfield North

M A Lintott

Mr S Lintott - Community Mental Health Nurse, Staffside Convenor, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust

John Lipetz

Mr Alan Douglas Liptrot

Catriona Lischka

Ms Catriona Lishka

Mr David Lister

John Lister - London Health Emergency

Mrs Pat Lister - Retired medical secretary, NHS

Sue Lister - Senior Lecturer Health Care Management, Coventry University

J.S. Lithgow - Administrator

Miss Nicola Little

Ms N Littlejohn - Academic Tutor, Tower Hamlets secondary school

Mr A Littler

Mr Michael Livens - Pastry Chef

Mrs J Livesey

Dr Anna Livingstone - GP Principal Tower Hamlets, Member of CEL LMC

Ms J Ljuhar - Teacher

Dr C Llano

Mr Daniel Llewellyn

Alan Lloyd - Researcher

Mr Gaynor Lloyd

Ms Gaynor Lloyd

Professor Keith Lloyd - School of Medicine, University of Wales

Mrs Lottie Lloyd

Paul Lloyd

Mr Peter Lloyd

Mr Raymond Lloyd

Dr Chris Lloyd Mills - Senior lecturer, Nottingham Trent University

Richard Lloyd-Jones

Mr A Lobo

Mr JM Locke - Convener, Amicus Shop Stewards' Committee

Mr Ian Lockley - Student Mental Health Nurse, NHS

Dr Geoff Lockwood - Consultant, NHS

Paul Lockwood

Reuben Loffman - Teaching Fellow, University of Bristol

Mrs Dianne Logan

Mr R Lohman - Social worker, Oxford city Primary-care Trust

Mr Barry Loke

Mr Joe London - Music Tutor, Self Employed

London South East Branch CWU - Mr Stephen Granville, Retired Membership Secretary

Miss Karelia Loneragan - Senior Support Worker

Mrs T Long - Poet, creative writer

Dr Shauna Longfield - GP Principal, Long Bennington Medical Centre

Ross Longhurst - Supporter, Notts Save Our Services

Ms A Longland

Mr Duncan Longstaff

Miss M Longueira

Ms Susan Loppert - Arts consultant/patient

Anna Lora-Wainwright - Lecturer, Oxford University

Mr J Lord - Consultant, obstetrics & gynaecology, Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust

Ms Jane Lord

Miss Louise Lord

Mr Mark Lord - Support Worker, Southdown Housing Association

Mr Matthew Lord - Company Director, Matt Lord Music

Pauline Lord - Photographer

Pauline Lord

Dr J Lourie

Jonathan Lovell

Linda Lovell

Mr Mike Lovell

N.C. Lovell - Nurse

V Low - Stuart Low Trust

Mr Dave Lowarch - community support worker/unison steward, stockport learning disability partnership

Jan Lowarch - support worker/unison rep, stockport nhs

Mr TA Lowday

Mr Anthony Lowe - Psychiatric nurse, NHS

Mr Daniel Lowe

Mr Elliot Lowe

Mrs Gwynneth Lowe

Mr Jim Lowe

Ms Kathy Lowe - Occupational therapist

Kieran Lowe

Mr Nick Lowe

Mr Richard PB Lowe - Railway worker

Dr Ian Lowens - Clinical Psychologist, NHS

Mr Kenneth Lownds - Former Member UHNS PPI Forum

Mr Bruce Lowrie

Mr Brian Lowry - Medical Student

Miss Vix Lowthion

Miss Vix Lowthion - Parliamentary Candidate, IW Green Party

Dr Stephen Lubell

Mr Stephen Lubell - Academic

A. Lubin

Miss Elwira Lubos - Commmunity Psychiatric Nurse, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Mr Andy Lucas - Architect

Dr Deirdre Lucas - consultant in audiological medicine, Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust

Ms R Lucas - Social worker

Miss Victoria Lucas - Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire

Susan Luckett - Emergency nurse practitioner, Primary care

Mrs Pam Luckock - Senior Equality manager, NHS CEHR

Mr Adam Lucy

Mr. David Ludlam - Telecommunications consultant

Mrs Gillian Luff

Dr Goran Lukic

Mr BD Lumsden - Branch Secretary, South London & Maudsley Unison

Mr David Lund

Josephine Lundberg

Samuel Luney

Mrs. M Lunn - District Nurse, West Lincolnshire PCT

Mr Stephen Lupton - retired headteacher

Miss Pauline Lybert - Student, Liverpool JMU

Mrs Angela Lycett-Pearse - clinical scientist, University hospitals of leicester

Keith Lye

Ms M Lylle

Dr Pam Lynch

Mr Simon Lyon

Mr James Lyons

Raymond Lyons - Nurse

Richard Lyus - Trainee Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Dr Richard Lyus - Resident in family medicine, Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, USA

Dr BM Mac Ardle - Consultant in Audiological Medicine, Royal Free Trust

M. Macalpine

Marion Macalpine - Hackney Coalition to Save the NHS

Mr AM Macara

Sir Sandy Macara - ex BMA council chair

Mr Andrew MacArthur

Anthony Macaulay - co-founder, National Health Forum

Mrs Catherine Macaulay - Researcher and Lecturer, UCL

Ms Theresa Macaulay

Heather MacColl

Dr A Macdonald - GP Cornwall, NHS

Dr Angus Macdonald - Retired Consultant Dermatologist, Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells HC Trust

Mrs C E Macdonald

Mr Garry Macdonald

Mr Jez MacDonald

Dr John Macdonald - Consultant Physician, Northampton General Hospital

Mr Martin MacDonald

Prof Theodore H MacDonald

Mr Kelvin MacDonald Fraser - Solicitor

Miss Amy MacDougall

Ms Dorothy Macedo

Dr Tom MacEwan - Consultant psychiatrist

John Macey

Mr Tom MacFarlane

Dr Robert MacGibbon

Mr Graham MacGregor - Senior Physiotherapist, Greater Glasgow & Clyde NHS Board

Dr FAS MacGuire - SpR Public Health

Jillian MacGuire - RCN Professor of Nursing Research ( now Professor Emeritus), University of Cardiff, Faculty of Nursing

Professor Jillian MacGuire - Retired RCN Professor of Nursing Research, University of Cardiff

Miss Yvonne Machell

Mr DA Machover - Partner, Hickman and Rose

Mr Michael Macintyre

Mr Bill Mackay - Retired Volunteer CCG, PPE Volunteer

Ian A Mackay - Vascular research fellow, The conquistadors

Dr Kate Mackay - locum GP

Ms MHJ Mackay - Student, University of Cambridge

Mr Mike Mackay

Minty Mackay

Dr S Mackay-Thomas - SHO

Bill MacKeith - Oxfordshire Keep Our NHS Public

Bruce Mackenzie - Wandsworth environment forum, Green Party

Dolan Mackenzie

Mrs Inogen MacKenzie

Jane Mackenzie - Journalist

Will Mackie

Dr Dorothy MacKinlay - Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Nottingham University Hospitals Trust

Dr Aislinn Macklin-Doherty - Hospital doctor

Norman MacLean

Iain Maclennan

Dr Iain Maclennan - Consultant in Public Health

Miss R MacLennan

Ms Floraidh Fiona Macleod

Mrs Tessa Macleod

Ms Sherry Macliver

Mrs Susan Macmillan

Mrs R M Macnair

Mrs Eleanor Macpherson - Student, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Dr Jamie MacPherson

Dr Gee Macrory - Principal lecturer in Education, Manchester Metropolitan University

Ms Lyndsey Mactier

Mr Thomas Madden

Mrs Paula Maddison

Dr KS Madhavan - Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Southend Hospital

Miss Rino Maeda - Medical Student, Barts & The London Medical School

Miss Janine Maer

Ms Frances Magee

Viyaasan Mahalingasivam

Dr Rasigan Maharajh - Chief Director, Institute for Economic Research on Innovation

Mr Martin Mahony

Mr Didier Maigret

Karen Main - Branch Secretary, UNISON Health N.W. Anglia District Branch

Miss Charlotte P Malcolm - Trainee Clinical Psychologist, NHS

Matthew Males

Mr R W Malham

Dr A Malick - GP, NHS

Mr Rafeel Malik

Ms Katie Mallalieu - Medical student

Mr Keith Mallinson

G Malone - Unite-Amicus NE Manchester

Mr Paul Malone - Staff nurse, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals

Ms Malpas

Mr A Maltby

Mrs A Maltby

Ms Suzanne Malyon

Saleh Mamon

Managed Care Reform Council - Mrs. Vickie Travis, President

Dr Nikolai Manassiev - GP

D Manassieve

N Manassieve

Mr R Mander

Terence Mandrell - Chair/ Convenor, Solihull Save Our NHS Campaign

Jason Mangan - Solidarity - Scotland's Socialist Movement

Ms Michelle Mangan - Counsellor, NHS and independent

Mrs Joanne Mangnall - Continence Advisor

Miss Victoria Manifold

Miss Catherine Mann - Medical Student, University of Birmingham

Ms M Mann - SLT

Michael Mann

Mr S Mann - Director, Essential Safety

Godfrey Manning

Ms Victoria Ann Manning

Ms Lynda Mannix

P. Mansen - Pensioner

Ms Elizabeth Mansfield

Mr Peter Mapals - Political Science Student, University of Birmingham

Mrs Sharon Maplethorpe

Mohammed Maqsood - Writer & Journalist

Liz Marder

Miss L Marer

Ms Diane Margolis

Gillian Markham - Consultant Radiologist

Daniel Marks - Specialist Biomedical Scientist, Croydon University Hospital

Mr Daniel Marks - Biomedical Scientist, Croydon University Hospital

Frances M Marks

Mr Jack Marks

Dr John Marks - ex BMA council chair

Ms Laurel Marks

Mrs Min Marks

R Marks - Trustee, Age Concern Hackney, Age Concern

Professor Vincent Marks - Professor of clinical biochemistry, University of Surrey

Mr William G Marks - Vice-Chair, Patients Forum for the London Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Mr D Marlow

Scott Marlow

Mrs Susan Marlow

Ms N Maroof

Mike Marqusee

Mike Marqusee

Anna Marriott

Miss Anna Marriott

Mrs Janet Marriott

Miss Stacey Louise Marriott - Commissioning Manager, NHS North Yorkshire and York

Mr James Marsden - Senior Estates Officer, Aintree Hospitals NHS Trust

Rob Marsden

Ms Zoe Marsden - Primary Care Mental Health Practitioner, Leeds North East Primary Care Mental Health Team

Mr Dean Marsh

Patricia Marsh - Secretary, Canterbury Green Party

Ms Patricia Marsh-Stefanovska - Secretary, Canterbury Green Party

Mr Adam Marshall - Clerical Officer, Rotherham District General Hospital

C Marshall - National Pensioners Convention

Christina Marshall

Mrs G Marshall

Mr G C Marshall - Staff Nurse, Hospice in the Weald

Mr Joseph Marshall - Director, Paradise

Ms PA Marshall

Dr Philip David Marshall - retired Consultant Psychiatrist

Tony Marshall

Ms Martin - Staff Nurse, City Hospital Nottingham

Brendan Martin

Fionna Martin

Dr G Martin - Croydon TUC, Communist Party of Britain

Mr Ian Martin - Psychotherapist

J Martin

Mrs JM Martin

Mrs Maureen Martin

Miss Ruth Martin - Social worker, SLaM NHS foundation trust

Mr S Martin

Dr SC Martin

Miss Suzanne Martin

Ms T Martin - Student, UEL Docklands

Mr Terry Martin - Community Activist

Ms Thalia Martin

Mr Tim Martin - Charge Nurse, Barts &The London NHS Trust

Mr Tomas L. Martin - Writer, Freelance

Adrian Martineau - Senior Lecturer, Barts and The London Medical School

Dr Fred Martineau - Doctor, UBHT

Mr Gianfranco Marucci

Ms Kate Marzillier

Philippa Maslin

Mr CB Mason

Mr Colin M Mason

David Mason

Ms J Mason

Karen Mason - branch 6/553, TGWU

Miss Rebecca Mason

Mr Stuart Mason

Professor KM Mason O'Connor - Emeritus Professor Higher Education Development

Alan Massam - ECO Journalists

Ms Jane Massam

Miss SR Masters

Ms Helen Matcham

Mrs Catherine Matheson

Mr Paul James Mathews

Mrs ML Mathur - accountant, environment agency

Dr J Mattausch - Lecturer, Royal Holloway College

D E Mattey

Mr Andrew Matthews

Mrs April Ann Matthews - Patient Advocate, National Cancer Research Network

Catherine Matthews

Mr GSC Matthews

Hazel Matthews

Mr Lee Matthews

Lorna Matthews - Teacher

Mr Ross SC Matthews

Mr Simon Matthews

Philip Matusavage

Ms Valeska Matziol

Ms Angela Maughan - Executive Officer, PCS

C Maughan

Miss Laura Mawby - Student

Dr Emma Mawdsley - Academic, Cambridge University

Angela Mawle - Chief Executive, UKPHA

Mr John J May

Mrs Anne May-Fenton - Student Specialist PractiotionerPublic Health /Staff Nurse, School Nursing Wakefield West PCT

Mr Ian Mayers

Dr Arnold Mayes - Retired GP

Ms Sanaa Mayet

Mrs JM Maynard - Headteacher

Mrs Paula Mayne - Health Visitor, Bassetlaw Community Health

M Mayor

Mr Dario Francis Mazza

Mr Sandy McAfee - Consultant Clinical Psychologist, NHS

Mr Dominic McArdle - Teacher, Queen Elizabeth 6th Form College

Dr Helen McArdle - GP, Castlegate Surgery, Cockermouth

Ms Katherine McArthur

Mr K Anthony McAtarsney

D McAvoy

Anne-Marie McBlain

Dr Margaret McCabe - GP, Shap Medical Practice

Miranda McCabe - Teacher

Mr Brian McCaig

Ms Helen McCall - Open University lecturer

Helen & Katherine McCall

Katherine McCall

Mr I McCann - Branch Chair- NATFHE, City College Southampton

Mr James McCartan - Author

Mr Ibsa McCartan-Demie - Student, Queen Mary

Mrs Ann McCarthy

Ms CM McCarthy

Mr Colin McCartney

Margaret McCartney - GP

Dr Mark McCartney - GP

Dr Peter McCartney - GP, Bristol PCT

Mrs D McColgan

Miss K McCormick

Dr David McCoy - Specialist Public Health Registrar, London Deanery

Ms Sandra McCoy

Mr John-Paul McCreight

Mr Roger McCreight - E-Commerce Administrator, Recruitment Shop

Mr Scott McCrory - Quantity Surveyor

Christine McDermott

Emily McDermott

Jane McDermott

Peter McDermott

Sean McDermott

Jane & Colin McDermott & Gallagher

Mrs Amanda McDevitt - Retired Head of Faculty

Ms Carol Mcdonagh - Community mental health team leader, Cumbria Partnership Trust

Ms Margaret McDonagh

Ms Martine McDonagh

Miss A McDonald

Corinne McDonald

Dennis McDonald

Ian McDonald

Miss J McDonald

Mrs Karen McDonald - Housewife/Carer

Mr Neil McDonald - retired social worker

Mr Peter McDonald

Mr J McDougall - Chronically ill

Mrs Elizabeth McDowell

Manfred McDowell

Dr T McErlane

Mr D McEwan - Retired teacher, patient, Member of Labour Party

Dr John McEwan - retired GP

Mrs S McFarlane

John McGahern

Mr Joseph McGann - Actor

Paul McGarr

Miss Clare McGeehan

Mr DJ McGill

Mr Ian McGill

Dr J McGlew - GP

Alan McGlone

Michael McGovern

Danny McGowan - Workplace rep / branch education officer, Amicus

Dr Donald McGowan - Consultant Geriatrician, Morecambe Bay NHS Trust

Ms Jude McGowan

Mr PD Mcgowan

Mr JKL McGrath

Mr V McGrath

Gemma McGregor-Davies

Terry McGrenera - Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public

Helen McGrother

Ms Moira McGrother

Tom McGuirk - Administrator, Hertfordshire Police Constabulary

Mr Tom McGuirk

Liz McInnes - Branch Secretary, Amicus North & East Manchester Health Service Branch

Miss Lesley Mcintosh - Podiatrist, Newcastle + North Tyneside PCT

Mrs Clare McIntyre - Research Nurse, NHS

Mrs Clare McIntyre - NHS

Mr I Mcintyre

Mr Steve Mcintyre

Mr Andrew McIrvine - Clin Director & Consultant Surgeon, Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust

Dr Martin McIvor - Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for International Public Health Policy, University of Edinburgh

Robin McKay - Disabled & Cancer Patient

Prof Martin McKee - Professor of European Public Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Charlie Mckenna - cardiologist

Miss S McKenna - Medical Student

Miss Lisa Marie Mckeon - Learning Support Assistant, St. Anne's Community Services

Miss Michelle Mckeown - Community Engagement Officer, Liverpool Primary Care Trust

Mr S Mckie - Amicus

Dr A J McLachlan

Mr D McLanaghan - District Nurse

Professor A. McLaren - Group Leader, Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute

Mr I Mclauchlan - Emergency Nurse Practitioner, Guys and St Thomas NHS Trust

Mr RM McLaughlin - Music Tutor, Self-employed

Mr Billy McLean

L Mclean - NHS South Central

Mrs Lynn McLean - Senior Experimental Officer, University of Liverpool

Mr Matthew McLean

Mr Paul McLean - individual supporter

Mr John McLeod - Warehouse Assistant, World Duty Free

Miss M McLeod - Registered Nurse, Lothian University Hospitals

Frank McMahon

Mr Frank McMahon - Nurse and UNISON steward

Ms S McMahon - Surgical Trainee, Barts and The Royal London Hospitals

Ms Anna McMullen - Candidate, Bristol Green Party

Mr R McNally - Systems Developer, City and Hackney Teaching PCT

Imelda Mcnamara - primary care nurse practitioner

Mrs P A McNamara - Civil Servant, HMRC

Mr T E McNamara

Ann McNeill

John McNeill - Last worked for CNWL NHS Foundation Trust

Mr Vic McNeill

Ms Carol Mcnicoll - Self Employed

Miss Sarah McNie

Miss Melanie McPhail - Teacher, Freelance

Professor K McPherson - Professor of Public Health Epidemiology, Oxford University

Mr R McPherson

Dr Daniel McQueen - Psychiatrist, West London Mental Health Trust

Mr M McQueen

Judith McSwaine

Vivienne McVernon

Ms Lucy McWilliam

Mr Andrew McWilliams

Rt Hon Michael Meacher - MP, House of Commons

Mr Tom Mead - Mr Mead

H.E. Meade

T.W. Meade - Emeritus Professor & epidemiology

K Meades

Annette Meadows - Head of Clinical Psychology - Physical health & Neuropsychology - West Herts, Watford & 3 Rivers PCT

Mr RKL Meadows

Ms Catherine Mears

P R Mears - CSPA Bromley & District Group

Mr Simon Meddick - Retired NHS Manager

Medsin Newcastle - Mr Ben Beattie, Campaigns and Advocacy Officer

Mr Jim Medway

Medway Against the cuts (MAC) - Peter Morton, Treasurer

Medway Delta Press - Mr WE Lewis, Senior Editor

Medway Pensioners Forum - Mr Steve Fagan, Co-ordinator/Organisor

Mrs AS Meek - rgn, bristolnorthpct

Miss ESM Meek - Student

John Meek

Mr John Meek

Miss LR Meek - secretary, tacklestore

SRN Sheila Meek - Retired Nursing Sister, NHS

Dr Elizabeth Meerabeau

Dr R Mehan - Consultant Radiologist, Royal Bolton Hospital

Ms K Meier - Lecturer in Oncology and Palliative Care Nursing, A Health Care College

Dr Michael Meinen - General Practitioner, NHS

Mrs Karen Meissner

Mr Miqui Melero - Student/Unemployed

Dr Steven Melia

Dr Jan K Melichar - Consultant Psychiatrist, AWP NHS Trust

Ms Liz Mellings

Edwin Meltzer

Mr Duncan Melville

Fiona Melville - Owner, Skintflicks

Dr Ron Mendel - president, Northampton Trades Council

Dr Shevaun Mendelsohn

Mr F Mendl

Meningioma UK - Mrs Ella Pybus, Director & Cc-founder

Ms B Menzies

Eileen Menzies

Ms Helen Mercer - Steering Committee Member, Lewisham KONP, Save Lewisham Hospital

Ms Helen Mercer - Lewisham KONP

Lucy Mercer

DR SW Mercer - Senior Clinical Research Fellow, University of Glasgow

Dr Morgaine Merch Lleuad

Mr. Michael Merchant

Mrs J Meredith - student nurse, University of Brighton

Ms Karen Merkel - Director, New Media Networks

Mr Kieron Merrett

Ms K A Merricks - schoolteacher

Mr & Ms Merritt

Merseyside KONP - Danny McGowan, Secretary

Merseyside Pensioners Association - Jim McLoughlin, Secretary

Merseyside Pensioners Liaison Committee - Mrs Anne Gorton, Secretary

Merseyside Pensioners' Liaison Committee - Anne Gorton, Secretary

Merthyr Tydfil KONP - Gaynor Jones

Merthyr Tydfil KONP - Roy Evans

Merton & Sutton TUC - Mrs Maisie Carter, President

Merton Association of Pensioners - Myrtle Agutter, Chairman

Mr M Metcalf

Professor David Metcalfe - Emeritus Professor of General Practice

Mrs Elinor Metcalfe

Ms Emma Mewls

Mr Norman Meyer

Mr Abjol Miah - Parliamentary Candidate - Bethnal Green and Bow, Respect Party

Dr Gillian Michaels - Consultant Radiologist, Southampton Univ Hosps NHS Trust

Dr J Michie - University Professor, University of Birmingham

Prof S Michie - Professor of Health Psychology, University College London

Ms Claire Middleton - Trainee Psychologist, NHS

Midland Pensioners' Convention, Sutton Branch - Phil Ladkin, Secretary

Miss Sarah Midlane - Research Coordinator, JUCONI

Ms Ann Miler - Clinical Psychologist, Cnwl Mental Health Trust

Mr AE Miles - 3D Designer

Ms Suzanne Miles

Dr Alasdair Miller - SHO General Medicine, Morecombe Bay University Hospitals Trust

Dr C Miller - Reader, Health, Community & Policy Studies, University of the West of England

Mr & Mrs MH & MJ Miller

Mrs Maureen Millett

Cllr Malcolm T Millichap - Mayor of Stafford Borough, Stafford Borough Council

Mrs Mellony A Millichap - Mayoress, Stafford Borough Council

Mr Richard O Millichap - CAD Engineer, ABB Electronics

A Milligan - Charity Adviser

Mr David Milligan

Mr & Mrs DE & JM Milligan

Dr Susan Millington

Mr Jonathan Millins - Equalities Officer, Kent Labour Students

Mrs L Millman

Anna Mills

Mr B Mills - Student Nurse, Kings College London

Mr GRC Mills

Heather Mills - journalist

Miss SE Mills -

Miss WL Mills - Student

Ms Maria Mills Shaw - Community Midwife, Epsom & St Helier NHS Trust

Mrs Jane Millward

R Milne

Miss S Milne - Drudge, Dodgy warranty co.

Miss L Milner - Research Scientist, NHS

Mr RE Milner

Mr Jamie Milton - General porter, North Bristol nhs trust

Mr Michael Minchin

Mindful Space - Vicki Worsley, Mindfulness Trainer

Mr PL Miners - Printing & Reprographics Co-ordinater, Ipswich Borough Council

Ms A Minogue

Mr T Minogue - Journalist, Private Eye magazine

Mr T Minor

Dr Klaus Misch - Consultant, Kingston Hospital

Mrs Ami Mistry - Maths Teacher, UCS

Mr Raymond Mitcham - Proprietor, Hi Spec Shopfittings

A Mitchell - Hackney Link

Alison Mitchell

Annie Mitchell

Mr Ashley Mitchell - Web Developer, The Marketing People

Mr Chris Mitchell

Dr Claire Mitchell

Mr David Mitchell

Mr/Ms DTP and HM Mitchell

Mr Dylan Mitchell - Student, University of Southampton

Mr Geoffrey Mitchell

Graeme Mitchell - Senior Product Engineer, Freescale

Miss Holly Samantha Mitchell

Ms Kathleen Mitchell

Kathleen E Mitchell - Lambeth KONP

Miss Patricia Mitchell - Community Care Lawyer, Bedfordshire County Council

Philip Mitchell

Mr Roy Mitchell

Simon Mitchell

Ms M Mitford

Mr Anu Mitra - SpR Emergency Medicine, Lister Hospital, Stevenage

C Moat - Instructor

M E Mobasheri

Mrs P.M. Mobley - Assistant Director, Clinical Services, Wyre PCT

Dr M Mockova - Clinical Research Fellow, Institute of Neurology

Mrs E M Modern

Mr K A Modern

Ms Kate Moffat - Student

Victoria Moffett

Miss Jennifer Rivers Mohan - Freelance copy editor

Mr Fred Mohun - School Student, LaSwap - William Ellis

Martin Moir

Mr David Mold - Research analyst, north West London hospitals NHS Trust

Ms Caroline Molloy - Stroud Against the Cuts

Mr Tim Molloy

Liza Monaghan - Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Derbyshire MH Trust & University of Sheffield

Mr Robert Monaghan

Mr George Monbiot - journalist, writer

Dr J M Moncrieff - Consultant psychiatrist and Senior lecturer, North east london mental health trust and UCL

Dr Julie Moncur - Consultant clinical psychologist, NSFT

Dr Isabel Monk

Mr Tony Monk

Dr Sarah Montagnon

John Mooney - Treasurer, Calderdale Save Our Services

Mr Aidan Moore

Dr Alexander C. Moore - Consultant Psychiatrist

Miss Angela Moore - School Assistant, University of Teesside - SOHSC

Dr D. Moore - Honorary Consultant, Senior Lecturer in Infectious Diseases

Mrs Domino Moore

Mr Jake Moore - Campaign Co-ordinator, Shropshire NHS-SOS!

Dr Julian Moore - GP principal

Miss Kayleigh Moore

Mr MG Moore - Musician

Mr R Moore - Chief Executive Officer, Healthcare Quotations Limited

Professor R.S. Moore - Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Liverpool

Miss Sophie Moore

Mrs Veronika Moore

Mr W A Moore - Laboratory Technician/Qualified Nurse, Oxford Brookes University

Mr & Mrs Rodney & Tess Moorhouse

Miss Fiona Moran - Nature Reserve Warden, RSPB

Dr Humberto Moran - Chief Executive Officer, Open Source Innovation Ltd

Mr Michael Moran

Ms P Moran

Ms Sal Morawetz - GMB

Ms EJ More - adoption social worker, devon county council

Miss A Morgan

David AL Morgan - Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Nottingham City Hospital

Mrs Gillian Morgan

Mr Ian Morgan

Joyce Morgan

Ms Lynne Morgan - CPN, Somerset Partnership NHS & Social Care Trust

Sally Morgan - Consultant in oncology

Ms S Morhall - hospital volunteer

Mr. MD Morisetti

Miss Hannah Morley - Medical student, Barts

Prof David Morley CBE

Morning Star - Mr John Haylett, Editor

Mr Daniele Moroni

Andrea Morrall - mental health nurse, NHS

G Morrell

Mr Jim Morrice

Mr A Morris - consultant, NHS

Catherine Morris

Miss Claire Morris - Student, Durham University

Mr G R Morris

Mr Gabriel Morris

Mr Glenn Morris - Nurse, NHS

Mr JamesPatrick Morris

Ms Jenny Morris

Ms M Morris

Ms MJ Morris

Dr RO Morris - Consultant Physician, Nottingham City Hospital

Rod Morris

Ms Shosh Morris

Mr Stewart Morris - Engineer

Miss Toni Morris

Prof V Morris - Professor

Ms Vicki Morris

Mr Christopher Morrison - Assistant QA Engineer, Turbine Support Group

Ms Hazel Morrison

Marian Morrison

Mr Matthew Morrison

D. Morrissey - Community Nurse

Miss GM Morse

Ms K Mortimer - health link worker, Bristol North PCT

Sean Mortimer

Dr Alan Morton

Ms Jane Mosedale

Miss R A Moses - Project Coordinator, The Hepatitis C Trust

Mr Albert James Brian Moss - Retired Aerospace Engineer, 'Just an ANGRY Senior Citizen'

Mr Robert Moss

Mr Tim Moss - Promoter, Paper Night Collective

Mr Rich Moth

Andrew Motion - Poet Laureate

Mrs Julie Mott

Mr Gregory Mouat

Dr Daniel Moult - Anaesthetics SHO, NHS

Julia Mountain

Ms L Mountain

Ms Jill Mountford

Ms S Moutafis

Mr Francis Moyet - Student Social Worker, The University of Warwick

MRSA Support - Mrs M J Cann, Bristol Regional Representative

MSF (CPHVA) Sunderland branch - Janet Downie

Rosemary & Colin Muge

Ms Helen Muggeridge - Charity Worker, Consultant

Dr Mary Muir - Consultant psychiatrist

Tom Muirhead - Architect, journalist, design teacher, TMA

Mrs DA Muldoon

Pat Mullady - University & Colege Unison Rep

Patricia Mullady

Ms Sue Mullan - Coordinator, 38 Degrees Portsmouth NHS Monitoring Group

Mr L J Mullard - Member of CPAG

Mr Christopher Mullarkey

Mr Scott Mulligan - Legal Advisor, Solicitors

Miss Aisha Mullins

Dr Daniel Munday - NHS/hospice doctor

Dr Keith Ian Mundy - Retired Consultant Physician

Mr James Munnery

Mr Donald Munro

Dr James Munro - Editor, healthmatters

Mr Robert Munro - Freelance Journalist

Theodora Munroe

Mrs Patricia Muramatsu - Health Improvement Specialist Advanced, PCT

Mr Brian Murby

Mrs Anita Murch

Anne Murcott

Julie Murdoch - Branch secretary, Unison

Ross Murdoch - GMB Project Worker

Dr C Murgatroyd - SpR, NHS

Shirley Murgraff - Hackney North & Stoke Newington CLP

Mr Daniel Murguialday - music technology student, bath spa uni

Ciara Murphy - Social Care Student

Mr J C Murphy

Ms June MM Murphy

Miss Laura Murphy - student

Miss Siobhan Murphy

Dr Elisabeth Murray - Consultant clinical oncologist

Mr J A Murray

Ms Jennifer Murray

Michael Murray

Mrs Oisin Murray

Dr Peter Murray - Health telematics consultant

Randolph Murray

Mr Ross Murray - Project Worker, Workers Educational Association

Ms Susan Murray

Mr James Murray-White

Ms Alexandra Murrell - Nurse Practitioner, Three Boroughs Primary Health Care

Mr Nicholas Murrell-Dowson

Mrs Humairah Musa

Dr Mohammad Arif Musabbir

Jacob Mushlin - A&E Doctor, Sunderland Royal Hospital

Aldo Mussi - senior lecturer in health development, University of Central England, Birmingham

Muswell Hill & Highgate Pensioners Action Group - Bob Cottingham

Dr Helen Mutch - GP

Len Myers

Mel Myers - Chair, S Warwicks 38 Degrees group

M. Myszor - Consultant, Physician

Dr Margaret Myzor - consultant physician

Dr DW Nabi - Consultant Psychiatrist, DASH

Mrs E Naden - Student Nurse, University of Keele

Miss RJ Naden - Health Care Assistant, NHS

Dr Chaand Nagpaul - general practitioner

Mr VP Naidu

Mr Y Naik - Medical Student

Ms J Naish

Mrs Gemma Nanson

Mr JA Nash

Mr Jon Nash

Dr A Nasim - Speciality doctor, Ashford & St Peter's NHS Trust

Ms Linda Nathan

N M L Nathan

National Pensioners' Convention - Eastern Region - Derry Thorpe, Regional secretary

National Union of Public and General Employees - James Clancy, National President

Mr Austen Naughten

Mrs M Naylor

Ms Ruth Naylor-Smith

Paul Neale

Dr A M Neary - Consultant Physician, University Hospitals of Leicester

Greg Neate - Locum consultant psychiatrist, NHS GGC

Miss Carolann Neen

Mrs Janice Neil

Irene Neilson

Mr SJ Neilson

Julia Nelki - Child psychiatrist

Dr Michael Nelki - Retired GP

Miss Janet Nelson

Lawrie Nerva - Former councillor, London Borough of Brent, Former member of district health authority

Dr I Nesbitt - Consultant Anaesthetist, Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Trust

Diana Neslen

Ms Diana Neslen

Miss N Nessa

Network of Socialist Campaign Groups - John Stewart, Treasurer

Lucy Neville

Mr Robert Neville - Local Government

Mr Simon Neville

Miss Louise Nevison - Student Paramedic, LAS

Mr Oliver New - Chair, Ealing Save Our NHS

New River Labour Party branch, Hackney N - Dr Rosemary Sales, Secretary

Dr R A Newell

Miss Hannah Newham

Newham Green Party - Mr. Jonathan Cox, Elections Co-ordinator

Newham Save Our NHS - Susan Masters

Mr Jonathan Newhouse - Student, Oxford University

Dr Shan Newhouse - GP, NHS

Mr Ken Newitt - Former NHS finance director

Mr Christopher Newlove

Mr Colin Newlyn

Ms Kate Newman

Mrs Sara Newman

Mrs Verity Newman

Ms Sandra Newnham

Mr & Ms Newson

Dr John Newson

Dr Liz Newson

Mr Richard Newson

Mr David Newton - Retired Anglican Priest

Mrs Maureen Newton - Retired Health Professional

Dr Mike Newton

Mr R Ng - Medical Student, Barts and the London

NHS Consultant's Association -

NHS Consultants Association -

NHS Protect - Mr Adrian Wright

NHS Support Federation -


Miss Robyn Nichol - Student

Ms M Nicholas - community physiotherapist, nhs

Mr PJ Nicholas - Adult Psychotherapist, Coventry and Warwickshire PT

Rosalind Nicholas - Secretary/Treasurer, Oxford KONHSP

Dr David Nicholl - Consultant Neurologist

D Nichols - Southwark and Lambeth KONP individal membership

Mr DA Nichols

Miss Catherine Nicholson

Ms Jenny Nicholson

Ms Sally Nicholson

Professor Rory Nicol - Psychiatrist (retired), NHS and Kings College London.

Mrs Sarah Nicol

Malcolm Nicoll

Mr Vincent Nicoloso

Mr Kevin Nicolson - Commissioning Manager, Lamprell Energy Limited

Mr Bill Nightingale

Mr P Nixon - secretary, Vauxhall labour party, Vassal ward

Mr Rob Noakes - Police Officer, Met Police

Dr Dan Noble

Mary Noble - PhD student

Ms Veronica Norburn - Psychotherapist, Self Employed

Norfolk KONP - Ms Jan Ainsley

Dr AJ Norman

Alison Norman

Mr Michael Norman

Valerie Norman

Mr Clive Norris

Jerry Norris - Professor of Public Health (emeritus)

DT North

Dr E North - Consultant Radiologist, epsom&st.helier nhs trust

Dr Elizabeth North

North Lancs 38degrees NHS group - Mrs M James-Barber

North Manchester PCT PPI Forum - Kevin Morley, Chair

Northampton Alliance to Defend Services -

Northampton Save Our Public Services - Harry Tuttle, Committee member

Mrs Joan Norton - Member, National Pensioners Convention

Dr Sanni Norweg - Clinical Psychologist, Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership Trust

Barry Nottage

Nottingham Keep Our Health Service Public - Ms Pat Longman, Acting Secretary

Mr T Nottle - Brigade Secretary, Cornwall FBU

Notts and Nottingham Lipreaders Group - Ms Kathleen Price, Lipreading tutor

Ms Tatiana Nousinova

Miss Alexandra Nowicki - Student Nurse, University of Liverpool

Ms B Noyes

Ms ER Noyes - Chairperson, Unison, Southampton Health

NPC South East Region - RJ Sharp, Chairman

NUJ London Magazine Branch - Caroline Price, Treasurer

Prof George Nuki - Natinal Health Service Consultants Association

Mr Michael Nunn

John Nunney

Mr Alex Nunns - Press Officer, Keep Our NHS Public

Mr S Nurse

NUT Cambridge Association - Mr Jon Duveen, Secretary

NUT Cambridgeshire Association - K Hamiton

Mrs C E Nutt - Psychotherapist, WHCM

M L Nzeram

R C Nzerem

Ms Sue O' Sullivan

Ms C A O'Beirne

Mr Aidan O'Brien

Mr Andrew O'Brien - Specialist Registrar Trauma and Orthopaedics, Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton

Mr Kevin O'Brien

Miss Mary O'Brien - Medical Student, St Barts

Paul O'Brien - Associate Specialist, Central London Community Healthcare

Ms Rita O'Brien - Retired Public Servant

Kevin O'Connell - Neighbourhood warden

Mrs Katie O'Connell-Binns - Student School nurse

Dr B O'Connor

Mr Kevin O'Connor - involved in Unite Community

Ms Maeve O'Connor - Camden Keep Our NHS Public

Miss Maggie O'Connor

Ms Patricia O'Connor

Miss FM O'Donnell

Ms Safiya O'Donnell

Ms Sandra O'Donnell

Ms Jane O'Donovan - Administrator, Hamptons International

David O'Driscoll - Psychotherapist, Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Trust

Miss Helen O'Gorman

Ms Carrie O'Grady

Justin O'Hagan

Doctor Susan Mary O'Halloran - Consultant paediatrician, Southport and Ormskirk Hospitals NHS Trust

Mrs Julie O'Hare - Carer / Citizen

Ms Adeline O'Keeffe - campaign manager, Keep Our NHS Public

Mrs M O'Keeffe - Retired Care Worker

Ms Meryl O'Keeffe

Mr Rossa O'Keeffe O'Donovan

D. O'Leary

Dr M O'Leary

Ms Elizabeth O'Mahoney

Dr Colm O'Mahony - Consultant physician

Mr Adrian O'Malley - Branch chair& UNISON Health Service Group Executive member for Yorkshire & Humberside, UNISON

Ms Jan O'Malley

John O'Malley

Colette O'Neil - Actor

Lord O'Neill

Christopher O'Neill

Dermot O'Neill

Dr Emma O'Neill - public health specialist registrar, NHS

Mrs Jan O'Neill - Educational Psychologist

Ms M O'Neill

Dr Paddy O'Neill - GP

Mr T O'Neill - Information architect, RCN

Dr Daragh O'Reilly

Dr Tony O'Sullivan - Director dope Children's services, Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust

Mr David Oakley - Senior Designer, Zeon Ltd

Ms Louise Oakley

Pat Oakley

Mrs Patricia Oakley - Training Co-ordinator, Basildon Primary Care Trust

Miss Claire Oberli-Robinson - Student Nurse, NHS

M. Obradovic

Ms P M Oddy

Ms Juliet Oerton - Senior Research Fellow, UCL

Mr D Ogden - Principal Engineer, Scott Wilson

Mr Michael Ogden

Mr A.I. Ogilvy - Nurse (Learning Disabilities), North Surrey PCT

Jade Ogugua

Mr Michael Vincent OHara

Lucy Okell

Dr S A Olczak, MD, FRCP - Consultant physician

Ms Danielle Older - Recruitment Consultant, Matchtech Group

Jesse Oldershaw - Membership Secretary, UCL UCU

Prof. Martin Oldfield - Professor of Engineering Science, University of Oxford

Mrs Susan Oldfield

Mrs Suze Oldfield

Mrs M Oldham

Oldie Publication - Allyson Pollock

Mr David Oldman

Mrs Helen Oldman

Margaret Oldroyd

Mr Mark Oley - Vice-Chair, East Birmingham PPI Forum

Miss Rosanna Olinski

Mrs Maureen Oliphant - Writer

Mrs Annette Oliver - Nurse, NHS

BR Oliver

Ms Caroline Oliver

Mr Chas Oliver

Mr David Oliver - Manager, Entertainment Medias

Mrs Elsie Oliver

Mr GD Oliver - Union Rep, National Union Of Teachers (NUT)

Glyn Oliver - Treasurer, Southampton TUC

Miss K Oliver - Researcher, SSRU

KA Oliver

Ms Katherine Oliver

Dr MD Oliver - GP, NHS

Miss Brooke Olsen

Miss Tora Olsson - Secretary, University of St Andrews

Dr G Olumide - lecturer, Swansea University

Mr Festus Olusanya

Bernard Omar

Ms Canh Van On - Medical Student

Dr C Oppenheimer

Mr C Orchard - Sales Manager

Danuta Orlowska - Clinical psychologist

Dr Danuta Orlowska

Mr Alexander Orlowski - Threat and Intelligence Analyst

Mrs J Orme - CBT Therapist, SHSC

Mr Kevin Orme - Registered Nurse

Jessica Ormerod

Mrs Suzanne Ormerod

Dr Philip Ormiston - GP Principal, Burnside Surgery

Mr Brian Ormondroyd

Abigail Orr

Dr Jane Orton - Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Mrs Barbara A Osborn

Mr James Osborne

Miss Mel Osborne

Dr CD Oscier

Mr Mark Spencer Osgood

Mrs Jane Osman - Fire Service Manager

Miss Charlotte Oswald - Women's Key Worker, Advance Advocacy

Mrs Helen Oulton

Mrs MA Overington

Dr Amanda Owen - Consultant

Miss L Owen

R Owen

Sarah Owen - Activist, Hastings Labour Party and GMB

Ms Sarah Owen

Mrs Dianne Owens - SALT, Telford and Wrekin P.C.T.

Mr Doug Owens - Support Worker, Supporting People

Oxford & District NUJ - Dr Michael Taylor

Oxford PFI Alert Group - Dr Mercy Heatley

Oxfordshire Green Party - Councillor Craig Simmons, Leader, Oxford City Council Green Group

Oxfordshire Green Party - Cllr Larry Sanders, County Councillor

Mr Aaron Oxley

Miss Annu Pabla

Paul Pacey

Mr Kamil Pachalko - student

Miss H Packham - Joint Union Committee Chair Bristol North PCT, Bristol North Primary Care Trust

Ray Packham

Mr RG Packham - sedentary

Mr L Paddock

Mrs FJ Padfield - retired teacher

Dr Simon Padfield - Public Health Registrar, Yorkshire & Humber Public Training Scheme

Anna Page

Dr Anthony Page - Consultant psychiatrist

Mrs C Page

Kate Page - Member, Brighton & Hove Women Against the Cuts

Martin R Page

Dr Valerie Page

Mrs Cathy Pajak - Health Visitor, Camden PCT

Mr Jeffrey Palethorpe

John Palingar

Mr Stuart Palk - NHS Student, Pennine Acute

Mr Brian Palmer - Retired RMN

Mr Geoff Palmer

Mrs Jean V Palmer

Ms Maggie Palmer - Child Mental Health Specialist, South London and Maudsley Trust

Miss Linda Panter

Dr David Pao - research fellow, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals

Dr Stella Papadakis - Clinical Psychologist, CNWL NHS Trust

Mr Matthaios Paraskevopoulos

Ms Paula Pardoe

Mrs G Parisi

Mr JH Park - youth justice manager, brighton and hove YOS

Mr T Parkar

Anne Parker

Ms Gem Parker - Call centre clerk, Southend Hospital

Mr Ian Parker - NACODS

Miss LA Parker

Mr Michael Parker

Mr Nick Parker - Contact Centre Advisor, HMRC

David Parkin

Mr John Parkin

Mrs Valerie Parkin

E G Parkins

Mary Parkinson

Dr Simon Parkinson FRCGP

Val Parks - Primary Care Counsellor, Camden & Islington Mental Health and Social Care Trust

E Parry

Hannah Parry

Ms K E Parsonage

Mr Bernard Partington - Drug and alcohol fieldworker, NHS

Miss E Partridge

Elena Pasca - Philosopher

Cllr D Paskins

Professor Geoffrey Pasvol - Dept of Infection & Tropical Medicine, Imperial College London

Anita Patel

Dr Piushkumar Patel - GP Registrar

Miss V Patel - Medical Student, Barts and the London

Charlotte Paterson - Senior Research Fellow, Peninsula Medical School, University of Exeter

Charlotte Paterson

Dr Charlotte Paterson - Senior Research Fellow, Peninsula Medical School, University of Exeter

Mr Howard Paterson - Senior Programme Administrator, Liverpool John Moores University

Mr Ashok Patnaik - Doctoral Research Student, University of Huddersfield

Dr A Paton - Retired consultant physician

Mr D J Paton

Mr Colin Patrick

Mrs Janet Patrick - housewife

Dr Jonathan Pattenden - Lecturer in Politics and Development Studies, University of East Anglia

Ms C Patterson - Admin. Officer, Civil Service

Mr Daniel Patterson - Designer, Self employed

David Patterson - Laboratory manager

Ms JM Patterson - Admin Manager, Police

Stephen Pattison

Mrs Sheila Patton

Ms A Paul

Ms E A Paul

Mrs Swift Paula

Ms Lara Pawson - freelance journalist & writer

Mr E Paydar

Dr Jacqueline Payne - GP Principal in Morecambe Bay

Mr Jonathan Payne

Dr Rebecca Payne - GP trainee, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

Dr Sarah Payton

PCS Dept. of Health London - Anne Haider, Branch Treasurer

PCS DETR London branch - Andrew Charles, Treasurer

PCS Government Office for Yorkshire & The Humber Branch - Elliot Nathan, Vice Chair & Branch Organiser

PCS Tate Galleries - Mr R Carr, Branch Organiser

PCS union, Nottingham branch - Mr Kevin McGrath, Branch Treasurer

Mr Sean Peacock - Teacher, State school

Mr C Pearce - Pensioner

Christina Pearce

Miss Clemency Pearce

Mr Gordon David Pearce

Mr Mark Pearce

Monica Pearce - Unison member

Miss Nicola Pearce

Mr Terry Pearce - Chairman, Bracknell branch of AMICUS, AMICUS

Dr Ursula Pearce - health campaigner, former chair south birmingham CHC and Birmingham NHS concern

Mrs Valerie Pearce - Member of Regional Commitee and Regional Womans Committee., AMICUS

Charles Pearson

Professor Charles Harold Pearson

Miss Clare Pearson

Mrs HR Pearson - Volunteer, NHS Hospice

Mr James Pearson

Mr James Pearson - Mature Student, Liverpool University

Patrick Pearson - Analyst: Sexual Health, NHS Camden

Philip Pearson - Consultant Physician, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Mr Stephen Pearson

Mr Tom Pearson

Ms Angela Pease-Watkin

Ms Cara Peattie

Dr Robert Peck

Mr Neil Peckham - Care worker

Miss Emma Pedlar

Clive Peedell - Consultant clinical oncologist

Miss Catherine Peel - Speech and Language Therapist, Southwark PCT

Ms JL Peel

Miss SC Peel

Mr J Peers - Branch Chair, East London Mental Health UNISON Branch

Ms Rafaela Peerutin - Head of Speech and Language Therapy, Newham PCT

Mr David Pegg

Mr Giuseppe Pellegrini Masini

Bridget Pelling - ex nurse and patiant

Ms J Pemberton

Mr Terry Pendry - ex NHS MRC

Miss Nicholpvrosalie Penlington

Mrs K Penn - Student Nurse

J G Pennell

W R Pennell

Dr Charles Pennock

Mr Gareth Penny - Assistant Manager, Genus Care

Mr Bill Penson - Senior lecturer, Leeds Metropolitan University

Mr. JW Percival

Mr Stephen Percival

Mrs Pamela Percy - retired academic

Mr S Perera

Ms Sara Peres

Liz Peretz - Oxfordshire Keep Our NHS Public

Ms Sandra Perkes

Ms Marguerite Perkin

Ms Nadia Perkins

Mr AGB Perks - CONSULTANT, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Mr David Perou

Mr Simon Perou

Mrs V.Al Perou

Mr Daniel Perrett - Graduate

Mrs M Perrett - Counsellor, Primary Care

Mr Keith Perrin

S C Perris

Mrs SJ Perris - Learning Disability Nurse

Dr Alastair Perry - ex GP

Mr Chris Perry - Organiser, Trade Union

Ms Susan Peter-Germaine

Peterborough Pensioners' Association - F Mary Cooke, Chairperson

Dr Gary Peters - Specialist Registrar in Neurology, NHS

Mr Gordon Peters

Mr Kym Peters - Psychiatric Staff Nurse, UNISON

Mr Michael Peters

Dr Pamela Peters - Specialist registrar, SW London & St Georges Mental Health Trust

Ms C Petersen

Ms Caroline Petersen

Mrs Charlotte Peterson

Ms Gilda Peterson

Maria Peterson - Supporter, Notts Save Our Services

Ms MH Petrie

Ms Tonje Pettersen

Ms Wendy Pettifer - Hackney KONP

Ms Judith Pettigrew

Mrs C Pettitt

Naomi Pfeffer

Mr Jean Phelan

Professor Deborah Philips - Professor of Literature, University of Brighton

Dr Mary Philipsz - GP, Castlegate Surgery,Cockermouth

Miss A Phillips - Administrator, Southwark College

Mr Ben Phillips - Student

Miss GJ Phillips

Miss Jacqueline Phillips - Medical Student, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry

Mr Jon Phillips - Paramedic

Dr Kay Phillips - Unison; Respect

Mrs M Phillips

Mr P Phillips

Dr SM Phillips - SpR Diabetes and Endocrinology

Mrs Lesley Phipps

Cllr Romayne Phoenix - Councillor , London Borough Lewisham, Green Party

Ms Leenisha Phullah

Mr Stephen Pick - Teacher, Havering College of Further and Higher Education

Mrs Emily Pickering - Midwife

Mr Jonathan Pickstone

Ms Veronica Piekosz

Ian Pierce-Hayes

Prof T. Pilkington - Professor of Medicine Emeritus

Dr Sarah Pillai - Associate Specialist, CLCH

Marie Pillar - Medical Student, Barts and The London Medical School

Mr EJ Pilling - Mental Health Support Worker, Bolton / Salford NHS

Mrs Jo Pinate

Dr E M Pineles - SHO, NHS

Mr Tony Piper - Mental Health Practitioner, NHS

Mrs Pat Pippard

Ms Annik Piriou

David Pitt

Ms B Placido

Dr D Plamping - Independant consultant

Mr Jean-Luc Plassat

Audrey Platt - NHS Consultants' Association

Mr Hugh Platt

Andy Player

Dr SJ Plenderleith - SpR in Palliative Medicine, Southampton University Hospitals Trust

Mr Dan Plesch - Writer and academic

nairne Plouviez

Mrs Margaret Plowman

Mr & Mrs Poach

John Poarch

Ms Hannah Pocock

Miss Laura F Pocock - Medical student/Staff Nurse, Liverpool University

Mr Michael D Poczapsky - Optical assistant

Mr Mahesh Poi

Mr Tim Poil - General Secretary, Nationwide Group Staff Union

David Polden

Dr Janet Poliakoff

Dr G Polizzi - consultant psychiatrist, SLAM Trust

Mr UE Pollack

Miss Charlotte Pollard

David Pollard

Mrs Pauline Pollard - Personal Assistant, SCCHS

Mrs T Pollard

Dr Roseanne Pollen - GP, Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public

Professor Anna Pollert - Retired university professor, Formerly University of the West of England

L S Polley - Community midwife, Unison RCM

Elena Pollina

Mrs Jane Victoria Pollitt - Medical Secretary, Royal United Hospital, Bath

Professor Allyson Pollock - Professor of Public Health Policy at University College London and Director of Research and Development at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Inst of O&G trust

Jan Pollock

Dr Ronnie Pollock

Ms MC Polya

Christina Polydorou

Mr John Pomfret - MSc(Med) ResearcherPhD App, Local Hospital Research Project

Ms V Pomfrey

Ms Susan Pontin - Teacher and Psychotherapist

Annemarie Poole

Mr D.R. Poole - Consultant in Gynaecology (Gynae Oncology), Hull &East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust

Mr Edward Poole

Mrs Gill Poole

Mr Robert Poole

Mrs I H Pope

Mr L A Pope

Sr. Miguel Sacadura Cabral Portas - MEP, Bloco de Esquerda, Portugal

Dr M Porter

Rachel M Porter

Dr S Porter - Consultant Psychiatrist

Mr Stephen Porter

Mr Geoffrey Porter-Williams

Mrs S Porter-Williams - Campaign for Health Service Democracy

Mrs Janet Portman - Retired Nurse

Portsmouth Pensioners' Association - June Clarkson, Secretary

Dr Natasha Posner - retiree, human rights activist/student

Miss Kali Potiszil - Nursing assistant, Bristol NHS trust

Miss Stephanie Potter

Dr Tanya Potter - Consultant, UHCW

Mr Terry Potter - University lecturer

Ms Stephanie Potts

Mrs Chris Pow - IT Manager, Hawthornden Surgery

Powel & Family, Funeral & Memorial Consultants - Mr Fredrick BF Langford

Ms A Powell

Dr Alison Powell

Ms JV Powell - Art therapist, Bristol South & West PCT

M Powell - Unison Housing Association Branch

Mrs PJ Powell

G Powell-Davis - Chair, Amicus Bristol Health Service Branch

Ms Jo Power - RGN, NHS

Dr Rizwan Pradhan - GP Principal, High Street Surgery and Medical Centre

Mrs Anne Prasad

Mr Michael John Pratt

Brian Preece

Mr Albert Prelvukaj - Waiter, Mamma Mia's

Ms Felicity Premru

Mr A Prendergast - Organiser, GMB

Dr Colin Prendergast - Consultant Gynaecologist, Barnet Hospital

Gordon Prentice - MP

Mr Dave Prentis - UNISON

Mr Martin Prestage - Freelance writer and Editor, Health issues

Mike Preston

Steve Preston

Veronica Preston

Preston Trades Council - Mr J Leigh, Delegate

Ms Ilanga Preuss

Mr John Prewett

Caroline Price

Miss Caroline Price

Ms Carolyn Price

Mr Christopher Price - Unison

Miss D Price

Mr D Price - Branch Treasurer and Campaigns Officer, PCs Bpv Branch

Ms EA Price

GH Price

Mrs H Price - Student

Miss Hilary Price

Jenny Price

Mrs Nicola Price - Retired lecturer/health visitor

Mrs Rachel Price

Francis Prideaux

Penny Priest

Dr Mark Prince - Doctor, NHS

Mr ET Pring - medical student, Bristol University

Mr Antony Pringle

Mr Adam Grant Pritchard

Alison Pritchard

Mr Gareth Pritchard

Ms Kathryn Pritchard - Research Student, Church of England and Uni Winchester

Miss Lorna Ellen Pritchard

Mrs Debbie Pritchard Jones

Jeremy Pritlove - Chair, Leeds Hospital Alert

Mr Tony Probert - Secretary & Secretary Local Government Committee, Labour Party CLP

Mr DJ Procter - Senior Lecturer, Leeds Metropolitan University

Lisa Proctor - clerical officer

Mrs Marilyn Proctor

Ed Prosser

Mr Michael Prowse

Mrs Doreen Pruce

Mr Damion Pruden - Mental Health Recovery Worker, Rethink Mental Illness

Mr Toni Prug - PhD candidate, School of Business and Management, Queen Mary, University of London

Mrs Peggy Pryer - Secretary, CHEK (Concern for Health in East Kent)

Ms Helen Prynne

Mr John Pryor - Lambeth KONP

Public and Commercial Services Union - Mark Serwotka

Mr C Puckett - shop steward, GMB

FJ Pugh

Dr J.D. Pugh - Member of Parliament, House of Commons

Judith Pugh

Dr Kate Pugh - Consultant Psychiatrist, CNWL

Mr T Pugh - N/A

Miss Holly Pulham - Occupational Therapy student

Rita Pullen

Mr Philip Pullman - author

Mr M Pulsford

Ken Purchase - MP for Wolverhampton NE

Mr & Mrs DS Purkiss

Mr Andrew Purser

Mr Martin Purssell - Sole Trader

Miss Reie Purtill-Clarke

Mrs Elizabeth & Mr John Purves

Dr Piyush Pushkar

Miss Kelly Putman-Trimmer

Mr Douglas Pye - Retired university teacher

Dr I F Pye

Dr David Pyle

Mr Steven Pyne

M U Qaiyum

Mr Adail Quazi - Supervising Internal Auditor, Parkhill Audit Agency (NHS owned)

Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Greenwich Primary Care Trust Unison Branch - Alison Grant, Treasurer

Mr S Quigley - Final year medical student, Glasgow University

Bob Quilty - Biomedical scientist, North Bristol NHS Trust

Dr Amanda Quine - Consultant, QA Hospital Portsmouth

Sheila Quinlan

Mrs Elizabeth Quinn - SEN Liaison/ESOL and ICT L2 Tutor, St Luke's Science and Sports College

Margaret & Martin Quinn - Co-ordinator, Tavistock & District Keep our NHS Public

Mr Martin Quinn - Convener, Tavistock & District KONP group

Dr R Quinn - SpR Psychiatry, East Sussex County NHS Trust

Mr Terry Quinn - Medical Engineer, Amicus

Colin Quinney

Ms Catherine Quirk - Clozapine Services Manager, Merseycare NHS Trust

Robina Qureshi - Scientific Training Co-ordinator

Mr C Race

Mr P Radcliffe

Miss Aleksandra Radecka - Photographer

Ms R Radenhurst

Miss Abigail Radford

Ms Anna Radford

Mr AR Radjenovic

Mr Harry Rae Smith

Caroline Raffan

Mr Darren Ragsdell

Mr M Rahman

Nathon Raine

Dr L Rainford - Lecturer, The Open University

Mrs Andrea Raja - Speech and Language Therapist, Southwark PCT

Mr Sumit Raja

Dr J Ramakrishnan - Senior House Officer, NHS

Mr Cristian Ramis

Miss Zaahirah B Ramsahye - 4th Year Medical Student, Medical School

Mrs Barbara Anne Randall

Cllr Bill Randall - Convenor Brighton and Hove Green councillors, Green Party

Mr Mark Randall

Ms Ronne Randall - author and editor

Mr S J Randall - Highway Engineer, Mouchel Parkman

Dr Luka Randic - SpR Emergency Medicine

Frances Randle

Mr Alfred Ranson

Mr Thomas Rapley - Account Executive, Bliink

Dr Jill Rapoport - Member, SOS NHS Southern Derbyshire, Wirksworth Group

Mr Guy Rapson - Teacher/dramatherapist

Mrs Charleen Ratcliff - Head of Service, MBPCT

James Ratcliff - Midlands Young Members' Representative, Public & Commercial Services Union

Mr John Ratcliff

Dr David Ratcliffe - GP

Mr Dermot Rathbone - Teacher

Ms H Rathbone - Civil Servant

Ms Finn Raven

Mr Andrew Rawling

Cllr Ben Rawlings - Ward Councillor, Camden Liberal Democrats

Ms Emma Rawlins - Student

Mr Daniel Rawnsley

Mr David Ray - Consultant, Independent

Mr Rob Ray - Editor, Freedom, anarchist newspaper

Ms Juliet Rayment - Research Associate, School of Midwifery and Childbirth, City University

Mr Jonathan Raymond

Ms Claire Rayner - writer, broadcaster

Dr G Rayner - Freelance researcher and academic

Dr Nadia Raza - Doctor, NHS

Miss Tara Rea

Lord Nic Rea of Eskdale

Gordon Read - Treasurer/convenor, KONP (SW)/38 degrees

Mr Gordon A. Read

Miss KJ Read - Speech And Language Therapist, Newham PCT

Mrs Marilyn Read

Mrs Robyn J Read

Mr Tim Read

Miss Clare Readman

Mr D J Reay - Adult Psychotherapist, South of Tyne and Wear Mental Health NHS Trust

Dr Ramakrishnarao Rebbapragada - Consultant, Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge

Redbridge NUT - Mr Bob Archer, President

Miss CL Reddick - Medical student, Manchester University

Redditch Green Party - Mr Kevin White, Parliamentary candidate

Ms Jane Redfearn

Mrs Marion Redfern

Professor CWG Redman - Honorary Consultant, University of Oxford

Mr Chris Redmond

Dr Doug Redpath - GP, Grange Rd Surgery

Miss Joanna Redwood

Ms N Redwood

Miss Claire Reece Davies - Engineer

Mrs J Reed

Ms LC Reed

Paul Reed - Chair, Manchester Users Network

Mr PE Reed

Rosie Reed

Mrs Sharon Reeman

Ailwyn Rees - Day Service Officer - Adult Services

Dr Elizabeth Rees

Dr Jonathan Rees - General Practitioner

Ms Pam Rees - Inequalities and Smoking Manager, Eastern Leicester and City West NHS PCTs

Shan Rees

Ms Sian Rees

Mr Larry Reeve

Mr Mark Reeve

Mr PD Reffell - Student, Bradford University

Prof Lesley Regan - Head of Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Imperial College, University of London

Juliet Register - Speech and Language Therapist, ONEL CS

Mr Ajmal Rehman

Campbell Reid - journalist

Mr J Reid - Chief Clinical Technologist, Whittington Hospital

Ms L Reid - Housing Officer

Dr Margaret Reid

Dr Victoria Louise Reid - Doctor in training, St Helens & Knowsley NHS Trust

Mrs Wendy Reid

Mrs EM Reilly

Miss J Reilly

Mr Tommy Reilly

V Reilly

Mrs Linda Reinecke

Mr D Reiser

Mr Gerard Reissmann

Ms K Reissmann - Chair, Unison Manchester Community and Mental Health Branch

Mr Alex Relton - Student Physiotherapist, University of Brighton

Pam Remon

Paul Revell - Consultant haematologist

Miss J Revill

Alejandro Reyes

Paulina Reyes

Dr Anita Reynolds - Consultant, Bradford Royal Infirmary

Dr C D Reynolds - SpR Adult Psychiatry, N, T & W Mental Health Trust

Carl Reynolds - Doctor, NHS

Dr Gary Reynolds - Consultant in Communicable Disease Control

Ms JA Reynolds

Dr Lucy Reynolds

Dr Nicholas Reynolds - GP

Dr Sally Reynolds - Salaried GP, Oxfordshire PCT

Dr Tim Reynolds - Locum GP

Professor Rodney Reznek - personal capacity - Professor of Diagnostic Imaging

Bryan Rhodes - Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedics, Morecambe Bay NHS Trust

Mr Lee Rhodes

Dr B Ri

Mr David Rice

Mr S Rice - Health reporter, Bristol Evening Post

Dr Adam Richards - Senior Lecturer, Liverpool John Moores University

Cheryl Richards - Nurse, Somerset Community Health

Miss E Richards - Surgical research fellow, Scarborough General Hospital

Jean Richards

Joe Richards - Oxfordshire Keep Our NHS Public

Dr Louise Richards - Consultant Child & Adolescent psychiatrist, Hertfordshire PCT

Mrs S Richards - music teacher

Ms Sue Richards

Mrs Georgia Richardson - studio manager, newsquest sussex

Dr Helen Richardson - Doctor

Ms Janet Richardson - Chief Officer (retired), Community Health Council

Dr Jo Richardson - GP

Dr Katie Richardson - Anaesthetic SHO, King's College Hospital

Mr Matthew Richardson - Photographer, King's College Hospital

Mrs Naomi Richardson - Counsellor, Self-employed

Mr Paul Richardson

Miss R Richardson

Mr & Mrs R& P Richardson

Mrs V Richardson

Kester Richardson-Dawes

Mr JAJ Riches

Dr John Riches - SHO, NHS

Mrs T Richley - PA, Outdoor Activities Company

Dr W D Richmond - Consultant Urological Surgeon - retired

Miss Beverley Ricketts

Mr Bernard Rickman

Mr J M Riddell

Ms Anna Ridehalgh - Minutes secretary, Southampton Keep Our NHS Public

Mrs F M Ridgway - Speech and Language Therapist, Royal Free NHS Hampstead Trust

Mrs CS Ridley - Health visitor, PCT

Mrs Margaret Ridley

Dr WJ Rietsema - GP, self-employed

Ms Chloe Rigby - Freelance journalist

Dave Rigden

Dr DJ Rigden - Lecturer, University of Liverpool

Dr Jess Rigden - GP

Tollene Riley

Dr B Rimmer - GP

D Rimmer

Elizabeth Rimmer - GP

Mrs Lynn Rimmer - Psychotherapist

Mr P Rimmer - Graphic Designer

Julie Rimmington

P. Rinnegan - SLT

Ms Paula Risborough - Physiotherapist

Bob Ritchie

Dr B Ritson

Eileen Ritson

Mrs J Rivera - occupational therapist, Homerton Hospital

Susanna Riviere

Mrs S Rizwan

Miss Cristie Robb

Ms Jane Robb

Mrs Isabella Robbins - phd student, university of nottingham

Mr Peter Robbins - exNHS

Mrs Frances Robbs

Mr Ian Robbs

Dr Mary Roberton

Mrs Aline Roberts - Retired Practice Nurse

Mrs Angela Roberts - Community Staff Nurse, NHS District Nurse team

Mr AW Roberts

Mrs Catherine Roberts

Mr Colin Roberts - special education

Cllr Dave Roberts - Deputy Leader, Labour Group

Mrs DB Roberts

Mr G Roberts

Miss H M Roberts - Speech & Language Therapist, Newham Healthcare

Dr Ian Roberts - University Lecturer, University of Sussex

Jean Roberts - Merseyside Pensioners Association

Mrs Jenny Roberts - Retired teacher, Norfolk Education authority

Mr John Roberts - Retired teacher

L Roberts

Miss Mari Roberts

Dr Ron Roberts - Senior Lecturer, Kingston University

Dr Russell Roberts - Consultant Nephrologist/Physician, Bradford Teaching Hospitals

Miss S Roberts

Mr Steven Roberts - Head of Older Adults Service, Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Mrs. Vanessa Roberts

Diana Robertshaw

Mr David Robertson

Dr J A Robertson

Mr M Robertson - train driver, London Underground

Dr Robert Robertson

Ms Roisin Robertson - PPC, Green Party

Ms Sheila Robertson

Andrew Robins - Consultant Paediatrician, Whittington Hospital

Hugo Robins

Alexander Robinson - trainee doctor, NHS

Angela Robinson - Staff Nurse, Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Trust

Dr Brian Robinson

Mr Edward Robinson

Miss Emily Robinson

Emma Robinson - Student nurse

Miss H Robinson

Ms Hilary Robinson

Mrs Iris Robinson

Ms Jancis Robinson - wine writer

Ms Joanne Robinson - Lecturer, City and Islington College

Miss Laura Robinson

Ms RH Robinson - speech & language therapist, Waltham Forest PCT

Mr Richard Robinson

Dr Robert Robinson

Dr S Robinson

Miss Sandra Robinson - Speech and Language Therapist, Blackburn with Darwen PCT

SF Robinson

Mr Simon Robinson - Practice Manager, Chrisp Street Health Centre

Ms Susanna E Robinson - Retired Nurse and Nurse Educator

Dr J Robson

Mrs P Robson - Staff Nurse, Newcastle Hospital

Mr P G Robson

Mr A Rocca - IT Account Manager

Mr Michael Roche

Dr Elin Roddy - Consultant Physician, Shrewsbury Hospital

Dr David Roden - Staff Grade Neonatologist, University hospital north Staffordshire

Mr Stuart Roden - Cornwall KONP

Mr D Rodger - HCW, Kent and Medway NHS Trust

Mr Jamie Rodgers

Dr Martin Rodgers - GP Salford

Rev Dr Richard Rodgers

William R Roff

Mrs Emma Rogan - NHS patient

Mr Michael Rogan - Approved Mental Health Professional, Surrey & Borders NHS Foundation Trust

Miss Hannah Rogers - Midwife, Guys and St Thomas' Hospital

Mr J Rogers - Director, Projekta Music

Mrs Jill Rogers - Finance & Office Manager, South West Foundation

Mr John Rogers - former Deputy Director of Human Resources, NHS England

Mr & Mrs John & Beatrice Rogers - O.A.P.

M Rogers - health visitor

Phyllis Rogers

Mr Abhinandan Rohila

Ms JM Roiser

Mr. C.C. Rolfe - staff side secretary

Mr Colin Charles Rolfe - Staff Side Secretary, Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust

Mr Richard Roll - NHS Student

Mrs Sylvia Roll - Pensioner

Elizabeth Rolls

Dr Elizabeth Rolls - Independent Researcher

Dr Liz Rolls - Honorary Research Fellow, Lancaster University/University of Gloucestershire

Ms Linda Rolph - Abbey National Group Union

Mr Roberto Romano - Support Worker, NHS Manchester Community Health

Mr JW Rooker - Lord

Miss S L R Rooker - Student

Mr Paul Michael Rooney

T Roper

Dr T J Roscoe - General Practititioner, Dr Roscoe & Partners

Elizabeth Rose

Ms Gill Rose - Chief Executive

Mr Jim Rose - Local Govt. Officer, Brighton & Hove City Council

Mr R Rose - Scriptwriter

Prof Steven Rose

Mr Lee Roseman

Professor JV Rosenhead - Emeritus Professor of Operational Research, London School of Economics

Ms M Ross

Mandy Ross - ex-cancer patient

Mr Mark Ross - Business Development Manager, Software Company

Miss Mel Ross - Student Physiotherapist, Salford University

Ms O Ross - Health Visitor, Nhs PCT

Mr Leon Rosselson

Ms Rina Rosselson

Ms J E Rosser

N Rossi

Mr Simone Rossi

Dr Ben Roston

Ms Carolyn Roth - Senior Lecturer in Midwifery, City University

Ms L Roth - Health Visitor, Sure Start. Bridgwater

Ms Terry Roth - Clinical psychologist, NHS

Khadj Rouf - consultant clinical psychologist, oxfordshire and buckinghamshire mental healthcare NHS Trust

Dr Guy Routh - Retired consultant, NHSCA

Mr I J Rowberry - Teacher Of Geography, Hanson School, Bradford

Mr P Rowberry

Ms Patricia Rowe - Assistant Branch Secretary, UNISON - Somerset County LG Branch

Mrs CA Rowlands - Cook, Residential Home

Mrs Eloise Rowley - Coordinator, Royal College of Art

Miss Gala Rowley

Miss Gala Rowley

Ms Gala Rowley

Anita Roy - Locum GP

Ms Anita Roy

Mrs Gillian Roy

Mr Christopher Royston

Mr Adeem Rubani - Medical student, University of Leeds

Dr Alan Rubin - Consultant Pathologist, West Herts NHS Trust

Ms N Ruck - Health Educationist, Health & Development Consultancy

Mr Andrew Rudduck

Ms Daniela Rudloff - Teaching Assistant, University of Leicester

Mr Anthony Rudolf

Miss H Ruffell

S Ruiz

S Rule

Mr L John S Rumary - Student, NHAP, NHSSF

JA Rumble

Ms Kate Rumsby - Research Programme Manager, Wessex Research Practices Collaboration

Ms Barbara Rush - UNITE rep and staff side Chair

Miss Sally Rushbrook

Ms Moyra Rushby - Medact

Ms Jan Rushford - Staff Nurse

Mr James Russell

Ms M Russell - Midwife, NHS Trust

Mr Matthew Russell - Sound Technician, Freelance

W. J I Russell - Patient

Mr Jake Russell-Steel

DR J Rutherford - Reader in Cultural Studies, Middlesex University

Dr David Rutter - Investment Planning Manager

Julie Rutter

Mr Francis Paul Ryall - Charge Nurse, North Essex Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust

Ms Andree Ryan - Clerk, Ealing Quakers

Mr Derry Ryan

Dr Cym Ryle - GP

S W Herts Senior Citizens' Alliance - Charles Starkey, Treasurer

Mr Kwaku Sadique - manager, ELCMHT

Ms Saeideh Saeidi - Primary Care Mental Health Practitioner, Leeds North East PCT

Ragnhild Saeland

Ms Ragnhild Saeland - Head of Psychology, North East Lincs Care Trust Plus

Ms Miriam Saey Al Rifai - Medical Student, Barts and the London

Dr F Safieddine - Senior lecturer, University of East London

Mr MS Sagot - Internet Programmer

Dr Dustyn Saint - GP Partner, Tanworth In Arden medical practice

Mt Alfie Sait

Dr A Sajayan - SHO Anaesthetics, South Manchester

Rob Sale

L Salice

J Salinger

Arthur Salisbury

Dr HR Salisbury - GP principal, Oxford

Miss J Salisbury

Mrs Karen Salisbury

Mary Salisbury

Mrs Mary Salisbury

Mr Ian Salmon - Staff nurse, Northampton General Hospital

Mr Joe Salmon - Coordinator, Green Party

Mr Joe Salmon - Coordinator, Green Party

Mr Joe Salmon - Headingley Candidate, Green Party

Ms Judith Salmon

Jean Samith - Group Secretary, Civil Servants Pensioners Alliance

Mr Adrian Samuels - IT Consultant, Freelance

Mr R Samuels - Student

Mr Thomas Samuels - Medical Student

Prof J Sandall

Mrs Rebecca Sanders

Mrs S J Sanders - NEC Member, NATFHE

Joanne Sanderson

Miss LCA Sanderson - Student

Dr Sanya J Sanderson - Research scientist, University of Liverpool

Ms Anu Sandhu - Management, PCT

Dr Gurjinder Sandhu - Consultant, Ealing hispital

Dr Vik Sandhu - SpR Radiology, New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton

Dr Ann Sandison - consultant histopathologist, Hammersmith Hospitals NHS Trust

Mr Jack Sandle - Actor, Equity

Ms PM Sands - Midwife, Kings College Hospital NHS Trust

Janet Sang - Steering Group Member, SUssex Defend the NHS

Mr Noël Sant

Pauline Sault

Miss Alice Kathryn Saunders

Mr Ben Saunders

Ms Carol Saunders

Chris Saunders

Ms D Saunders - Medical Secretary, Bristol Community Health

Dr DJ Saunders

Ms Gillian Saunders

Mr Jack Saunders

Jean Saunders

Ms Jodie Saunders - Student

Dr J Saurin - University Lecturer, University of Sussex

Clive Savage

Jan Savage

Dr Louis Savage - NHS Doctor, Gloucestershire NHS

Prof WD Savage - Retired Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, KONP

Save Our Baby Unit, Wythenshawe - Hugh Caffrey

Save Our Local Hospital SE London -

Save Our NHS Group - Kendal - Andrew Billson-Page

Save/Support Bridlington Hospital Campaign Group 2002 - Mr Mick Pilling, Chairman

Mr Robert Saville

Mr Daniel Sayer

Dr M Sayer - GP

Mrs Barbara Sayers - Nurse

Mr Colin Sayers

Patricia Sayers

Ms Rebecca Scambler

Laura Scammell - Occupational therapist

Miss Lucy Scanlon

Mr Mark C Scantlebury

Mrs T Scard - sales person

Gwen Schaffer - Planning Group member, SOS NHS South Derbyshire - Derby Group

MA Scharf

Dr Franz Schembri Wismayer - NHS Psychiatrist, Avon And Wiltshire Mental Health NHS Trust

Schizophrenia Association of Great Britain - Mrs Gwynneth Hemmings, Hon Exec Director

Dr Peter Schmidt

Wolf Schmidt - Lecturer, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Jackie Schneider - Teacher

Justine Schneider

Ms Zahra Schneider

Mr Antony Schofield

Val Schofield

Ms Fionnuala Schwartz - Medical Student

Mr Andrew Scott - Barrister former Registered Nurse, Chambers Leeds

Dr AW Scott

Mr David Scott

Mr Laurence Scott

Mr Patrick Scott

Mr Peter Scott

Regan J Scott

Ms Rosalind Scott - Director of Excellence Cluster, Thurrock Council

Sally Scott

Ms. Varrie Scott - ex-Open University

Dr Alex Scott-Samuel - chair of the politics of health group

Mr Maxwell Scott-Slade - Graphic Designer, Custard Fish

Scottish Health Campaigns Network - Lambert Sinclair, Treasurer

Scottish Socialist Party (Renfrewshire Branch) - Mr Jimmy Kerr, Activist

Ms Rosemary Scoular

Ms J M Scriven - Head of Dietetics, Kingston Hospital

Miss Lottie Scull - Early Intervention Worker, Central and North West London NHS Trust

Ms Donna Scully - Carpenters Lawyers

Ms Grace Scurfield - Care Support Worker/Student Nurse

Dr G Seabourne - Senior Lecturer, Law School, University of Bristol

Gerard Seaman

Mrs Kate Seaney - Retired Nurse

David Searby

Alice Searle - Liaison worker

Mr Jamie John Searle

Mr Mark Searle - Senior Staff Nurse, St Thomas' Hospital

Susan Secher - Human Resources Consultant

Khalil Secker

Khalil Secker - Campaigns and Citizenship officer, University of Manchester Students' Union

Suzanne Sedgeman

Ms Emma Seery - Islington KONP

Malcolm Segall

Miss Eleanor Sein - Student

Terree Selby

Ms Gill Self - Stay at home mum/carer

Mr P Sellers - Firefighter, Oxfordshire Fire & Rescue Service

Cllr M Sellwood - Deputy Leader, Oxford City Council Green Group

Mr Shivakuru Selvathurai

Miss Joanna Selwood - Biomedical Scientist

Sam Semoff

Dr K Sen - Director of Research, INTRAC

Mrs Nicky Senior

Seniors Network - Mr John Lynch, CEO

Mr Andrew Sennett - Senior Occupational Therapist, Dudley South PCT

Mr Chris Sergeant - Principal Biochemist, NHS

Mr Matthew Seston

Cherry Sewell - Membership Sec, Coalition Of Resistance (& UCU)

Darren Sewell

James Sewell

Mrs Charlotte Seymour - Family Therapist, Newham CAMHS

Mr Dianu Sfrijan - Pensioner/Patient

Mr Mark Owen Shackleton

Paresh Shah

Dr Rakesh Shah - Consultant Gastroenterologist

Mrs Susan Shah

Ms Tayieba Shah

Mr B Shakespeare

Ms R A Shapiro

Mrs Rosemarie Shapland

Ms A Sharkey

Miss Priyanka Sharma

Dr Rachna Sharma - dentist, Maple Dental Clinic

Dr Vinod Sharma

Mr Andrew Sharp

Mrs Anji Sharp - Procurement - Senior Buyer, Worthing & Southlands Hospital NHS Trust

Philip Sharp

Mr Philip Sharp

Mr Ashley Sharpe

Graham Sharpe

Mr Michael Sharrock

Dr William Shatwell - Consultant Radiologist

Ms Marian Shaughnessy - Solicitor, John Ford Solicitors

Mr Arthur Shaw

Mr Arthur Shaw - Treasurer, Save Our Local Hospitals South East

Dr E D Shaw - Senior Lecturer, University of Stirling

Ms F Shaw - novelist

Mrs Myrna SHAW - Retired (NHS)

Miss Pamela Shaw

Pat Shaw

Miss Rebecca Shaw - co chair, Rushchliffe mental health support group

Ms Sue Shaw - Mother

Ms Monica Sheaf

Mr M Sheahan

Robert Shearer

Mrs Sari Sheeran - community support worker, Stockport foundation trust

Ms Hilary Sheffield

Sheffield Save Our NHS - Alison Brown, Organiser

Dr Russell Sheldrick - Clinical Psychologist, Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Trust

Mrs KH Sheley - Forensic Scientist

Mr J Shenton

Claire Shepherd - Speech and language therapist

D Shepherd

Geoff Shepherd - Practice Development Specialist Prison Mental Health Inreach, Cambridheshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust

M Shepherd - Information Facilitator, Bristol North PCT

Pamela Shepherd - Business Manager, Wandsworth PCT

Mrs PF Shepherd - Chartered Psychologist, Private

Mr David Sheppard

Mrs E T Sheppard

Emma Sheppard - G.P., NHS

Ms J Sheridan - former speech and langauge therapist and patient involvement facilitator

Ms Margo Sheridan - Senior Health Improvement Coordinator/Unison Steward, Redbridge PCT

Mary Sheridan - Midwife

Mrs H Sheridan-Shinn

Miss J Sheringham - Public health specialist trainee

Mr & Mrs Bill & Marilyn Sherratt

Mr John Alan Sherris

Ms RM Sherwood

John Shields

Mrs Sue Shields - Freelance illustrator

Peter Shiels

Dr Nicola Jane Shiers - Student Terapeutic Radiographer, St Georges, University of London

Mr M R Shifrin

Dr G Y Shin - SpR, NHS

Mr Peter Shine

Dr A M Shiner - Senior House Officer, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Alice Shiner - doctor

Ms Julie Erika Shipley

Dr DK Shoemark - Research Scientist, University of Bristol

Cllr Rob Shorrock

Miss A Short - Antonia Short Ltd

Ms Clare Short MP

Shropshire NHS-SOS! - Jake Moore, Campaign Co-ordinator

Miss WR Shue - Medical Student, University of Manchester

Professor Robert Shutes - Retired University Professor

Martin Sidaway

Mr Gaurav Siddhu - Student, Sussex University

Dr K Siddiqi

Mr Matthew Sidford - 2010 PPC for Tewkesbury, Green Party

Mrs Hanya Sidor

Anne Marie Silbiger

Brian Silk - Retired consultant paediatrician, medical director and acute trust chair

Dr Brian Silk - Retired Consultant Paediatrican, Medical Director and Acute Trust Chairman

Mr Carl Silsby

Mrs Jeanne Simcock

Mrs Carolyn Simes - Social worker, Unison-local Govt.Bradford branch

Andrew Simmonds

Ms Jean Simmonds - Retired lecturer

Mr Daryl Simmons

Dr Emma Simmons - GP, Medway CCG

Helen Simmons

Ms Doreen Simpkin

Carol Simpson

Coral Simpson

Graham Simpson - Fire fighter

Hugh Simpson

Ms Jean Simpson

Matthew Simpson - Student

Miss Melissa Simpson - Senior Health Care Assistant, East & North Herts NHS

Mr Mick Simpson

Mr Peter Simpson

Mrs Rebecca Simpson - Development worker, Toynbee Hall

Mrs S Simpson - Retired paediatric nurse, Pax Christi / Respect / CND / Republic

Miss Sarah Claire Simpson

Mr Philip J Sims - Writer/Photographer, Self-employed

Mr Steve Sims

Angela Sinclair-Loutit - Committee member, Islington Pensioners' Forum

Margaret Sinfield

Prof. Em. R. A. Sinfield - Professor Emeritus in Social Policy and University Fellow, University of Edinburgh

Professor Albert Singer - Professor of Gynaecological Research, University College London

Miss Eleanor Singer - Student, UCL Medical School

Peter Singer - Chair, Hampstead Town and Belsize Labour Party

Ron Singer - President MPU and GP

Gurinder Singh - Administrator, Dartford & Gravesend NHS Trust

Dr Neil Singh - F2, Addenbrooke's Hospital

Priyanka Singh - Person-centred therapist (trainee)

Mr C Singleton - Singer-songwriter and producer

Mrs M Sinha

Dr Rebecca Sinker

Mrs V Sinnett - Superintendent Radiographer, Royal Marsden NHS Trust

Mr Nic Sipson

Mr Tim W Siret - Thames Water Control Room, Unison

Dr C Sirianni - Doctor

Lavan Sivagnanam - Locum GP

Mr Krishna Sivakumaran - Student, UCL

Mrs J Skeet - OU BSc Student

Mr S Skeet - Precision Engineer

Mr Roy Skelly

Miss R Skelton

Mr Callum Skene

David Skidmore - Advanced Ambulance Technician, Southeast Coast Ambulance Service

Mr David Skidmore

Dr David Skinner - Retired NHS Consultant

Graham Skinner - ex health worker/union rep

Ms Ruth Skinner - Council Candidate, Southampton Bargate

Dr Martin B Skirrow

Mrs Mary E Skirrow

Mr Nicholas Skuse

Mr John William Slade

Dr Claire Slater

Guy Slater

Jane Slater - Senior partner ( GP practice), Bodriggy surgery

Roger Slater

Mr Thomas Luke Slingsby

Ms Gillian Slinn

Mr Charles Sloan - Student Nurse, NHS Glasgow

Slough Respect - Mr Phil Wilson

Dr David Smail - Clinical psychologist

Mr. Christopher Smailes

Ms Lauren Smallcalder - Teacher

Andy Smart

Ms Caroline Smart

Mr G Smart - Lecturer, UWE

Ian Smart

Dr Steve Smedley

Mr Fred Smickersgill

Mr A Smith - Biomedical scientist, NHS

Alan Smith - Sexual and reproductive health nurse

Dr Alexandra Smith - PRHO/F1, Queen Elizabeth Hospital NHS Trust, King's Lynn

Miss Alison Smith

Prof Alwyn Smith

Andrew Smith

Mr Andrew Smith

Mr Andrew Smith - Community Psychiatric Nurse, Brighton

Mr Andrew Luke Smith

Mr Andy Smith

Barbara Smith

Ms Barbara Smith - Core Group Member, Protect Our NHS Bristol

Mr Chris Smith - Trainee History Teacher, University of East Anglia

Connie Smith - Locum GP

Mr D Smith - Lab Manager, Oxford Radcliffe NHS Trust

Ms D Smith - Patient

David Smith

David Smith

Mr David H Smith

Ms Deirdre Smith - DGSU general secretary +H530, Derbyshire Group Staff Union

Dianne Smith - Community occupational therapist

Eileen M Smith

Mr GP Smith - Principal, Urban Design Consultant

Mr GS Smith

Dr H Smith

Dr Heather Smith - Consultant Paediatrician, Co. Durham and Darlington NHS Trust

Hollie Smith

Mr IP Smith - Engineer

James Smith

Jean Smith - Group Secretary, Civil Servants Pensioners Alliance

Mr JLS Smith

Miss Jodie Smith

Mr John A Smith

Mr Jon Smith - Branch Secretary, GMB Sheffield Health Branch

Dr Jonathan Smith - Hospital doctor, NHS

Mrs Judith Smith

Miss Julie Smith

Miss Justine Smith - Community Health Nurse, Eastern and coastal kent nhs

Ms KE Smith - PhD Candidate, University Of Edinburgh

Kerry Smith - Co-ordinator, Lewisham Pensioners Forum

Dr Laura-Jane Smith - Doctor (Hospital), NHS

Dr Laura-Jane Smith - Registrar in Respiratory and General Medicine, NHS

Ms Libby Smith

Mr Mark Smith

Mr Matthew Smith

Melissa Smith

Miss N Smith

Mr NA Smith

Mr P. E. Smith - Walsall Campaign spokesperson against Hospital Mergers and Closures, Campaign Group spokesperson for "The people of Walsall say No to the Merger (Walsall & Wolverhampton hospital trusts) and No to the closure of Goscote hospital"

Paul Smith

Mr Phil Smith - Social Worker, Norfolk County Council in NHS Hospital

Professor R Smith

Dr R S Smith - Senior Lecturer, University of Leicester

Ms Rebecca Ruth Smith

Mrs Rebekah Smith - Legal secretary, Mishcon de reya

Mr Reg Smith

Mr Richard Smith - Student, Falmouth Marine School

Mr RJ Smith - Senior Medical Physics Technician Critical Care, University Hospitals Of Leicester

Ron Smith

Ms Rosemary Smith - researcher, University of Bristol

Roy Smith - Social worker

Mrs Sara Smith - Community Staff Nurse, Dorset PCT/NHS

Sheila Smith

Dr Shubulade Smith - Consultant Psychiatrist, Maudsley Hospital

Ms Sian Smith

Mr Simon Smith

Miss SJ Smith - student

Dr. Stewart Smith

Dr T Smith - manager, kingsdown healthcare

Miss T Smith

Mr BHD Smithies

Mike Smithson

Dr P Smithson - GP, Salford PCT

Pauline Smithson

Mrs Daphne Smithwhite - Medical Student, Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Ms Annie Smuts

Mr Gilbert Smyth

Mr Tim Snashall - Secretary, Lancashire North 38 Degrees NHS Group

Miss Joanna Snook - Student Nurse

Mr Philip Snow - Member of Management Committee, North Staffs Pensioners' Convention

Mr Ian Soady

Kathleen Socha

Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists - Ms Joanna Brown, SCP

Donatella Soldi

Solihull Pensioners Convention & Forum - Mrs Josie Herbert, Vice Chair & PR

Mr Robin Soloman

Dr Anne Solomon - GP

Dr A Sommers

Dr Joseph Sonnabend - retired physician

Mr Joseph Sonnabend

Ms Tegan Tallullah Sonvico Christov

Mr S Sood - Curriculum support officer, Fareham College

Mr Peter Sopowski

Ms AC Sopwith - housing advisor, Bristol City Council

Dr Will Sopwith - Head of R&D, NHS Wirral

Mr JJ Sorah - TUC Education Lecturer, Preston College

Chrstina Sosseh

Mr Aristofanis Soulikias

Annie Souter - SW Manager

Alexis Southam

Southampton & SW Hants TUC - Ms Ella Roberta Noyes, President

Southampton KONP - Abelardo Claeiana-Piga

Southampton Pensioners' Forum - John R Nixon, Treasurer

Southampton T&GWU-RMA (Retired Members Association) - Mr R Cox, Committee Member

Southampton Trades Council - Mike Perkins, Secretary

Roger Southard

Southdowns Health NHS Trust - Mr Sean Weston, staff side coordinator

Southend KONP - Bob Chapman

Southend KONP - Mr Bob Chapman, Treasurer

Southend KONP - Dr N.E. Traub

Southwark Pensioners' Action Group - Josephine Negro, Secretary

Mrs M.F Southwood

Dr Timothy Southwood - GP Principal, Nailsea Family Practice

Sara Spain

R E Spalton

Chaz Sparkes

Mrs Sue Sparks

Mr Barry T Spate

Maureen Frances Spear

Dr Mark Spears

Mrs R Spears

Miss Emma Speedy - Student Social Worker, Coventry University

Dr Nigel Speight - Consultant paediatrician

Mr Adrian Spence

Mrs Debbie Spence

Mr B Spencer - Event Manager

Mrs Kate Spencer - committee member, Keep The Horton General Campaign (Banbury)

Mrs L Spencer

Dr S Spencer

Christine Spencer Weatherley - retired PALS worker, NHS

Robert Spender - Project Manager, City of London Corporation

Miss Michele Spiller - Local Organiser, UNISON

Peter Spiro

Neil Spofforth - Substance Misuse Nurse, Maudsley NHS Trust

Springfield Hospital - Aquarius Ward, Child / Adolescent Mental Health Service

Mr Ian Springham - Peer Trainer, South West London Recovery College

Ms Julie Sproul - Surveyor, Private property company

Mrs JM Squire

Dr Mike Squires

Dr S Sreenivasan - SpR Acute Medicine, Bristol, UBHT

Ms Philippa St George - MIS Analyst, School of Oriental and African Studies

Pat St John

Candice St. Cyr

St.Helens & Knowsley Health Unison Branch - Mr Anthony Lockhart, Unison Branch Secretary

Ms Georgie Stagg

Mr Theodor Stahle-McNaboe - Medical Secretary, NHS

Karen Stainer - Nottingham KONP

Mr Ken Stainer

Ronald Stamper

Ms Laura Jane Stamps - Teacher

Mrs C Stanbridge

Mrs Claire Stanbridge

Dr Victor Standing

Ms Janina Stankiewicz

Mr Christopher Stanley - Psychotherapist

Miss Kate J Stannard

Veronica Stantonmiller

Miss Anna Stapleton - Student Nurse

Mr Kurtis Starkie - Practice Manager, GP Surgery

Mrs Linda Starkins - Student Social Worker

Mr & Mrs R W Starks

Mrs L J Starling

Mr RL Starr

Dr Naomi Startin - GP Registrar, Lewisham VTS

Ms VA Stavely

Mr Christopher Stead - Student, University of Leicester

Ms Alison Steadman - Actress

Miss Becky Steadman - Unemployed newly qualified nurse

Dr Margaret Stearn - Doctor and medical writer, Freelance

Ms Isabella Steedman

Mrs Jane Eleanor Steel - Advice Worker

Paula Steel - Manchester Local Medical Committee

Mr Scott Steele

Paul Steen

Mr Peter Stephens - education manager, BAMM

Miss R Stephens

Ms S Stephens - Family Therapist, CAMHS

Mr A C Stephenson - Project Manager, Norwich Union

Ms Maureen Stephenson

Baroness Stern

Dr David Sterratt

Mr Joe Stevens

Dr M Stevens

Dr Monica Stevens - GP, High Street Surgery Dover

Jill Stevenson

Mrs Nicola Stevenson

Miss Allison Stewart

Ms Althea Stewart

Helen J Stewart

Ms J Stewart

Ms Lucy Stewart - Student, University of Edinburgh

M Stewart

Mr Pete Stewart - staff nurse, Sheffield Care Trust (NHS)

Ray Stewart - Member of Amicus Health Sector Committee, Amicus

Mrs Susan Stockdale - Nurse Advisor, NHS Direct

DR Gemma Stockford - Consultant Pathologist, BSUH NHS Trust

Miss Josephine Stockley - Health Care Worker

Stockport NHS Watch - Mrs Theresa Tallis, Chair

Mr Cam Stocks

Dr Rob Stockwell - Consultant Radiologist, NHS

Dr Doug Stokes - lecturer, City University

Mr Matthew Stokes

Dr Bodil Stokke

Mr Jack Stone

Jim Stone - Unison / Socialist Party

Mrs Karen Stone

Ms L Stone

Roger Stone

Miss Samantha Stone - Nurse, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Mr SN Stone - Director, Photography

Miss Grace Stonehouse

Mr J Stones - Civil Servant

Jon Stones

Stop Haringey Health Cuts Coalition - Keith Flett, Chair

Ms Lottie Storey

Emma Storr - GP

Marian Storrow

Ms Kristin Stott - Housewife, Home

Mrs Andrea Stow

Dr A G Strachan - Salaried GP

Mr S Strain

Andy Straker

Prof John Strang

Mr Daniel Strange - Student / part time worker

Mr Don Strange

Mr A D Street

Ms J Street - Consultant Clinical Psychologist, South West London and St Georges NHS Trust

Mr Thomas Craig Street

Ms Jill Streeter

Ms Danielle Stretch - University graduate administrator, University of Cambridge

Mr Neil Stretton

Melanie Strickland - Solicitor, Health Charity

Stroud District Green party - Mr P I Booth, Press Officer

Dr M Struthers - GP

Mr AM Stuart

Ms Mary Stuart

Dr Ranald Stuart - consultant radiologist, Royal Berkshire Hospital

Miss Rebecca Stubbs

Mr Robert Stubbs - Assistant Management Accountant, Norfolk Community Health & Care (part of NHS Norfolk)

Mr Brett Styzaker

Dr Ruth Suckling - SpR Emergency Medicine, Royal Liverpool University Hospital

Mrs PA Suggitt

Miss Alaya Suleman

Dr Ceri Sullivan

Miss L Sullivan - Business Co-ordinator, Lambeth PCT

Dr Binta Sultan - Masters in Public Health Student

Mr M.P Summers

Mrs C Sunderland

Ms Emma Sunderland - Final year med student, Newcastle university (medsin)

C Supple

Mr M. E Surman

Mr G Susman - Research Engineer, Brunel University

Sussex uni - Mrs Robin Bagon, Student

Mrs Rachel Sutcliffe - Retired lecturer

Mr Thomas Sutcliffe

Mrs SR Sutherland - Administration Support Officer, Sandwell PCT

Ms Catherine Suttle - Senior Lecturer, City University London

Miss Ella Sutton - Student

Sutton & Croydon Green Party - Mr Gordon Ross

Sutton Socialist Campaign Network - Mr RJ Phillips, Sec.y

Natasha Sutton-Williams

Ms Gian Svennevig

SW Herts Senior Citizens' Alliance - Patricia Martin, Secretary

SW London KONP - Mrs June Hautot, Steering Group Member

Mr Tim Swain

Swansea West Constituency Labour Party - Brian Cainen, Secretary

Miss Jessica Swanston - Teacher, Trafford Council

Ms Ida Swearingen - Secretary/treasurer, Keep Our NHS Public Cornwall

Ms Sharon Sweeney

Mr Steve Sweeney - Stop the Cambs NHS Sell-Off / Hands Off Hinchingbrooke

Ms Helen Sweetman

Mr M Swiers - factory worker

Mr David Swift

Dr Norman Swindells - Managing Director, Ferroday Ltd

Swindon Trades Union Council

Mr Oliver Swingler

Mrs Carole Anne Swords

Ms Polly Sykes

Ian Syme - KONP - North Staffordshire

Natalie Symes

Mrs Margaret Symonds

Mr GRJ Symons - Records Officer, Cheshire County Council

Dr Miroslav Synek - Staff Grade Paediatrician, Portsmouth City Primary Care Trust

Stephen Szabo - Admin, NHS

Mrs M Szita

Mrs Kristen Tabiner

Mary-Ann Tait - Community mental health nurse

Stuart Tait

Miss C A Talbot - Speech and language therapist, Wyre PCT

Mr Peter Talbot

Dr A Talbot-Smith - SpR in Public Health Medicine, London training scheme

Ms YM Talbutt

Professor RC Tallis - Professor of Geriatric Medicine, University of Manchester

Mr David Tamares-Little

Mrs Julia Tambini - Managing Partner, Cotswold Medical Practice

Ms Iona Tanguay - Teacher, COHENEL

Mr John Phillip Tanner

Mrs Nicola Tanner

Mr R F Tanner

Mr Darren Tarrant

Dr Patricia Tate

Dr Mark Tatterton - Surgical Trainee, NHS

Ms Anna Tatton - Health Centre Manager, Primary Care Trust

Dr D Tatton - retired Adult Education Tutor

Taunton Deane Green Party - Ms Jo Simmonds, Individual

Kalliopi Tavoulari

Mr Alan Taylor

Ms Alice E Taylor - Undergraduate, University Of Oxford

Dr C M Taylor

Mr Chris Taylor

Mr Dan Taylor

Mrs Frances Taylor - Health Care Assistant, Calderdale & Huddersfield NHS Trust

Mrs Frankie Taylor - HCA, C&H NHS Trust

G M Taylor

Mrs Geraldine Ann Taylor - Medical Secretary, Royal United Hospital, Bath, BA1 3NG

Mr Gregory Taylor - StR General Surgery, London Deanery

Ms Helen Taylor

Mr JR Taylor - Student

Julie Taylor - Primary Mental Health Practitioner, Leeds West PCT

Mrs Karen Taylor - District Nurse Team Leader, Morecambe Bay Primary Care Trust

Miss Kerry Taylor

Mr Kevin J Taylor - patient

Ms Lynn Taylor - Managing Editor

Dr Michael J Taylor - GP Partner, Whiteladies Medical Group

Mrs Noreen Taylor

Mrs Pamela J Taylor

Miss Rachel Taylor

Professor Ron Taylor - Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Mrs Sharon Taylor - Paediatric Nurse, NHS

Mr Steve Taylor

Mr Tom Taylor

Dr Vivien Taylor - GP, Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public

Mr W Taylor

Dr Peter N Taysum - Junior Doctor (F2/SHO)

Dr KFH Teale

Dr Louise Tebboth - GP, Bermondsey & Lansdowne Medical Mission

Dr Paul Teed - A+E Doctor

Mr Mustafa Tekman

Mr Stuart Telfer - Health Promotion Manager, NHS Ayrshire and Arran

Marisol Tellez

Mrs Karen Telling - Speech and Language Therapist, Southwark PCT

Victoria Temple

Ms Helen Templeton

Mrs Caroline Tendler

Ms J Tennant - concerned voter

Ms R Tennant

Mr S Tennant

TGWU, 6/389 Branch - Margaret Manning, Secretary

TGWU, 6/522 Branch - Mr R Andrew, Branch secretary

TGWU, 6/546 Branch - Mr C Pearce, Secretary

TGWU, Retired Members' Assoc, Oxford Branch - Mr W Jupp, Secretary

Mr Jim Thakoordin

The Fire Brigades Union - Matt Wrack, General secretary

The Forum for Older People, London Borough of Richmond - Janet Marriott, Secretary

The London Federation of Green Parties - Noel Lynch, Coordinator

The Other TaxPayers' Alliance - Mr Clifford Singer, Director

Mr Darren Theodore

Miss J Thethi - student

Miss Amy Thomas - Speech and Language Therapist, Newham NHS trust

Mr Bernard Thomas

C. Thomas - Administrator

Carole Thomas

Mrs Helen Thomas

Mr James Thomas

Jan Thomas

Jane Thomas

Jaz Thomas - Firefighter,FBU, Bristol

Mrs Kate Thomas

Mrs Kathryn Thomas - Teacher

Ms L A Thomas

Miss Megan Thomas - Medical Student, Barts

Mrs Meryl Thomas - Nurse, Prince Charles Hospital, Merthyr Tydfil

Ms Mia Thomas - Student, University of Bristol

Ms Mia Thomas - Student, Bristol University

Mr Nathan Thomas

Philip Thomas - Senior Research Fellow, University of Bradford

Mr Ryan J Thomas - Instructor, Washington State University

Mr S J Thomas - Software Engineer, IPL Limited

Mr SO Thomas

W K Thomas

Mrs Yvonne Thomas

Miss Zoe Thomas - Staff nurse

Charlotte Thompson

Dr D Thompson - GP, University of Bristol

Mr D Thompson

Mr G J Thompson

Mr GeorgeTS Thompson - Fitness Instructor, Durham County Council

Mr J Thompson

Mrs Karen Thompson - Midwife, Hull & East Yorkshire NHS Trust

Mr LB Thompson

Mr MA Thompson

Dr Miles Thompson - Clinical Psychologist

Mrs S M Thompson - Charity Administrator

Sue Thompson

Dr Sue Thompson

Dr Andrew Thomson - GP Registrar

Mr Andrew Thomson

Mr Colin Thomson

Colin Moore Thomson

Mr David Thomson - IT, NHS

Emma Thomson - actress

Mr Ian Thomson - Retired Headteacher

Mr Jamie Thomson

Dr Louise Thomson

Mr Sam Thomson

W O Thomson - Consultant surgeon

Mr D Thorley

Mrs Linda Thorley - Registered Nurse, Halton & St Helens PCT

Dr Victoria Thorley-Dickinson

Lisa Thorne

Alan Thornett

Andy Thornley

Mrs C Thornley - patient

Dr J Thornton - Pharmacist, Manchester

Mrs M Thornton

Nigel Thornton

Miss Dawn Thundow - Physiotherapist, NHS

Suzanne Tiburtius

Mrs B Tilbury

Ms Carol Tilbury

Ms Lorraine Tillett - Hackney & City KONP

Ms Shelley Timbrell - Physiotherapist, East Kent NHS Trust

Mr Bernard Timlin

Dr Anna Timmis - A&E Doctor, soon to be a GP ST1, Watford General Hospital

Dr M R Timperley - Cross Lane Hospital

Mr Emrah Timur - Manager, Munchies Cafe

Dr Rachel Tinker - KONP Robin Hood

Ms Zenzie Tinker - Director, Zenzie Tinker Conservation Ltd

Sr M Tinkler DC

Ms Julia Tint

Dr Richard Tippett - Radiology SpR, UCLH

Mr M Tippins

Mrs M T Tipton

Mr Camilo Tirado - Student, University of Huddersfield

Miss Sarah Tisshaw

Mr M Tissington

Frances Titmarsh - Ward Clerk

Mr Raj K Tiwary - Pharmacist, Jayram Surgery (NHS GP Practice)

Miss Natalie To

Mr Henry Tobin

Mr Marcus Tobler

Mr Brian Todd - Hon Secretary, Blackburn with Darwen Older Peoples Forum

Ms Ruth Todd

Ms Sue Todd - potential patient

Miss C Tollet

Martin Tolman - Membership Officer, Solihull - Save Our NHS Campaign

Ms Claire Tomalin - writer

Mr Peter Tomalin - Notes Summariser, NHS GPSurgery

Gareth Tomlinson - Chair, West Kent Group

Jonathon Tomlinson

Mr Adam Toms

Richard Tomsett

Miss Eva Tomsic - PA

Revd Lister Tonge

Mr Clifford G Tonkin - Retired Aviation Consultant

Ms Edwina Tonner

Mr P Topley - Chairperson, Basildon ACO1 NATFHE

Mr Payam Torabi - Medical Student

Ms Laura Torrance-Nesbitt - MS Patient,

Mr John H M Totterdill

Professor Peter Totterdill - Kingston University

Mr Kenneth Toulson

Mr Graham Tow

Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public - Clare Winter, Treasurer

Mr JP Towers

Melanie Towers

Mrs SJ Towers

Mr Paul Towler

Mrs Jan Townend - Clinical Manager/Practice Nurse

Ms SK Towner - Organiser, UNISON

Mr Daniel Townley

Mr Chris Townsend

Mr David Townsend

Mr GH Townsend

Ms JP Townsend - Paediatric Nurse. Sister, Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust

Ms Miranda Townsend - Lambeth KONP

Ms V Townsend

Mr Ian Townson - Unison/Coalition of Resistance

Mrs Jenny Tozer

Mr Patrick Tracey

Ms Claire Tran

Transport Salaried Staffs' Association - Ms Siobhan Halil, Business & Support Services Supervisor

Mrs Marion Traub - Southend KONP member, Southend KONP

Dr N Traub - Secretary, Southend KONP

Norman Traub

Mrs Jennifer Travis - Health Visitor, Wyre pct

Mr Mark Traynor - Solicitor

Ms Veronica Treacher - (Chair, Henley CLP)

Mrs Claire Trencher - Retired (Former Executive Director of NHS Trust)

Ms Pamela Trevithick - Bristol KONP

Dr PN Trewby - Consultant Physician, Darlington Memorial Hospital

Ms Andie Triantafillou

Jon Trickett MP

Mr Dominic Tristram

Ms Janice Trivett

Ms Sasha Trone - Archaeologist

Dr Carol Trotter - Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry, Portsmouth

Miss Jilly Trout

Marcus Trower - GMB

Ms J Trpkovic

Rod Truan

Mr P Trueman

Mr Bryn Truscott

Mr Michael Tsang - Nursing Student, Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre PCT

Ms D Tsangarides

Miss Chrissy Tsinnontas - Technical Author, JacobsRimell


TUC - R McIlroy, Policy Officer

Isabel Tucker

Dr R Tucker - Clinical Psychologist, NHS

Miss S Tucker - Student

AE Tuckey - Actress

Dr Beryl Tully

Mrs Penny Tunbridge

Ms Liz Tunmer

Dr S Tunney

Ms Helen Tunnicliffe - Social worker, UNISON

Mr C Tupman

Lord & Lady Turnberg

Miss Amy Louise Turner

David Turner

Gill Turner - Consultant Community Paediatrician, Northumberland Care Trust

Jackie Turner - Respect

Mr K Turner

Mrs Karen Lee Turner

Mrs Margaret Turner

Dr MP Turner

Norma Turner - Steward, Stockport NHS Unison

Phil Turner - Camden Co-operative Party

Dr Richard Turner - formerly director of Public Health, South Leeds PCT

Mr S Turner

Mr Steven Turner - Organiser, Chorley hospital against cuts and privatisation

Digby & Beryl Turpin

Mr A Turton

Mrs MF Turton

Mr Harry Tuttle - Committee Member, Abington & Kingsley Pensioners Voice

Hazel Tuttle

Professor Julia Twigg - Professor of Social Policy and Sociology, University of Kent

Mr Chris Tymkow

Hugh Tynan

Mr Fraser Tyndall

Miss Yani Tyskerud - Microfinance Advisor, AGORA Microfinance Partners

Janet Ubido

UCU/Lewes Stop the Cuts - Ms Sheila Cullen

Ms Candy Udwin

Dr Guenther Uher - Lecturer, University of Newcastle

Mrs Maureen Ukairo - Mr Alex Doherty, collective member

Dr Okon Umoh - Consultant, NHS

Ms E Underwood - Librarian, London Metropolitan University

Dr G Undrill - Consultant Psychiatrist, The Brownhill Centre, Cheltenham

Unison - Sue Welburn, Branch secretary, Unison

Unison Camden branch - David Eggmore, Branch secretary

Unison - Luton & Dunstable Hospital Branch - Phil Spencer, Branch Secretary

Unison 03420 Whittington Hospital Health Branch - Elizabeth Denver, Branch Treasurer

Unison Bath & NE Somerset Branch - Richard Gurney, Steward

Unison Cambridge - Martin Booth, Chair

Unison Concorde Health Branch - Mrs L Barratt, Branch secretary, Unison

Unison GLR Retired Members' Committee - J Kelly-Chandler, Secretary

Unison HA Branch - Terri Conway

Unison Health Derriford Plymouth - Suzy Franklin, Communications Officer

Unison Health North West Anglia - Peter Mitton, Treasurer

Unison Health NW Anglia -

UNISON Health NW Anglia District Branch (01313) - Peter Mitton

UNISON Health NW Anglia Health Branch (01313) - Peter Mitton, Branch Secretary

Unison Housing Association Branch - John Gray

Unison Housing Associations Branch - John Gray, Branch Secretary

Unison In Waltham Forest - Mr Dave Knight, Branch Secretary

Unison Leicester Health Branch 02339 - Nick Holden

Unison LFEPA - Anthony Phillips, Branch secretary

Unison NHS Information Authority Branch 20044 - Sarah Bagshaw, Branch treasurer

Unison Norfolk & Norwich Acute Hospitals - Alison Ferries, Branch Administrator

UNISON North Devon Health Branch - Mark Harper, Branch secretary

Unison Surrey County - Paul Couchman, Acting Branch Secretary

Unison Wakefield & Pontefract Community & Mental Health Branch - David Pickersgill, Secretary

Unison Wakefield & Pontefract Hospitals - Mick Griffiths, Branch secretary, Unison

Unison, Brighton district health branch - John Duffy, Committee rep

Unison, UCLH - Olawale Stephen Ajibola, branch treasurer

UNITE - London ITC LE/7098L Branch - Ms S De Andrade, Treasurer

Unite - West London General Branch - 0974 - Geoff Moody, Branch Secretary

Unite 1426 Branch - Mr Kevin Reynolds, Secretary

Unite 5/785 Branch (6806) - Mr Graham Swain, Secretary

Unite 8-10/671 Wisbech Branch - Mr Daren Brett, Secretary

Unite Cambridge Medical Branch - Mr Graham Lingley, Treasurer

Unite Cambridge University Press - Mr Alexei Moulton

Unite City of London - Mr Colin Bull, Secretary

Unite First Bristol Lawrence - Mr Jim Stevens, Secretary

Unite GPM National Publishing and Media Branch - Lesli Miller, Chair

Unite Greenwich Branch - Mr Danny Hoggaw, Secretary

Unite LE 7369L Branch - Ms Vicki Hunt, Secretary

Unite LE/2007 Branch - Mr Kwasi Agyemang-Prempeh, Secretary

Unite LE/2116 - Ms Teresa MacKay, Secretary

Unite LE/237 - Mr Philip Boden, Secretary

Unite LE/7107L Branch UCLH - Ms Frances Ridgway, Secretary

Unite LE/7340 E - Mr Mosh Albhai, Secretary

Unite LE/T312E - Mr Eric Morgan, Secretary

Unite London ITC -

Unite London Underground - Mr P Maybin, Secretary

Unite Lothin Branch - Mr Kevin Ferguson, Treasurer

Unite Rolls Royce Industrial Branch - Mr Jon Locke, Secretary

Unite Sudbury Branch LE/979 - Mr Paul Brewster, Secretary

Unite SW/8007 Branch - Mr David Osborne, Secretary

Unite the Union - Talal Karim, Branch treasurer

Unite the Union AND Unite London & Eastern Region - Mr Gerry Hayes, Branch Secretary LR/RM004

Unite the Union North & East Manchester Health Service Branch - Gerald Malone, Branch Treasurer

Unite The Union: Bristol Health Service Branch - Steven Buckingham

Unite the Union: Bristol Retired Members Branch - Mr Cedric Packer, Secretary

Unite- West London Medical Branch - Judy Atkinson, Treasurer

Dr R Unwin - GP Returner

Professor Martin Upchurch - Professor of International Employment Relations, Middlesex University Business School

Mr Don Urquhart

Ms Hazel Urwin - UCL

Ms Amelia Jane Utting - Speech and Language Therapy graduate, Manchester Metropolitan University

Ms Rena Valeh

Anthony Vallis

Mr David Vallis

Ms Dona Van Bloemen - Patient

MS Patrice Van Cleemput - HV / Primary Care Research Fellow, SE Sheffield PCT/ University of Sheffield

Richard Van Mellaerts - GP partner

Mr Edwin Van Teijling

Mr Veera Vanapalli - Prescribing support technician, City and Hackney PCT

P Vandome

Lynne Vann

Ms Gwen Vardigans

Ms Karen Varga - Parliamentary Candidate, Green Party

Vassall Branch Labour Party - Paul Nixon, Secretary

Miss Charlotte Vaughan

Mr J Vaughan - Team Manager, BDS

Jenny Vaughan - Ealing Hospital NHS Trust

Ms Margaret Vaughan - Medical Secretary/Admin PA, Self-employed NHS supporter

Ron Vaughan

Mrs Ruth Vaughan - Midwife, Oxford Radcliffe hospitals NHS trust

Miss Beccy Veel

Miss E Vellacott - student

Dr K Venkat-Raman - Consultant Paediatrician, Portsmouth PCT

Dr George Venters - retired Public Health Medicine consultant, Scottish Health Campaigns Network

Lorna Ventry - GP

Dr Verdon - Cranleigh Medical Practice

C M Verduyn

Mr P Vermeulen

Miss Denise Vernon - Lecturer, University of Salford

Mr RG Vernon - Information Officer - Facilities, Sandwell And West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust

Ms EAJ Verschuren - Strategic Commissioning Manager Adult Social Care, East Sussex County Council ASC

Cassian Vian

Professor Giancarlo Viberti

Ms A Vickers

Ruth Vickers

Cllr Malcolm Victory - candidate, GREEN PARTY

MarieNoelle Vieu - Public Health Consultant, Lambeth NHS

Mrs G Vignoli - teacher

Mr William Villiers

Mrs Barbara Vincent

David Vincent

Mr David Vincent

Miss Sarah Vincent - CSA, CIS

Vincentian Millennium Partnership - Sister Maureen Tinkler DC, Co-ordinator

Mr John Vines

Mr Robert Vinten - postgraduate student, NUS/UCU

Rudi Vis - MP

Ms M Vishmidt

Mr Mark Visick - Jr Charge Nurse - CCU, NHS

Ms Julia Voce - Artist

Ms Joy P Vollmer - former Chief Officer, City & Hackney Community Health Council

Mr. Glenn Voris - UCATT Member UCATT Member

Silvia Vousden - Student nurse, University of West London

Dr. WF Vranken - Researcher, European Bioinformatics Institute

Dr Kathryn Waddington - Director of Interprofessional Practice Programmes, City University London

Mr Jonathan Wade

Mr Jonathan Wade

Ms Pamela Wagstaff

Dr AL Wainwright - Lecturer, Oxford University

Ms Tirza Waisel

Mr Adrian Wait - Longterm EESA

Mr Frank Waithe - Administrator, Steintec

Mr Frank A Waithe - Accounts Assistant, Steintec

Mr SWR Wake

Mr Scott Wakeham

Miss JH Wakeman - SLT

Mr Chris Walden - Retired Darkroom Tech, Royal Marsden Hospital - Sutton

Mrs Hilary Walden - Teacher, Essex County Council

Ms Nicola B Wales - Midwife, NWLH

Mr Emmerson Walgrove

Mrs Renee Walinets

Mrs Renee M Walinets - Retired Psychiatric Social Worker, NHS

Ms Barbara-Anne Walker

Ms Beulah Walker

D Walker - Lewisham Deptford Green Party

Mrs DE Walker - District Nurse/CPT, West Lincolnshire PCT

Mr Jim Walker

Dr L Walker

Mrs Lee Walker

Ms Lucy Walker

Lynne Walker

Ms Moira Walker - Medical student, leeds medical school

Mr Patrick Walker

Mr RJ Walker

Miss Susan Walker - Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Open Minds

Miss E Wall

Mr JK Wall

Jack Wallace

Mr Jamie Wallace

Ms Nadira Wallace - Post-Graduate, University of Oxford

Miss A Wallen - Secretary/Unison representative

Miss Catherine Waller - Social Worker, Local Council/NHS

MD Waller - Amicus Luton & Dunstable

Mr M Wallis - Health Worker Bristol, Bristol Health Workers

Mr SA Wallis - jt branch secretary, UCL AUT

Ms TM Walls

Mrs L Wallser - Senior podiatrist

Mr Geoff Walmsley

Sarah Walpole - Board member, Climate and Health Council

Anita Walsh

Mr Gareth Walsh

Geoffrey Walsh

Mr John Walsh - Chair, Patient Advisory Group, British Heart Foundation

Mr Martin Walsh - Retired, Local Gov

Mr Mike Walsh

Ms Nuala Walsh

Rob Walsh - Freelance

Mr Peter Walshe

Mr Henry Walter - student, bimm brighton

Mr Patrick Walter

Miss Emily Walters

Dr James Walters - Senior researcher and honorary consultant

Dr Roger Walters - Consultant Paediatrician, North Hampshire Hospital

Waltham Forest Keep Our NHS Public - Tony Phillips, Chair

Waltham Forest Respect - Mr Mark Campbell, Secretary

Mr A J Walton - Medical Secretary, Towers Hospital, Leicester

Mr Lee Walton

Dr. Mitzi Waltz

Wandsworth Unison - Linda Chapman

Dr R A Warburton - CMP, RAF Lossiemouth

Mrs Diane Ward

Mr E Ward

Miss Eillen Ward

Dr Helen Ward - Senior Lecturer in Public Health, Imperial College London

J D Ward

Mrs Karen Ward - Advocate, Sefton Carers

lindsay Ward - retired GP

Dr Lindsay Ward - Retired GP, clinical assistant Hospice

Mick Ward

Mr Phil Ward

Mr R Ward - Senior Lecturer, UWE Faculty of Health & Social Care

Miss Rachel Ward

Mr Stuart Ward - Personal Trainer

Dr M Ward Jones

Marcus Warder - Chair, Leeds Hospital Alert, Unison, Southern Gas Branch

Dr Judith Wardle - Director, Continence Foundation (charity)

Mr Tony Wardle - Pcs Retired Section

Mr I Waring

Prof Charles Warlow - Professor of Medical Neurology, University of Edinburgh

Mrs Sally Warmington - Research Administrator, Birmingham University

Mr Jeremy Warmsley

Dr DL Warner - General Practitioner, Hartwood Healthcare, Bristol

Mr Harry Warner

Julie Warner - health visitor

Mrs K Warner

Miss H Warnes

Jeanne Warren - Admin assistant

Mrs Pauline Warren

Richard Warren - GMB, Convenor

Mr Chris Warren-Adamson

Mrs Joy Warren-Adamson

Dr Christopher Warsop

Mr Alan Warwick

Mrs Diana Warwick

Dr C Wasson - GP/PEC member, Tendring PCT

Anne Marie Waters - Assistant Constituency Secretary, Labour

Anne Marie Waters

Ms NL Waterworth

Peter Watkins

Mr S Watkins

Mr Fred Watkinson

Mr Lawrence Watkiss-Veal

Mr Mark Watling

Ms Deborah Watmough - PCT manager

Mr Andrew Watson

Mrs Cathy Watson - Clinical Psychologist, Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust

Christopher Watson

Dr David Watson - Consultant Haematologist N.Wales

Mrs Diane Watson - Public Health Specialist, NHS North Lancs

Ms LW Watson

Ms Maggie Watson

Mr Richard Watson

Ms Samantha Watson - Research fellow, LSHTM

Mrs Theresa Watson

Mr William Watson

Mr Fraser Watt

Mr John Watt - Researcher, University of Strathclyde

Dr John W H Watt

Mrs Sheila Watt

Ms O Watterich

Professor AE Watterson - Chair in Health Effectiveness, University of Stirling

Ms Voirrey Watterson - College Assistant, Schumacher College

Dr LT Wattis - lecturer, University of Teesside

Miss Anna Watton

Miss Amy Watts - Nurse

Dr E Watts - consultant & CD, Basildon Hospital

Mr Matthew Watts - Biology student, Birkbeck

Amanda Way

R Waygood

Ms R Waygood

Beryl & Wolf Wayne

Dr David Wayne - Retired Consultant Physician, James Paget Hospital, Gt. Yarmouth.

Mr Richard Weale - Manager, Engineering Firm

Ms Gemma Wearing

Mr Phillip Wearne

Ms NJ Weate

Rev/Mrs Gordon/Janet Webb

Dr J A W Webb - Consultant radiologist

Dr MF Webb

PI Webb

Ms Sarah Webb - Head of Safeguarding, Wiltshire County Council

Ms K Webb-Lamb

Mr R Webber

Ms Stephanie Webber

Ms Lesley Weber

Charles Webster - Senior Research Fellow, All Souls College Oxford

Mrs E J Webster - Senior lecturer, Leedsmet

Ms I Webster - Underwriter

Jeni Webster - Systemic Family Psychotherapist, 5 Boroughs Partnership. NHS Trust

Mr K Webster

Miss Lucy Webster - English and Media Centre

Dr Tony Webster - GP

Andrew Wedgwood

Mr Edward Wedgwood

Mr Roland Wedgwood - NHS Worker, UNISON

Mr David James Weir

Dr Jonathan Weir-McCall - Junior Doctor, NHS

Dr Emma Weisblatt - Consultant Child Psychiatrist, NHS

Mr Chris Welch - Teacher, Secondary School

Mr Lawrence Welch - Adult Psychotherapist, Leeds Mental Health Trust

Mr Simon Welch

Ms Jo Weller - Director, WHFS

Dr RM Wellings - Consultant Radiologist, UHC&W NHS TRUST

Miss Susie Wellings - Senior Sister

Annie Wells - Hackney & City KONP

Mr Chris Wells

Francis Wells

Mr Keith F Wells - Chairman, Mid-Yorkshire Branch, UKIP

Miss L A Wells

Mr Tony Wells

Mr Tony Wellstead

Mr George Welsman - Student

Welwyn Hatfield Keep Our NHS Public - Barry Cross

Dr F Wernicke

Barbara Wesby

Dr Barbara Wesby - Freelance GP

Dr Charles West - GP Appraiser, Shrewsbury Liberal Democrats

Dr Emma West - GP, Statham Grove Surgery

Miss M L West - Medical Student, Barts & The London

Mrs Marianne West

Miss Michelle L West - Student, RCAT

Mr Nicholas West - Clinical Scientist, NHS

Miss V West

West Central London Green Party - Mr Tristan Smith, Secretary

West Lexham LLP - Mr Edmund Colville, Partner

West Midlands Pensioners Convention -

West Midlands Pensioners' Convention - David Williams, Treasurer

Mr Allen Westerby - Firefighter, Dorset Fire and Rescue Service

Mr A Westley

Dr C Weston - Clinical Psychologist

Claire Weston

Mr G Weston - Principal Pharmacist, NHS

Mr J Weston

Mr James Weston - Teacher

Rev Dr RDG Weyman - Parish priest, Church of England

Mrs Valerie Weyman

Alison Whalley

Mr Peter Wharrier - Social Worker

Rhian Wheater - Healthcare Professional, NHS

Katie Wheatley

Mrs Raquel Wheatley

Mr Leon Wheddon

Mr Alan Wheeldon

Dr BW Wheeler - Research Fellow, University of Sheffield

Mr CM Wheeler

Mr James Wheeler

Mrs Jenny Wheeler - RN, Public Health Manager

Miss Jessica Wheeler - Student

Mike Wheeler

Mr Francis Wheen - author and journalist

Mr Christopher Whelan - Director of international law programmes, University of Oxford

Mr D Whelan - SWP

Miss Julie Whelan - Social worker, Southampton City Council

M Whitaker

Mrs Rosemary Whitbread - Secretary, Patient Voice Group

Miss AJ White - Teacher

Brian White

Councillor D White - Governor, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

Mr David White - BTBS

Miss G White

Mr GB White

Mrs Helen White - PA/medical secretary, East and North Herts Trust

Mr James White

Ms Janet White

Kate White

L White - IT Architect

Mr P White

Prof SM White

Jill Whiteford

Professor Margaret Whitehead

Mrs Bendita Whitehouse - member of Lambeth KONP

Tom Whitehouse

John Whitelegg

Steve Whitely

Mr D Whitfield - Director, Centre for Public Services

Ms. Elenyd Whitfield

Mr & Mrs I Whitfield

Dr Michael Whitfield - retired GP

Alma Whitten

Mr Alan Whittle

Alan C Whittle

Mrs Janice Whittle

Mr Paul Whittle

Lord Larry Whitty

Mr Alan Whybrew

Ms Barbara Whybrew

Mr Steve Wibberley - Acute Pain Nurse Specialist, NHS Isle of Wight

Barrie Wickerson

Wigan KONP - Chris Gray

Miss Catherine Wiggans

Miss SJ Wigglesworth - Student, Lancaster University

Miss Claire Wigington - Communications Manager, 5Production

Mrs Nicole Wigley - Staff Nurse, BSUHT

Mr Carl Wilcox

Ms Judy Wilcox

Mrs D M Wild

Ms Victoria Wild

Mrs Jan Wild-Grant - NUT (ex) 38 Degrees member

E L Wild-Wood

Mr Paul Wilders - Retired Engineer

Mr DKL Wildman

Mr Nick Wiles

Miss Emma Wilkes

Mrs J Wilkininson

Dr Adrian Wilkins - Integration Architect, NHS Connecting for Health

Dr Dianne Wilkins - GP registrar, South Birmingham

John Wilkins

Steve Wilkins - Medway Against the Cuts

Anthony J Wilkinson

Cathrine Wilkinson

Mr Geoff Wilkinson - Senior Lecturer, University of the West of England

George Wilkinson

J L Wilkinson

Jennifer Wilkinson

Ms Jennifer Wilkinson - Organiser

Miss Olivia Wilkinson

Prof P C Wilkinson

Ruth Wilkinson

Michael Wilks - Forensic Physician, Vice-President BMA

Ms Jo Willcox - Cornwall KONP

Miss Catherine Willett

Mr David Willetts

Miss Azelie Williams - Student

Miss B Williams - Public Health & Prescribing Analyst, NHS SEFTON

Brian Williams

Dr Catherine Williams

Dr Christopher Williams - Junior doctor, NHS

Darren Williams - PCS Wales Campaigns Officer, PCS/GMB/Cardiff West Labour Party

David Williams - Treasurer, West Midlands Pensioners Convention

Mrs Dawn Williams - Project Manager, NHS Wirral

Dr Erin Williams

Dr G Williams - unemployed researcher, AUT

Dr Heather A Williams - Senior Medical Physicist, Central Manchester University Hospitals

Mr and Mrs Hugh and Virginia Williams - Both Retired

Mr Huw Williams - Medical Student, Hull York Medical School

Mr Ian Williams

Ms Jayne Williams - Special needs teacher / advisor, Local authority

Jen Williams

Mr JH Williams

Dr John Williams - Emeritus Consultant Obgyn, Countess of Chester Hospital

Miss Justine Williams

Ms Karen Williams - Specialist Nurse, St Heliers Hospital

Ms KF Williams

Kieren Williams - Emergency Department Assisstant, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Mr Krystian Williams - Sales Manager, Lloyds Bank

Dr Lindy Williams - independent researcher

Luisa Williams - Principal Psychologist, NHS

Ms Lynne Williams - library assistant/student, UCL

Ms Marrianne Williams

Mr Mathew Williams - specialist nurse, mental health

Mr Meirion Williams

Mrs Monica Williams - Service Manager, MBPCT

Mr Neil Williams - Branch Committee of Milton Keynes Respect, Respect / UNISON

Nick Williams

Mr Peter Williams

Mrs R Williams - clinical skills demonstrator, University west of england

Miss Rebecca Ann Williams - Medical Student, Oxford University

Richard Williams - Fire fighter

Ms S Williams

Mrs S.M. Williams - midwife, St. Thomas Hospital London

Mrs Sara M Williams - Midwife, UCLH

Miss Sarah Williams - Senior Physiotherapist, Dudley Group Of Hospitals NHS FT

Sian Williams - Cardiff West CLP Political Education Officer, Unison/RCN/Cardiff West Labour Party

Miss Sophie Williams - 4th Year Medical Student, Bart and the London

Ms VM Williams - Local Govt Manager

Mrs P M Williamson

Ms Pamela Williamson

Mr Simon J Willins - Proprietor, A.P.S. Interiors

Mrs Fiona Willis

Mr John Willis

Mr R Willis - Director, CNR Ltd

Mr R G Willis

Philippa Willitts

Dr S Willott

Mr Giles Edwin Wills

Mr Tom Wills - President, University of Sussex Students' Union

Mrs C Wilson

Ms Catherine Wilson

Miss Charlotte Wilson - Student ODP (Operating Department Practitioner), Oxford Brookes University

Mr & Mrs D & ER Wilson

David Wilson

Ian EJ Wilson

Elizabeth Wilson

Ms EP Wilson - Psychiatric Nurse, Herts Parts Foundation Trust

Dr F Wilson - Freelance GP, various

Iain Wilson

Mr Iain Wilson - Substance Misuse Nurse, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich (Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust)

Miss Isobel Wilson

Dr Jamie S J Wilson - Clinical Lecturer in Pathology, NHS Tayside / University of Dundee

Prof Janet Wilson - Prof of Otolaryngology and Hon Consultant ENT Surgeon, Newcastle University, ENTUK and Freeman Hospital

Dr JP Wilson - Researcher, University of Sheffield

Juliet Wilson - Chair of unions, North Cumbria PCT

Dr Niall Wilson - Consultant dermatologist, Broadgreen Hospital

Mr Patrick Wilson

Rosemarie Wilson

S V Wilson

Miss Sam Wilson - HCA

Sharon Wilson

Dr Simon Wilson - Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, Maudsley Hospital

Ms Wendy Wilson - carer

Wiltshire and Swindon Branch GMB - Michelle Gordon, Branch secretary

Mrs MV Winch

A B Winder

Dr H Windsor

Mr Howard Wingfield - Retired Hospital Manager

Ms Debra Winters

Maggie Winters - Steering group member, Politics of Health Group

Tony Winters - Member, UKPHA

Miss D Wiseman

Ms Octavia Wiseman - Student Midwife

Mr Joseph AL Witney - Medical Student, Nottingham University Medical School

Mrs K Witney

Mr Billy Wiz - Midwifery Student, King's College London

Pauline Woffenden

Ms Jane Wolfe - Assistant Editor, Natural Products magazine

Mrs D M Wolff

Sula Wolff

Christian Wolmar

Mr Ben Wong

Din Wong - Tower Hamlets Keep Our NHS Public

Mr Alex Wood

Mrs Christine Wood

Dr Christopher Wood - Consultant HIV Physician, North Middlesex University Hospital

Mr Colin Wood

Mr Dave Wood - Lecturer, GCU

Mr David Wood

Mrs Emily Wood - London, London

Frank Wood

Ms Heather Wood - New Forest PCT

J Wood - Unite-Amicus Gtr Manchester

Mr Jake Wood - Intern, Rolls Royce Motorcars

Dr James Wood - Senior House Officer, NHS

Mr James Wood - Student

Jan Wood

Mr JB Wood - Consultant Surgeon NHS only, Lewisham NHS Trust

Dr John B Wood

Mr Laurence Wood

Miss Megan Wood

Mr Mike Wood

Dr Rachel Wood - Clinical psychologist

Mrs RD Wood - Retired Lead Physiotherapist

Mr Simon Wood - Solicitor, Thompsons

Mr TS Wood

Mr JB Wood FRCS - Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Lewisham NHS Trust

Dr Alan Woodall - GP Registrar/SpR Pubic Health, Telford PCT

Ms B Woodburn - COOP member, Voice of Youth Hackney

Barrie Woodcock

Mrs Patricia Woodcock - Convenor, NHSwatch Worcestershire

Dr Stephen Woodhams - Researcher, University of London

Ms Barbara Woodhead

Dr David Woodhead

Mr James Woodhead

Mr M Woodland-Hill - Student, University of Kent

Caroline Woodroffe

Mrs Janet Woods

Ms Laura Woods - Administrator

Alan Woodward - Haringay Against Cuts

Miss Anna Woodward - residential worker

Ms Gillian Woodward

Jill Woodward - Unison member

Mr Peter James Woodward - Medical Researcher, Imperial College London

Miss R Woodward

Mrs Sheila Woodward

Miss Louisa Woodworth - Teacher, Bristol City Council

Dr Brian Wookry - Retired GP

Dr Sara Woolder - GP

Dr Sara L Woolder - GP principal

Harold Woolf

Miranda Woolfenden - Senior Democratic Services Officer

Simon Woolfenden - Housing Officer

Mr & Mrs GJ & D Woollams

Ms Dawn Woollin - Mental Health Practitioner

Miss Alexandra Woolmore

Dr A J Wootton - Retired lecturer

Ms Vicki Catherine Workman

Joyce Wormald

Ms Joyce Wormald

Elizabeth Worrall

Mr Matthew Worsdale - Student

Ms Amanda Worsley

Worthing KONP - Sue Cooke

Ms Lynn Worthington - Campaign organiser Wythenshawe, Save Our Baby Unit

Pam Wortley - Retired GP, Unite BMA

Dr Pam Wortley - Retired GP, Unite BMA

Dr George Wotton

Mrs Pamela Wotton

Ms Susan Wragg - Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust

Mr AJ Wright

Alison Wright

Ms Annie Wright

David Wright - Fire Brigades Union

Miss E Wright

George Wright

Mr HW Wright - Private citizen

John Wright - Division of Epidemiology & Public Health, University of Nottingham Medical School

K Wright

Mary-Anne Wright - Clinical Physiologist, University College London Hospitals

Michael J Wright

Mr Norman Wright

Ms Susan Wright

Mr Tony Wright - Branch Secretary, Barnsley Health UNISON

David Wrigley - Elected member UK BMA Council, BMA Council

Dominic Wring

Ms Elizabeth Wulff Cochrane - Brent KONP

Mr Andrew Wyatt

Mr Richard N. Wyatt

Tristram Wyatt

Dr Tristram Wyatt

Mr Ben Wylde

Miss Laura Wyles - Student Nurse & HCA

Miss KES Wynne - student

Ms Miriam Yagud - Teacher

Mr PD Yajnik - Graduate Student, UCL

Ms Gill Yamin

Ms Gill Yamin

Alyson Yandoli

Dennis Yandoli

Ms V Yankah - Teacher

Mrs Caroline Yardley

Mr D G Yarham - Patient

Mr Gareth Yates

Tom Yates - Medical Student

Peter Yaxley

Sybil Yeates - Professor of Medicine

Mr TR Yelland

Mr Jamie Yorke - Retail assistant

Mr Nathan Yorke - Marketing and sales Manager

Mr James Youd - Treasurer, Coalition of Resistance

Miss Charlotte Young

Dr Gail Young - Primary Care Counsellor + Retired GP, NTW NHS Trust

Dr H Young - GP, NHS

Miss H Young - Doctor, NHS

Dr J Young

Ms Lia Young

Mr Neil Young - Journalist, National Union of Journalists

Richard Young - Emergency Call Operator, South East Coast Ambulance Service

Dr Sean Young - GP, Cwmgarw Practice

Susan Young

Mr Theo Young - partner, Indie Outdoors

Ms Venetia Young

Dr Gillian Yudkin

Professor John Yudkin - Professor of Medicine, Director International Health and Medical Education Centre, University College London

Ms L Yule

Dr Najib Yusuf - Locum Paediatrician

S. Zallik - Music Therapist

Dr Pamela Zinkin

Dr P Zulueta - GP

Dr Konstantinos Zygalakis